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 Photos the Inspire and Make you Hungry!!

ooohhh, look at all the CHOCOLATE!

I scanned these photos from free brochures, showing ready made frozen desserts,
which are available to restaurants.
If anyone feels these should not be here, please contact me I and will quickly remove them.


A 6 layer choc. cake black forest cake
apple pie choc. cake with shaved chocolate and then dusted with icing sugar
A oreo cookie pie Chocolate Oblivian, chocolate filling with cream cheese frosting.
Pecan Cheesecake lemon pie
What a great way to present a fancy little dessert.  Freeze in a clear plastic glass, dip in water to release and fancy it up. Doesn't this look wonderful.  Use two colors/flavors of cheesecake filling
Tiramisu, an Italian dessert. Make your own fancy sheet cakes, cut assemble and decorate
Another Sara Lee yummy cheesecake. Presentation if everything!  


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