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Perfect Platters- great ideas for presentations!

I borrowed these photos from free brochures, if anyone thinks these photos should not be here,
 please let me know.  I think these are a great inspiration!!

TIP:  When planning ahead for a party, cut the fruit, veggies etc. before the occassion,
 pack into ziplock bags, store in an ice cooler (on ice) if you are short of
 fridge space, so they will be ready to plate. 
 Have a game plan ready for plating, platters ready, even diagrams on what goes where.
A little prep makes it really easy for helpers to fill the trays quickly.

Doesn't this look pretty!  A platter of cheese cubes alternated with different kinds of grapes.  These cubes already have cocktail picks in them for easy handling. Don't forget the doily on the platter! This veggie platter is truly simple. Cut the veggies hours ahead of time and quickly arrange on a platter with dip in the center.  Platter is lined with frilly lettuce, it always looks so appetizing.

This pretty pile of fruit with picks is picturesque!

 All the tasty fruits, strawberries, grapes,
melons and fresh pineapple, no darkened fruit here.

Bagels, open faced buns, or french bread, topped with pizza sauce, toppings and cheese, broiled briefly and served hot.  YUM!

These simple salads look fantastic,  the bowls are lined with filly lettuce and a sprig of parsley and veggie decoration is added on top.  Simple and so appetizing.

Make ordinary sandwiches look marvelous!  Just add a little greenery and scatter a few cherry tomatoes and sprigs of parsley. Make a pile of sandwiches, using bagels, buns, mini croisants or whole grain breads.  Pile on the meats, spread, cheese, add REALLY GREEN ruffled lettuce and hold together with a frilly toothpick.  Regular sandwiches can be cut into triangular quarters and two quarters can be speared together with a toothpick.  Fancy up the platter with a doily, and it will look great!
A pretty pile of spinners, wraps or Lavosh.  Lots of eye appeal! (Lavosh is a soft cracker bread)

This is a great trick for a smaller gathering, pile several types of salad onto one large platter!

Meat and sliced cheeses combined with pickles in the middle! Other ideas for cold Platters are: 
 Seafood: shrimp, smoked oysters, smoked salmon, pickled herring with seafood cocktail sauce.
Layered dips with tortilla chips.
Dip Filled Bread Loaf, surrounded with small slices of French bread.
Spreads and crackers.

Tip: Use hollowed out green/red/yellow bell peppers to hold dips for veggies.

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