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I'll huff & I'll puff, but these links, might "BLOW YOU AWAY"!
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Catering Connections

Frequently visitors to my site leave comments in my guest book
indicating they run a small catering business or are just
in the process of starting a  Catering Business.  
Well, this page is for you! 
In addition to all the information and recipes on "Growlies"
the following Links will be of special interest to Caterers
(and the rest of you too)!


Message Boards: 
specializing in catering and party Planning:

Food Network Entertaining   Recipe Exchange Entertaining
Caterers Corner  
Cater Source
(you need to register)

Catering Tips:
How to keep your food warm & Cambro Carriers & Chaffers
What you need to do to START a Catering BUSINESS 
More Catering Info  and Still More Catering Info

What People Look for in a Cater & Here 
A Catering Magazine
On Line Catering Handbook
Books on every aspect of professional catering 
Party Themes and Decor  
How to Create a Brochure 
Insurance & Here & Here 
Growlies Buffet Formula Charts 
Growlies Wedding Self Catering Page

Bar Calculator 
Professional Equipment you can rent (check in your area)
Growlies Tips & Tricks  - Table Linens too 
Buffet Table Set Up  and here
Growlies Main Menu

Menu Planning and Pricing Resources:
(look at sample menus from other caterers)

go to search engine and type in catering menu and you will find many that will be guidelines.

There many ways of pricing a menu.

  • Rule of thumb, charge 2 1/2 to 3 times the actual cost of the food, to cover all the other expenses.  Everything beyond the food is usually an additional charge, dishes, linens, flowers, etc.

  • Individual items by the dozen, e.g., chicken wings.

  • Individual items in amounts of 25 or 50.

  • Platters (cheese & crackers) to serve a set number of people; so much a platter.

  • Platters (cheese & crackers) on a per person charge.

  • Meal on a per person price

  • Each dish of the meal an individual price per person, the more choices on a buffet the more it costs on a per person basis.

  • Desserts included or desserts extra

  • Coffee and Tea included or extra

Choose the style of pricing you and your clients
will feel comfortable with; taxes additional.