The main lifestyle factors for improving our resistance to infections are as follows:

1. Intestinal Sanitation: repopulating the intestines with healthy lacto-bacteria

2. Fasting and Cleansing: removing accumulated wastes, chemicals and toxins

3. Allergy Testing: any allergy greatly weakens our immune system

4. Dental Problems: mercury, nickel and dead teeth weaken the immune system

5. Electromagnetic Pollution: this is a chronic stress, especially during sleep

6. High-Quality Diet: some foods protect us from infections while others make us susceptible

Chronic stress of any kind undermines our immune system. Such stress may be biochemical as from food allergies or vitamin and mineral deficiencies, or it may come from persistent emotional stress of any kind, dissatisfaction and especially worry or fear. The opposites of chronic stress are relaxation and joyful activity, optimism and a positive attitude to life and everything else. These are highly protective against infections.

Antiviral Remedies

I regard natural antiviral remedies as more effective than pharmaceutical ones. An added bonus is that natural remedies are basically free of side-effects, and they are non-specific, meaning that they are effective against all viruses as well as against bacteria and fungi.

Most natural antivirals are antioxidants. Usually a cocktail of strong antioxidants is used in high concentrations. These include the vitamins A, C, D and E, alpha lipoic acid, and extracts of grapefruit seed and olive leaf. Supportive minerals are magnesium, selenium and zinc. Colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide, garlic, and a range of herbs and essential oils may be used in addition. Different quantities and combinations of these may be used at different stages of infection alert or an actual infection.

During a general infection alert you may take the following with each meal or three times daily:

* Half a tsp of sodium ascorbate (or other form of vitamin C)
* 1 halibut liver oil capsule
* 250 mg of natural vitamin E
* 15 mg of zinc
* 100 mg of alpha lipoic acid
* 100 to 200 mg of magnesium
* 200 mcg of selenium only once a day
* fresh garlic with most meals (squashing under lemon juice reduces odour)

Use about half of these amounts for children. In addition use a wide range of high-quality foods and concentrates, such as spirulina, chlorella, barley or wheat grass powder, bee pollen, kelp, lecithin, fish oils and coconut oil, in addition to fresh vegetable juices if available. As an additional precaution you may reduce any mucus in the head spaces, see Mucus Problems.

During an acute infection or as soon as you notice any symptoms, do the following:

* Start hydrogen peroxide therapy as explained below
* Increase sodium ascorbate as explained below
* Continue with the supplements listed for the alert but greatly increase garlic
* Start taking L-lysine as explained below
* Add other modalities such as colloidal silver, grapefruit seed, olive leaf, herbs and essential oils
* Continue expelling mucus
* Frequently sniff up the fumes from an opened bottle of tea tree oil or other essential oils
* For additional suggestions see Infections & Inflammations

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy:
At the first sign of an infection put 3% hydrogen peroxide into each ear canal. Turn one side up, and using a syringe or dropper, put a few drops in one ear; when the bubbling stops turn the head and treat the other ear. Repeat this a few times at about 2 hour intervals. In addition, frequently gargle with hydrogen peroxide, try one teaspoon in a glass of water. In addition inhale 3% hydrogen peroxide that is sprayed with a plastic spray bottle directly into the throat several times a day.


Hydrogen Peroxide - Anti-viral, Antibacterial & Anti-fungal

Vitamin C Therapy:
Increase you intake of vitamin C to half a teaspoon in a glass of (fresh) juice or herb tea every hour. If this does not cause diarrhoea, then increase this the next day to half a teaspoon every half hour or one teaspoon every waking hour. Always use ample fluids with a high intake of vitamin C. Sodium ascorbate or mixed ascorbates are generally easier to take than ascorbic acid, which may irritate the gastro-intestinal tract. However, some therapists believe that ascorbic acid is more effective. You may make a compromise by mixing some ascorbic acid with sodium ascorbate in an amount that is acceptable to your tastebuds and your stomach.

Continue increasing until you get loose stool, just short of diarrhoea, then cut back the vitamin C by about 25% or until the loose stool or diarrhoea stops. If the infection gets worse, increase again the amount of vitamin C. Continue until the infection has disappeared. With continuing improvement, amounts need to be further reduced to avoid diarrhoea. Do not stop a high intake of vitamin C suddenly but reduce amounts gradually. Warning: If you develop edema or swellings from water retention then you may need to cut back until this is no longer a problem. Always use plenty of fluid with a high vitamin C intake.

In life-threatening situations try to find a doctor who is willing to administer intravenous vitamin C. For a protocol see Cathcart RF. Treatment of the flu with massive doses of vitamin C at Instructions written by Dr. Cathcart to tell your doctor precisely how to make up a vitamin C IV solution:

In September of 2009, the mainstream reported that A recent research study has given new scientific evidence to the long-held empirical belief that elderberries possess antiviral activities. The research involved a specific, reproducible elderberry extract developed by HerbalScience Group LLC, and succeeded in identifying key chemical components of the extract that inhibited in vitro infection and were shown to bind directly to Human Influenza A (H1N1) virus particles. The binding blocked the ability of the viruses to enter host cells, and thereby effectively preventing H1N1 infection in vitro.

Black Elderberry extract strengthens the cell membranes of human beings, thus making it harder for viruses to penetrate the cells than in absence of the elderberry. In this way, not only does the elderberry herb de-activate the virus by binding with it and blockading its entry to the body as above, but further it strengthens the body’s own resistance too. Win-win! And, no side effects or drug interactions have been reported with this herb!** IMPORTANT NOTE: The extract is much stronger than the herb alone. Use the tea as preventive but the extract for infections (and prevention, each alike). Studies have proven that herbs work best in synergistic combinations, much more effective than when used alone. The herb may be used alone as preventive but not once infected. By itself, black elderberry is perfectly safe for children, adults and elderly people. Elder berry may safely be used over the long term as immune strengthener, to beef yourself up against the swine or other types of flus.

The flowers of the elder plant are also of value in flu infections. The expectorant qualities of the blossoms, when inhaled as steam from the prepared tea, loosen mucous in the lungs and bronchial tubes, thus speeding up the healing process. At first one may feel as if one is getting worse, because one will feel more mucousy than before. This is not to be confused with a worsening of the condition, in which one develops more mucous: In fact, loosening the mucous speeds the healing process. It is in fact a strong expectorant or mucous-loosener, so it is very important to go quite gently. Just a small pinch of the flowers will do, mixed with anti-inflammatory chamomile tea. Simply prepare a moderate-strength tea in a pot, using a small pinch of the elderberry blossoms and two or three very generous pinches of chamomile flowers per quart of water (available in bulk from your healthfood store grocer). Drape a towel over your head and the pot to form a tent which catches the steam. Inhale through your nose, making sure the steam is not so hot as to burn your skin or nasal passages, or it will burn the mucosal linings of your lungs and bronchial airways too! So be sure the steam is mildly hot but also to a comfort level, at which point it will be quite beneficial. Inhale through your nose for as long as you can tolerate it, splash off with cold water and you are done. Do this twice or three times daily for chest colds, bronchitis or even pneumonia, alongside the internally-administered elderberry (in combination with other anti-viral herbs, not by itself in serious infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia). NOTE: If symptoms do not improve, or if they persist for a week or more, see your doctor. Like the berry, elder flowers used sparingly are safe for children, adults and elderly people.

Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol:
At the Atascadero State Prison in California, it was accidentally discovered in the 1990s that vitamin D3 “Cholecalciferol” protects against the flu. A psychiatrist, Dr JJ Cannell, ordered his criminally insane patients to be administered 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily: When none of his patients got the flu as the other wings in the same prison suffered an epidemic, his interest was piqued. He posed it as a question, whether or not Vitamin D was responsible, but in fact further studies have proven it to be true.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Vitamin D3 is much better absorbed by the body than its weaker counterpart, Vitamin D2. Caution: An excess of 20,000 iu of vitamin D daily can cause calcification of the kidneys and kidney stones. Optimal dosage is 400-1800 iu daily, according to Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible. For children's doses, figure the percentage of bodyweight compared to an adult's (150 lbs), and use that same percentage of the adult dose to administer to the child. For example, if the adult weighs 150 lbs and the child weighs 80 lbs, use a half strength dose, or 200-900 iu daily.

There are many herbs which have anti-viral properties alongside antibacterial and antiseptic ones. It has been studied and noted that herbs work best in combination with each other:

Osha is an anti-viral herb best used for lung and bronchial infections.

St Johnswort, traditionally known for its antidepressant action, also contains 2-4% flavonoids (quercitin, rutin and hyperosides)* which makes it a mildly antiviral herb as backup to other more potently antiviral herbs. NOTE: St Johnswort raises P450 liver enzymes, thus weakening the effects of many mainstream medications. Small dosages as background herb may or may not interfere, but in the interest of caution, ask your doctor if you are taking any medication.

Olive leaf boasts antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, antifungal, and antiparasite actions. Thanks to its iridoid oleuropein, it has been shown in clinical tests to be effective against the AIDS virus, and is capable of tackling herpes viruses, flu, the common cold, meningitis, shingles, chronic fatigue syndrome when a viral infection is at the base, pneumonia, tuberculosis, dental infections, and more, writes Naturopathic Doctor Linda Rector-Page in her Healthy Healing book.

Oregano oil contains the flavonoid constituent carvacrol, a potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Traditionally used for ear and sinus infections, or in combination with mint, for digestive issues. Caution: VERY STRONG! Use only one or two drops in a cup of hot water, but no more. May be used for steaming too, in the same very dilute dosages. Keep out of reach of children.

Grindelia is a sticky yellow flower with a waxy leaf, growing as wild ground cover, from which asthma medication was once made. Relaxes and dilates the bronchial passages and clears the lungs. Safe for children and adults alike.

Sea Greens: Contain algin, which absorbs toxins from the gut (where many though not all of the immune secretions occur), and have antiviral and antibacterial actions. Rich in iodine, they support the thyroid, the body’s carburetor which is largely responsible for the body’s temperature, along with the hypothalamus gland in the brain. Kelp is particularly noted for its iodine content, with little bits going a long way. By supporting the thyroid and warming the body, sea greens make an excellent background support to immune-supporting herbs. Consider making a seaweed soup out of chicken or vegetable broth, adding arame seaweed (high in iodine) or kombu (good for clearing up mucous), and a dash of soysauce for flavor. Shave in carrots and celery and other vegetables, and you’ve got a quick-and-easy soup which is fairly tasty and has healing power besides! Use alongside anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbal formulas, not as replacement. CONTRA-INDICATION: Hyperthyroidism, which is rare.

Orange Blossom Water: This exotic Middle Eastern product (not the same as the Neroli essential oil from healthfood stores) is high in anti-bacterial and anti-viral flavonoids. Simply delicious in sourcream with honey, wow! Transportingly divine flavor. Available from specialty food markets. Of course dairy products are mucous-producing, so this would be contra-indicated in cold and flu infections. Instead, mix a teaspoon of the fragrant liquid per two cups of chamomile or linden tea (if you can get it), inhale the pleasant smell just for the fun of it, and drink its benefits right in as background assistant to other cold and flu-killing formulas. Yummy! And so pleasant. And, an aphrodisiac for women, besides. (Neroli essential oil from healthfood stores will also work, but won’t taste as pleasant and is much stronger. Use only one or two drops per cup of tea, but definitely no more. Very strong: Keep out of reach of children).

Echinacea: Boosts T-cell production. T cells are one of the body’s several types of immune cells. Cleanses the lymph, very important herb for this function. Overwhelmingly, studies have proven the herb to be safe and non-toxic, but one study showed that after ten days, the T-cell production slows down, as if the immune system was tired from over-stimulation. The echinacea purpurea and pallida varieties have been shown to be less stimulating than the angustifolia variety. In the spirit of caution, take safely for ten days, then take a break for a week or two. CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Cancer, auto-immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, and certain types of arthritis. Do not use if on immuno-suppressive drugs.

L-Lysine* is an essential amino acid that makes it more difficult for microbes to spread by strengthening collagen; take about 2 g or half a teaspoon of L-lysine 3x daily before meals or food. (If the label just says "Lysine" then it probably is the synthetic D, L form and may not be effective).


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