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The Abraham Cherrix Story


Abraham Cherrix and his parents

Abraham Cherrix

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"This is my body that I'm supposed to take care of. I should have the right to tell someone what I want to do with this body. I studied. I did research. I came to this conclusion that the chemotherapy was not the route I wanted to take."
~ Abraham Cherrix


In late August of 2005, fifteen year old Abraham Cherrix received the devastating news that he had a form of cancer known as Hodgkin's disease. During the next few months Abraham faithfully pursued conventional chemotherapy through its recommended cycle. However, in February of 2006 he learned that chemotherapy had not cured the disease.

Doctors then recommended a higher dosage of chemotherapy combined with radiation and culminating in stem cell treatment, offering Abraham less than a 50% chance of survival under this treatment. This time the Cherrix family did their own research, contacted many other cancer victims and survivors, prayed, and discussed all their options. After reflecting on the brutal side-effects of the previously ineffective treatment and the hope offered by in a natural remedy, Abraham and his family chose to pursue alternative treatment in Mexico. A legal battle has ensued.

The Cherrix family has placed life on hold to pursue treatment for their son. Since early May, the family has been involved in continuous litigation with the Department of Social Services to continue their desired course of treatment. In the Juvenile and Domestic Court, the parents faced charges of neglect, loss of custody of their son, and orders to submit to the recommended cycle of higher dosage chemotherapy and radiation by Tuesday, July 25, 2006.

On Tuesday, minutes before this order was to take effect, the family obtained a stay from the Circuit Court; the parents regained full custody of their son and Abraham is now free to continue his desired course of treatment . . . for the moment. The family is due back in court on August 16, 2006 for another trial to determine whether Abraham may pursue his desired choice of treatment. Both parties will most likely appeal the verdict to a higher Virginia court.

The Cherrix family has found that they are not alone in this type of struggle. Although few families have had the resources to pursue their rights all the way through the judicial system, many have come forward to share personal stories of their legal struggle to obtain medical treatment of their choice.

The Cherrix family is committed to providing the best care for Abraham and to fight for their rights to make informed medical decisions as a family, to disagree with conventional, yet inconclusive treatment, and to pursue long-standing natural cures. The family's business is on hold and their remaining resources are being exhausted through travel, medical care, and extended litigation. Yet they continue to argue this case of national concern.


The forced poisoning of Abraham Cherrix,
the tyranny of modern medicine,
and state-sponsored assaults on health freedom


Across the nation, an increasing number of families are having their lives destroyed by the greed and arrogance of conventional medicine and its toxic cancer treatments. Families are arrested at gunpoint, jailed, prosecuted and separated from their children by Child Protective Services, all due to the demands of arrogant doctors who insist on treating cancer with conventional chemotherapy that's so toxic, it almost kills the patient before killing the cancer cells.

Conventional medicine is so desperate to push its high-profit services onto patients that it now resorts to kidnapping children and incarcerating parents in order to enforce its "authority" over all health care decisions. But some parents are wising up, and they're fleeing conventional cancer treatment centers to seek safer, more natural alternative treatments elsewhere. That's where this story begins.

Another case of "Gunpoint Medicine" fiasco emerged this week as Abraham Cherrix, a 16-year-old Hodgkin's disease sufferer, decided he didn't want a second round of chemotherapy. The first round nearly killed him, leaving him so frail and weak that he couldn't walk. With the support of his parents, Abraham began to educate himself about alternative cancer treatments, telling his oncologist he did not wish to experience any more chemotherapy.

As he explains, "This is my body that I'm supposed to take care of. I should have the right to tell someone what I want to do with this body. I studied. I did research. I came to this conclusion that the chemotherapy was not the route I wanted to take."

Arrogant doctors insist on poisoning children

But freedom of choice is not allowed by the quack doctors of conventional medicine. As always happens in these cases, the doctor was apparently so enraged by the idea that any patient would not want to submit to his authority that he called the county social services which promptly had the parents arrested and acquired joint custody over the teen. Social services Gestapo members are now in court arguing that the state should force the teen to undergo yet more chemotherapy, as demanded by his doctor.

A judge will now decide Abraham's fate. If the judge orders him back to chemotherapy, Abraham and his family will then become fugitives merely for making their own informed decisions about which type of cancer treatment they wish to pursue. Armed agents will hunt down the family, and Abraham will be effectively forced to undergo chemotherapy at gunpoint. Hence the term, "Gunpoint Medicine."

Conventional medicine's body count

The state, it seems, will used the threat of deadly force to market conventional medicine's chemotherapy treatments. It is difficult to imagine a more authoritarian and tyrannical system of medicine than what we have today in the United States. Just as the Bush Administration unlawfully detains and tortures prisoners in Guantanamo (which the U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled as blatantly illegal), the U.S. medical system will also use men with firearms to detain and torture patients with treatments that may kill them. As Abraham explains, "Another round [of chemotherapy] would kill me, literally. No joke about it. The first round of chemo almost killed me in itself. There were some nights I didn't know if I would make it."

Conventional medicine is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Doctors and their drugs kill more Americans each year than died in the entire Vietnam War. FDA-approved pharmaceuticals kill more Americans each month than were killed by terrorists in the 9/11 attacks. Read Death By Medicine to get the statistics.

And yet, despite there remarkable safety lapses, ignorant doctors continue to insist that alternatives are so dangerous that parents who seek them should be charged with negligence!

Cancer industry lies and Hoxsey's natural cancer treatments

The treatment being sought out by Abraham is the Hoxsey treatment. Widely ridiculed by the American Cancer Society (which has strong ties to chemotherapy drug companies) and the FDA (which routinely promotes Big Pharma and discredits alternatives), the history of Harry Hoxsey and his cancer therapies is a fascinating tour of the oppression, censorship and outright intimidation of conventional medicine when it comes to controlling the medical marketplace.

Hoxsey's anti-cancer salves, based entirely on botanicals that we now know contain powerful anti-cancer compounds, actually work very well on cancer, as health authorities grudgingly admitted in court proceedings against Hoxsey decades ago. But that didn't stop them from attacking Hoxsey as a quack, discrediting his work, having him arrested and raiding his cancer treatment clinics on multiple occasions. This is why Hoxsey eventually moved his clinic to Mexico -- a country where health freedoms are still respected, unlike in the United States. Read more about Harry Hoxsey and the history of medical oppression in our article, What the American Medical Association hopes you never learn about its true history.

Hoxsey & Alternative Cancer Cures - How Healing Becomes A Crime

[ The above move entitled: "Hoxsey & Alternative Cancer Cures - How Healing Becomes A Crime" is now unavailable to watch in this country. It is being blocked here in the U.S. on copyright grounds. ]

The U.S. is the single most oppressive health regime in the world, where prescription drugs are sold at the highest prices in the world under a monopoly-controlled drug racket enforced by the FDA. Highly corrupt regulators and non-profit disease organizations routinely attack alternative treatments, even as most of their own members are on the take from pharmaceutical companies. The degree of corruption and fraud in U.S. medicine is unprecedented in industrialized nations.

The FDA, for its part, routinely engages in tactics of oppression and tyranny. It once ordered the destruction of recipe books about stevia, a natural herbal sweetener. The FDA has also organized and conducted multiple armed, SWAT-style raids against health clinics, vitamin shops and even a pet food store. Once, the FDA raided a church and confiscated literally tons of church literature that helped people with mental health issues. Senior citizens returning from Canada were also detained and searched for legal drugs that they purchased at discounts across the Canadian border. Again and again, the FDA and the quack promoters of conventional medicine resort to the use of firearms (or the threat of using them) to enforce our modern system of monopoly medicine. It is exactly as if conventional medicine had declared war on the American people.

Some of the more recent examples of Gunpoint Medicine in the U.S. include:

Seattle mother arrested for "kidnapping" her own baby to seek alternative treatments - When a Seattle mom rescued her baby from surgeons who were about to perform a highly invasive kidney procedure on the infant, she was hunted down, arrested at gunpoint, thrown in jail and had her baby stolen from her by Child Protective Services.

State-sponsored medical terrorism: Texas authorities arrest parents, kidnap their teenage daughter, and force her through chemotherapy against her will - When parents of 13-year-old Katie Wernecke decided to refuse radiation treatment on their daughter, they were charged with neglect and had all their children kidnapped by Child Protective Services. A judge ordered the girl to undergo toxic conventional treatments before "releasing her" to her own parents.

As more parents are becoming educated about the dangers of chemotherapy and radiation (treatments that do absolutely nothing to address the underlying causes of cancer, by the way), they are increasingly seeking safer, more natural treatments across the United States and other countries. Cures for cancer do exist, and in fact they are quite numerous and well documented outside the corrupt, tyrannical system of American medicine. But in America, health authorities refuse to acknowledge their existence, and they continue to incarcerate anyone who dares to refuse Big Pharma's toxic chemicals.

Remember: The cancer industry is a billion-dollar commercial enterprise. Cancer is so profitable to drug companies, clinics, oncologists and hospitals that acknowledging a cure for cancer would be devastating to the U.S. economy. With twenty cents of every dollar spent by our government now going to cover health care costs, our nation has, indeed, become economically invested in the continuation of disease. Cancer is too profitable to prevent or cure, which is why the quack promoters of the cancer industry don't teach prevention or cures! They refuse to even acknowledge the ability of simple nutrients like vitamin D to slash rates of some cancers by an astounding fifty percent!

Parents: How to protect yourself from conventional medicine's tyranny

It is now clear that that only way for parents to exercise their health freedom and choose the treatments they believe are best suited for their children is to avoid taking your children to conventional medical doctors and seek naturopathic physicians instead.

Why? Because just one doctor, enraged at the parents' critical thinking about the failures of conventional medicine, can call Child Protective Services and have any parent charged with neglect so that their children are stolen from them by the state. It only takes one phone call from an arrogant doctor, and your entire family can be labeled fugitives.

The solution, then, is to avoid conventional doctors in the first place and seek primary care from naturopathic physicians who understand both conventional and alternative treatments. It's not only good for your health freedom, it's good for your health, as naturopaths actually understand nutrition and the role of the patient in the healing process (conventional MDs receive no formal education in nutrition at all). Plus, no naturopath would ever invoke neglect laws to have your children stolen from you by the state.

When will the tyranny end? In the case of Abraham Cherrix, a judge now has the opportunity to establish a health freedom precedent and rule that parents should be able to seek alternative treatments for their children. A decision is expected within days.

Should the judge order Abraham back to the toxic chemotherapy treatments, it will just be business as usual in the United States of America, where no freedom ever gets in the way of commercial interests. The U.S. is increasingly positioned as the most intolerant nation in the world. We don't tolerate other forms of government, other religions, or even other systems of medicine. And if you don't wave the American flag, support the invasion of other nations and take your daily medications in this country, you're either labeled a traitor or a fugitive; and if you have children, they will be stolen from you by the state.

State-sponsored medical terrorism is alive and well in America today, a place that was once called, "The land of the free" but is now ruled by corporations in the key areas of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and weapons.

It all makes me wonder: With all the talk about "freedom" today, didn't anybody stop to think about the freedoms we desperately need right here at home? The true enemies of freedom, it seems, have medical degrees. They don't wield weapons of mass destruction delivered by rockets, they wield chemical weapons delivered by injection. The day we stand up and declare our freedom from the scourge of conventional medicine and all its oppressive, authoritarian tactics will be a day of genuine freedom for Americans. Until then, we can fight all the wars in the world and yet still be enslaved by a system of medicine at home that absolutely refuses to acknowledge the existence of anything beyond what it controls and profits from.

Want to make a difference? Visit the Life Extension Foundation's Legislative Action Center to find out how you can support health freedom and help stop tyranny in medicine.

Abraham's website, which is still a bit sparse, is found at




Update June 6, 2008:

FLOYD, Va. — Starchild Abraham Cherrix has plenty of reason to celebrate his 18th birthday Friday. His latest blood results show no indication of the Hodgkin's disease he's battled since 2005, and for the first time in two years he doesn't have to report those results to the Accomack County court.


Update Wednesday August 16, 2006:

After a long legal struggle Abraham and his family have regained the power to pursue the treatment they believe will provide the most effective cure to Hodgkin's disease! On Wednesday, August 16, 2006 Accomack Circuit Court Judge Glen Tyler cleared Abraham's parents of all charges of medical neglect and allowed Abraham to pursue alternative treatment under a doctor of the family's choice. Although prepared for a two-day trial, the family was able to reach a settlement with the Department of Social Services – Abraham will now be able to pursue a preferred course of treatment while being monitored by a board-certified oncologist in Mississippi who is experienced in alternative cancer treatment. With this decision Abraham is now able to resume life with his family and continue fighting for his health. For more information on how to support Abraham, click on the Donate tab or check out the benefit concert being held in Chesapeake, VA on September 24th at Unity Renaissance Church. For information on tickets to this fundraiser call The Heritage Store at 757.428.0100. Your support is fully appreciated.


Update Monday July 25, 2006:

The circuit court suspended the execution of judgment for both the order to submit to chemotherapy and the order awarding the state joint custody. The trial is August 16th.


Update Monday July 24, 2006:

Lawyers filed a motion today to try to stop enforcement of a judge's order requiring Abraham to report to a hospital. Lawyer John Stepanovich said he was waiting for a response to the motion, which was filed at 10:30 a.m. today in Accomack County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.


Update Friday, July 21, 2006:

A judge ruled that Abraham must report to a hospital by Tuesday afternoon for testing, evaluation and treatment as doctors deem necessary.

The juvenile court judge also found Abraham's parents neglectful for risking his health by permitting him to pursue alternative treatment of a sugar-free, organic diet and herbal supplements supervised by a clinic in Mexico.

Jay and Rose Cherrix, Abraham's parents, are planning an emergency appeal on Monday to stay the enforcement of the order. Judge Demps sits on the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, which means that his Order can be immediately appealed to the Circuit Court of Accomack County.



The real Abraham Cherrix question: Does the State own your body?
"Both the conventional cancer industry and the mainstream media have so far managed to frame the Abraham Cherrix debate as one concerned with conventional medicine versus alternative medicine. But this framing of the debate is, itself, a deception. The real question is not whether alternative cancer therapies work, but whether the state owns your body and can therefore order you to submit to extremely toxic medical treatments or medical experiments against your will..."


Abraham Cherrix court decision is no victory for health freedom
Any celebration of the court decision on the matter of Abraham Cherrix's cancer treatment would be greatly misplaced. This was no victory for health freedom. The court did not rule in favor of the freedom of Abraham Cherrix by stating that it had no business dictating medical treatments for individuals who supposedly live in a "free" nation. Rather, the court continues to insist that it has ownership of Cherrix's body and that he shall be ALLOWED to be treated by a complementary medicine doctor who practices both chemotherapy and herbal medicine. In a truly free society, the court would have said, "We have no business dictating your medical treatment. Choose whatever treatment you wish, Abraham, and may you live a long life as a free citizen of a free nation."


The Awakening of the Public
"Many people recognize what's really happening in the world of health and medicine today: Increasing disease, unabated disease mongering, corporate exploitation of the people, environmental destruction, a decline in honest health journalism, skyrocketing health care costs, tens of millions of uninsured people and continued assaults on health freedom by the FDA and conventional medicine. These are just a few of the many challenges that concern the lucid, thinking people who now populate Internet blogs, chat rooms and websites. But along with these shared concerns, there is also emerging a consensus that our shared future does not have to follow the pattern of our recent past. Together, we can create positive change, and it all starts from the day-to-day grind of observing what's happening in the world, applying some critical thinking, and sharing our thoughts, ideas, concerns and solutions with others.


The Doctrine of Parens Patriae & The Fundamental Right to Direct the Upbringing of One's Child
The Right to Direct the Upbringing of One's Own Child, otherwise known as the Parental Liberty Doctrine, is a crucial civil liberty. It includes direction of a child's education, health care, lifestyle, regimen, religious observance, and discipline. The characterization of the liberty as "fundamental" under the substantive due process of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution makes an enormous practical difference to home educators and court litigants.


In today's society the government, through the doctrine of Parens Patriae, has already instituted its control of our children through the legislative process. Medical treatments are enforced through the court with threats of loss of your child if the treatment is challenged. The Parens Patriae power has been recognized and exercised from time immemorial as being under the rule of a tyrant.


The Parens Patriae Powers
The 1840 case Mercein v. People produced a stunning opinion by Connecticut’s Justice Paige—a strain of radical strong-state faith straight out of Hegel: The moment a child is born it owes allegiance to the government of the country of its birth, and is entitled to the protection of the government. As the opinion unrolled, Paige further explained "with the coming of civil society the father’s sovereign power passed to the chief or government of the nation." A part of this power was then transferred back to both parents for the convenience of the State. But their guardianship was limited to the legal duty of maintenance and education, while absolute sovereignty remained with the State.


Statements on Abraham Cherrix chemotherapy court decision by Mike Adams, consumer health advocate
"With the court's decision on Abraham Cherrix, conventional medicine has once against proven itself to be grounded in tyranny. That oncologists must use intimidation and the threat of arrest to scare patients away from safer, natural treatments is a powerful indicator of the sad state of desperation to which the cancer industry has sunk in order to acquire paying customers."




International award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller unveils the worldwide threat to medical freedom of choice in a new blockbuster documentary, WE BECOME SILENT:The Last Days of Health Freedom.

WE BECOME SILENT details the ongoing attempts by multinational pharmaceutical interests, giant food companies, and government agencies to limit the public’s access to vitamins, herbs and other therapies. The film highlights the U.S. government’s complicity in suppressing the truth about the effectiveness of alternative/complementary medicines, and outlines the international plan to eliminate freedom of choice in healthcare through the work of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Narrated by Dame Judi Dench, the noted UK actress who has won multiple Golden Globe awards and dozens of other honors throughout her prestigious career, WE BECOME SILENT is a powerful statement about the dominance of multinational corporations over personal freedoms. This 28-minute film describes the ominous bureaucratic shadow being cast by Codex, in concert with the World Trade Organization and others — and the challenges consumers face in trying to maintain freedom of choice in health care.

WE BECOME SILENT features the only known video from a Codex meeting, exclusive interviews with delegates to the Codex Alimentarius Commission, U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials, two U.S. Congressmen, actor Mel Gibson, and consumer health activists from across the globe.



American Family Rights Association



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