The Hidden Story of Cancer

By Brian Scott Peskin

The Hidden Story of Cancer by Brian Peskin
"The Hidden Story of Cancer" by Brian Peskin

Why haven't you been told that the Prime Cause of Cancer was published by two time Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Dr. Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. over 80-years ago and has never been proven wrong?

Find out Why Cancer has Physicians on the Run and How a simple plan based on New Science can Prevent it . . . Cancer is the most terrifying word in the English language. It has become a world-wide plague with no end in sight. We are told that cancer is 'in our genes' and there is nothing you can do. Decades ago, Nobel Prize-winner, Otto Warburg M.D., Ph. D., discovered cancer's prime cause, but no one knew how to make use of his amazing discovery until now. The prime cause of cancer has little to do with the current' anticancer' recommendations, such as eating more fruits and vegatables, adding soy, denying yourself delicious meats, increasing exercise, and so called 'healthy eating'. After years of paintstaking, meticulous, scientific research, cancer has now been completely demystified. You will learn how to stop cancer's prime cause. Cancer does not have to be in yours or your loved ones' future. Utilizing the most current, up-to-date science as found in the leading medical textbooks and cancer journals, along with Brians unique insight and ability to 'connect the dots'.

"The Hidden Story of Cancer" starts with the discoveries of Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. describing the prime cause of cancer, how the American medical community confirmed it, and how today's cancer physicians and oncology journals are aware of it, but have no idea how to practically solve the problem. The great news is the prime cause of cancer is NOT genetic like you have been told. Empty "promises of hope in the future" are no longer required. Cancer DOES NOT have to be in yours or your loved ones future. Brian has single-handedly discovered the solutions to Dr. Warburg's "equations." Physicians praise this seminal work.

“In the last ninety-three years, there have been only two monumental works that have succeeded in explaining the actual cause and treatment of cancer: No. 1 is the Nobel Prize-winning German physician and scientist, Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. work, The Metabolism of Tumours, published in Germany in1910. No. 2 is Professor Brian Scott Peskin’s The Hidden Story of Cancer, which details a scientific breakthrough that explains Dr. Warburg’s research and introduces new science that will prevent cancer. This is undoubtedly a breakthrough of biblical proportions.”

Bernardo C. Majalca, N.D.
(Stage Four Cancer Researcher)


he Hidden Story of Cancer by Brian Peskin
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"The Hidden Story of Cancer" by Brian Peskin

In this landmark book, Professor Brian S. Peskin and Amid Habib, M.D. explore the history of cancer and the failure of genetic research and popular nutritional recommendations to stop ever increasing cancer rates.  The epigenetic basis of cancer is explained in detail.

What You’ll Discover in:

• World-class molecular biologists tell why cancer is not genetic.

• How vitamin E is not protective against cancer.

• Dangers of fish oil supplements.

• The “poison” that LDL transports - directly causing cancer!

• Heart disease/cancer connection.

• How to keep a tumor benign.

• Fruits and vegetables don’t protect against cancer.

• How mammograms don’t provide “early detection” and why they are harmful.

• Fiber’s deadly link to cancer.


With this book’s SIMPLE 5-STEP ANTICANCER PLAN, you’ll discover how to protect yourself against contracting all forms of cancer.

As a result of Brian Peskin’s scrupulous research, the prime cause of cancer can now be prevented. Physicians around the world rely on his insights concerning cancer and other health issues.

THE HIDDEN STORY OF CANCER makes available for the first time a great deal of science never before made known to the general public.

Endorsed by top Medical Doctors and Health Professionals

To save your health and your life you must read this book.... I hope other physicians will become aware of this ground-breaking information.

Abram Ber, M.D.
(Homeopathic Physician / Preventive Medicine)

I refused to endorse any specific nutritional supplements until reading this bookPeskin’s discovery has completely changed my view on supplement recommendations; especially as it pertains to what the human body demands and requires. Every Chiropractor needs to incorporate this discovery.”

Richard Thompson, D.C.
(Family Practice)

Physicians and their patients around the world owe you a big ‘thank you.’... I am strongly recommending this book to all my patients.

Angelo A. Della Pietra, M.D., D.O.
(Family & Integrative Medicine)

Earth-shattering & historically significant.

David Sim, M.D.
(Interventional Cardiologist)

“...In all my medical reading pertaining to cancer, this is the first time I have understood the ultimate cause of cancer. A ‘must read’ for doctors.

Joseph J. Formica, M.D.
(General Surgery)

Everyone should read this book & follow the recommendations.”

F. Hajjar, M.D.
(Pediatric Cancer Specialist)

“An amazing insight...that everyone needs to know.”

Robert J. Rowen, M.D.
(Editor-in-Chief: Second Opinion Newsletter)

“[T]he most thoroughly researched anticancer program that I have ever seen. My patients have also noticed how their energy levels have skyrocketed....”

Clive Fields, M.D.
(Family Practice)

"The most insightful quantum nutritionist of our age brings us the most insightful nutritional cancer discovery of the 21st century. No one else is even close to matching his deep insight and understanding."

Robert Nemer, D.O.
(Cosmetic Laser Physician)

“Impeccable research and novel insights of sheer genius. Brian’s accomplishment is singular—no groups, no public money, only elegant science showing how proper use of EFAs is the missing link for practical application of Otto Warburg’s discovery. This knowledge is priceless for your future health.”

Brian N. Vonk, M.D.
(Board certified: Internist, Cardiologist, Radiologist)

“Peskin follows the Nobel Prize-winner Otto Meyerhof by brilliantly bringing engineering into the fields of physiology and biochemistry. His anticancer discovery is worthy of a Nobel Prize.”

Charles Jannuzi, (Articulatory Phonology),
University of Fukui, Japan

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