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by E. R. MORAS, M. D.

Who is an Autopathist?
ANYONE who knows just what to do in sickness and does it of his own accord is an Autopathist, be he physician or patient. Sickness has no terrors for autopathists. If they were to get sick they know they could soon get well, for THEY KNOW HOW. I coined the word, Autopathy, from the Greek "Autos," meaning SELF, and "Pathos," meaning DISEASE or TREATMENT. Autopathy is, therefore, the scientific, or commonsense, treatment of one's self. This knowledge is easily and quickly acquired by anyone who is willing to devote a little study to Autology and Autopathy and to this volume.

E. R. MORAS, M. D.
November, 1918
Copyright, 1918, by E. R. Moras, M. D.
Revised, reprinted and recopyrighted, June, 1919.
Copyright, 1919 by E. R. Moras, M. D.


Volunteer-Letter to President Wilson During the World War and the Epidemic of "Spanish Influenza," 1918

E. R. MORAS, M. D.

Graduate of Harvard University Medical School '88; of College of Physicians and Surgeons (Chicago) '89; Formerly House Physician and Surgeon in Cook County Hospital (Chicago), Professor of Obstetrics College of Physicians and Surgeons (Chicago). Author of Autology.


Foreword: You will agree that had I not volunteered my services to the Government in the World War and during the devastating epidemic of influenza and pneumonia I would have been unmindful of my duty. I appeal to you as a patriotic citizen to assert your rights with your Congress men, Senators and Boards of Health and Education looking to the accomplishment of the object proposed in the address to President Wilson.

By perceiving the truths of Autology you acquire the right to be classed with the progressive thinking Americans. I wish also to thank the thousands of Autologists who have so earnestly upheld me in spreading the Truth; and I may say they include the foremost men and women in all the professions and vocations. Certain doctors have tried to boycott me for carrying direct to the people the message of Autologic Prevention and Cure of Disease after it had been peremptorily declined by the Chicago Medical Society, of which I was a member in good standing. Since then the fundamental truths of Autology have been successfully demonstrated by over a million of progressive, thinking men and women in all the professions; also, hundreds of doctors, including allopaths, homeopaths, osteopaths, etc., have written me that Autology has been their inspiration and guide in their practice for the past decade and a half. Owing to these facts I have long felt that perhaps the American Medical Association might now accord me a professional hearing with a fair measure of recognition for such truths as Autology has admittedly forced upon medical thought and science.

Therefore, when patriotism called and the demand for volunteer physicians issued from Washington I immediately applied for enlistment in the "Volunteer Medical Service Corps of the United States." My first application was sent to Washington the middle of August, 1918, and a second one September 2. On the application blank filed before even a rumor of the "Spanish Influenza" was bruited, the question, "For what service do you volunteer?" I answered, "Acute Diseases;" and the question, "Where is your first choice?" I answered, "At Fort Sheridan, or the Great Lakes Training Station, or Chicago;" and under "Remarks," I added these words: "I want to give all there is in me to our Government." In these answers as well as in conversation I intimated the probability of an epidemic because I felt that the soldiers' rations and the "Food Conservation Rules" were not autologic and would develop disease in the soldiers and people.

Lest you should think that I was presumptuous in my volunteer-address to the President, I must say that I had been repeatedly urged to request the Government for a demonstration of the Autologic Prevention and Cure of Disease among soldiers and civilians, thousands of whom had boys in the service.

The thousands of Autologists who understand the situation realize how painfully acute this handcuffed inactivity was to me in the influenza crisis that demoralized the army and country, defying all the means and wits of the medical and health authorities. If there be soul in the motto, "There is no death, They all survive," I still feel that the collective soul of our heroes felled by influenza and pneumonia will unite with the souls of MOTHERS, wives and sweet hearts to secure me a just hearing in the service of the country.

If "credentials" are needed those received from Harvard and Chicago can be weighed in with thousands of personal commendations and grateful letters from doctors, lawyers, judges, dentists, clergymen, merchants, capitalists and MOTHERS as well as with the scientific recognition of Autology by the Lexicographers of Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Columbia, Pennsylvania and other Universities. (See, The New Universities Dictionary, 1915.)

It was therefore duty's justifiable right that prompted me to write direct to President Wilson, as follows:


An army decimated by disease lends more comfort to the enemy than one decimated in battle. Man power will win the war. Health suscitates man power. Epidemics destroy man power. Epidemics are the thugs of war.

It is a well-established fact that the surest and safest defenses of the body against germs and diseases are normal blood and digestive juices and that a diminution in this bactericidal power means a 'run-down' condition of the person. It is an equally well established fact that the only sure and lasting defenses of the body against a run-down condition are good nutrition, hygiene, work and personal habits. A healthy body is self-immune. Devoting some study to the analysis and understanding of the body's means at self-immunization is fruitful of rewards. Much is known in the literature on this subject but little has been made practical. Physiologists know that normal blood and digestive juices possess chemical substances that are inimical to the life of our bacterial foes. If we can analyze the chemical changes in the blood and tissues which cause a person to get 'run down' and put him at the mercy of his bacterial foes, we surely can work out a normal beneficent method of increasing the blood's store of normal bactericidal substances. In living we produce body-acids and by eating we supply food-alkali. We are built up by foods that are made up of acid-forming and base-forming elements, and our metabolism is such that our blood is, so to speak, always on the verge of turning acid.

We are saved from that evil by the alkali in the blood and tissues which, of course, derive them from our foods. The body is a factory in which occurs an incessant mating and unmating of acid and alkaline substances. It is capable of health and survival only to the extent of understanding and heeding the mating and unmating of acid-forming and base-forming substances of the blood with the acid-forming and base-forming substances of foods. Normal alkalinity of the blood and tissues must be maintained through the foods, or disease appears. If the body is lacking in alkali it necessarily with holds from neutralization and elimination a certain amount of poisonous organic and mineral acids. We breathe air into the lungs to rob it of oxygen which is taken up by the arterial blood and carried to the tissues where the carbon is burned or oxidized. This burning of carbon yields carbonic acid, which then is returned by the venous blood to the lungs to be breathed out. The balance of the carbonic acid yielded by tissue-oxidation is neutralized in the tissues and eliminated mostly through the kidneys. The inevitable result of a retention of carbonic acid and its compounds beyond the normal quotient in the blood and tissues brings on that 'run down' which invites and underlies bacterial and other diseases. Carbonic acid and its compounds deplete the blood and tissues of their supply of alkali, and thus produce the abnormal changes which develop disease. This alkali-depleting activity is characteristic of all organic and mineral acids produced in the body. The blood and tissues are supplied through the foods with 'free' and 'fixed' bases or alkali. During the formative stage of any disease the first alkali to go are the free, and the last to go are the fixed, All tissues or organs do not yield their fixed alkali with the same ease.

The digestive cells, or the liver cells, or the brain cells may be the first to answer the blood's call for more alkali in some cases, whereas in others the kidneys or the lungs will be the first to give up their reserve of fixed alkali in order to control or check the disease. So there are really no fundamental differences between diseases. The difference is merely in the particular functional importance of the special organ or tissue subjected by the blood to the greatest drain of alkali. During the prodromal stage, say of pneumonia, there occurs an impoverishment of the patient's blood in alkali; then follows an impoverishment of the tissue-alkali more or less generally, but localizing itself more specifically in the lungs. This dilucidation of the etiology and modus operandi of diseases is accurate. It has the support of science and gives a well-defined significance to the cause and course of specific diseases. This interpretation also suggests the normal means for conferring immunity as well as for aborting and curing diseases through the alkali-bearing foods. The underlying cause of infectious diseases is, therefore, an alkali-depleted diet, and the underlying cause for failure to abort and cure infectious diseases in an alkali-depleted dietetic treatment. The evidence that this is correct is overwhelming. It has long been known that protein bases are essential components of the activated defense-yielding substances of foods, called vitamines. Foods are said to be 'nutritious' and 'non-nutritious,' according as they yield much or little nitrogenous, carbohydrate and fat substances. In keeping with this conception, foods were long ago divided into (1) Proteins, (2) Carbohydrates, (3) Fats. Fruits and green vegetables are not classified. The wonderful vitalizing acids and salts they yield are relegated to the "ash" column. Nevertheless, fruits and green vegetables yield to the blood more activating acids and bases than all nutritious foods together, and, moreover, yield them with little or no demand on digestion, absorption and assimilation. These particular acids and bases readily travel to the blood and are quickly utilized to build up and repair tissues, to promote immunity to and recovery from diseases.

All treatments must prove unsatisfactory or failures if (1) the oxygen-intake and (2) the alkali- yield are deficient.

(1) The oxygen-intake. The chief source of this is the air. It is not the only source, however. The body's protein and carbohydrate and fat tissues contain considerable oxygen, but not enough to oxidize their own carbon and furnish the supply needed for repair. Fortunately, nature offers us a prolific source of oxygen in the acids of fruits and the oxides of green vegetables. This seems to have been overlooked in Curative Dietetics. Apart from their invaluable and indispensable property of forming bases in the blood the acids and alkali of fruits and green vegetables are generous oxygen-yielders. (2) The alkali-yield. The alkali-yield of a protein-carbohydrate-fat diet is always deficient, and its deficiency is always increased by the usual ways of cooking and 'serving' foods. Most all typical foods show a relative predominance af acid-forming over base-forming elements.

Eliminating sundry items that do not invalidate the arrangement, the quantity of the elements supplied by the customary three meals a day are fairly represented in beef, eggs, bread, potatoes, prunes and beans. Beef, eggs and bread yield a predominance of acid-forming elements; and potatoes, prunes and beans yield a predominance of base-forming elements. The question then arises: Are the first three acid-forming foods balanced by the second three base-forming foods? If they are, all right. If they are not, all wrong. If we adopt 100 as the acid-forming coefficient of beef, we learn that eggs contribute 90 and bread 27—a total of 217 for the acid-forming foods. Computing likewise the base- forming foods we give potatoes 100, prunes 79 and beans 30—a total of 209 for the base-forming foods. That seems good—but, weight for weight exclusive of the water content of the two groups, most people eat much more of the first than of the second group. Moreover, as shown by Locke and others, 'when meats are boiled 20 to 67 per cent of the salts were found in the broth . . .' and 'when roasted 2.5 to 57.2 per cent of the mineral matter were found in the drippings of the meat.' Then, on the other hand, 'when potatoes were peeled and then soaked in cold water before boiling 38 per cent of the mineral matter was lost.' It is quite proper, therefore, to reduce the base-forming coefficient to about one- third of the acid-forming,—particularly so if we take stock of the acid-forming fats, oils, lard, sweets and pastry usually consumed. Consequently, the body has to contend with and solve the following sort of health-disease equation:

Base-forming : acid-forming :: 69 : 217,—a sad plight when one realizes that health has only a percentage of 69 to oppose disease's 217. How does the individual survive? By increasing his output of ammonia which causes debility and puts him at the mercy of infectious, contagious and other diseases. In these days of bacterial inoculations the idea of normal immunization sounds like an outlandish paradox. But the gruesome debacle created by influenza makes this commitment imperative. Millions of Americans are passing into Camps as sound of body to be then made unsound, at least for a time, by the belief that bacterial vaccination protects them against disease, typhoid fever and pneumonia in particular. Regular Medicine has argued that so long as there is a chance of men contracting typhoid fever they should be put through a preparatory course of typhoid-toxin infection. This practise is pregnant with unspeakable harm. There is a reason why bacterin inoculation seemingly protects the victim against typhoid for a certain length of time, but the alleged protection is a detriment instead of a boon. Bacterin-immunization is always detrimental, as the coming evidence proves.

At the age of eight the writer was taught to smoke a puff or two, not enough to sicken him. One day he got hold of a pipe and took a good smoke and was made deathly sick. But he was at it again in a few days, and, oh joy, he had become immune to nicotinitis. Although that 'initial treatment' of tobacco-immunization was not an unadulterated blessing, the fact remains that he had been made 'immune' to the vomiting of nicotinitis. Like millions of others he had accomplished the remarkable feat of making his blood and flesh fool-proof, literally, to the beneficent warnings of nicotin. But in no sense had genuine immunity to the poisonous action of nicotin accrued to him. Nicotin had purely adulterated the chemical constitution of nerve and brain cells, and thus put a stop to their annoying him with their normal emetic function. His blood and tissues had acquired a genuine nicotin-taint. They became nicotinized, but not immune. In this sense only are persons made immune by any kind of inoculations or poisons. As smoking, even only a few times, confers on one the inability to react visibly or subjectively to larger doses of nicotin infection so the bacterin toxins confer on one the inability to react visibly or subjectively to larger doses of typhoid or pneumonia infections. In other words, the soldier who is 'protected' is merely in shape to inhost and hatch larger doses of germs and infection without immediately feeling or showing the beneficent warnings of disease- He can 'catch' typhoid, or pneumonia, or influenza all right but stands little chance of feeling or showing their prodromal signs or symptoms. His true resisting and recuperating powers are blunted and incapable of immediately reacting as formally and as nature intended for his self-preservation. His body is robbed of its most essential faculty. Bacterin-immunization 'toughens' the genuine sensibilities of the individual for anticipated germ-invasion only in the sense that whiskey or 'dope' toughens the genuine sensibilities of the thug for the anticipated burglary.

The first dose of morphine sickens, but the drug addict soon becomes immune and almost lives on it. He is not immune, however, to the devitalizing effects of the drug. So it is with bacterin immunization. The individual adulterates his body, and, in return, the body fools the individual. His blood and body can no more register normally. The 'course' of immunization given our army and navy men deprives them of the normal faculty of reacting to average doses of infection or germs, a faculty retained by the non-immunized. Just the same, the average doses of germs or of infection to which the immunized are likely to be exposed will insidiously work for his undoing some time later.

It is well-known that a non-immunized person subjected to mild or moderate amounts of typhoid germs or poison does not necessarily develop typhoid fever, but he feels and shows malaise, anorexia, headache, coated tongue, slight fever in the evening, etc., from which he can soon recover. But the immunized is fool-proofed to these normal beneficent warning symptoms of oncoming typhoid without being in any sense protected against the action of the germs or poison in other directions.

Few would claim that no real damage is done when a youth intoxicates himself to make his body immune to alcohol. The same logic forcibly insists that real damage must likewise ensue when men are typhoided to make them immune to typhoid germs.

Ordinary good sense tells us that immunizing with alcohol does not increase true resistance to whiskey but that it actually destroys that power—else the initial dosing would not make one sick. The same ordinary good sense must convince us that inoculating poisonous bacterins does not truly increase men's resistance to germ-diseases,—else the immunizing treatment would not sicken them. Called by its right name the treatment given our men is morbific contamination. The touchstone of medical immunization is, therefore, a genuine contamination supposed to save the individual for a while from a fictitious contamination. Creating genuine evil that fictitious good may result is not in nature's laboratories. The medical significance of immunity is given by Halliburton in these words:

'Normal blood possesses not only phagocytes, which eat up bacteria, but also a certain amount of chemical substances which are inimical to the life of our bacterial foes. But suppose a person gets "run down"; everyone knows he is then more liable to "catch anything." This coincides with a diminution in the bactericidal power of his blood. But even a perfectly healthy person has not an unlimited supply of bacteriolysins, and if the bacteria are sufficiently numerous he will fall a victim to the disease they produce. Here, however, comes in the remarkable part of the defense. In the struggle he will produce more and more bacterio-lysin, and if he gets well it means that the bacteria are finally vanquished, and his blood remains rich in the particular bacteriolysin he has produced, and so will render him immune to further attacks from that particular species of bacterium. Every bacterium seems to cause the development of a spe- cific anti-substance.' After emphasizing the words "seems to cause * the question may be asked:

Is the alleged specific anti-substance which the bacterium seems to cause the development of a good or a bad substance in the blood? The a priori answer is that it is a bad substance, because genuine poison cannot produce genuine good. But even if logic be disregarded, analogy assures us that the development of a specific anti-substance caused by injecting some germ-poison must prove deleterious to blood and flesh as is shown by the specific anti-substances developed by nicotin, alcohol, morphine, cocaine, etc. These chemical organic poisons are fundamentally like bacterium poisons. We are, therefore, privileged to paraphrase the medical interpretation of immunity in these words: Even a perfectly healthy person has not an unlimited supply of morphinlysins, and if the morphine is sufficiently abundant he will fall a victim to the disease it produces. Here, however, comes the remarkable part of the defense. In the struggle he will produce more and more morphine-lysin, and if he gets well it means that the morphine is finally vanquished, and his blood remains rich in the particular morphine-lysin he has produced, and so will render him immune to further attacks from that particular species of poison. In the struggle of morbific immunization the blood may generate a specific anti-substance, but it surely loses its specific normal constitution, the one owned by most of our 'recruits' until they are deprived of it by the immunizing treatment. The only true version of the 'increased power of resistance' seemingly conferred by alcoholizing or morphinizing is that the 'treatment' actually disorganizes the normal constitution of protoplasm by causing it to acquire the specific alcohol or morphine organization, or taint. Likewise, the only rational version of the 'immunity' seemingly conferred by bacterinizing or anti-toxinizing is that the treatment actually disorganizes the normal constitution of protoplasm by causing it to acquire part of the specific toxic organization, or taint, of the bacteria or toxins. The 'specific anti-substance' is not a new entity; it is purely a degraded sort of blood, lymph and protoplasm, exactly as with the immune to alcohol, morphine, cocaine, etc. If we are to accept as genuinely desirable the specific anti-substances developed by bacterin-inoculations for typhoid, etc., then we must accept as genuinely desirable epidemics of measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria and influenza, as well as "epidemics" of alcohol, morphine, nicotine, cocaine, etc. That shocks sanity. The utmost we could concede if we had to would be to look upon bacterin-immunization as the lesser of two evils, a sort of necessary evil. It so happens that nature has not put such a dilemma up to us, for after giving us normal immunity to average doses of germs she gave us the wherewith to increase that power quite efficaciously and with no discomfort nor risk of any kind.

It is recognized by all military experts that the only genuine and lasting defenses of the body are proper foods, hygiene, work and personal habits. The average 'accepted' man is in pretty good shape when he reaches camp, but if he were not do the practitioners of morbific immunization claim that bacterin-immunization would benefit or cure his 'run down' troubles? They do not claim that morbific immunization compensates the blood for lack of health, or of proper rations, or of scrupulous hygiene, or of good personal habits, etc. Therefore, morbific immunization is nothing else than a pernicious practice to attain some spurious benefit or delusive result.

A healthy body is self-immunizing as all admit, but civilized livingness is generally one sick-spell after another. Every sick-spell is a drain on the alkali of the blood causing analkalinity. The body has not unlimited power of recuperation, but it has been abundantly demonstrated that it has almost unlimited power of resisting analkalinity; for it will die before turning acid. Therein lies the secret of the body's normal power of immunity to bacteria, and therein lies the secret of increasing that normal power in order to cope against the invasion of "sufficiently numerous bacteria" to produce disease; or, given the disease, to quickly destroy the bacteria, neutralize and eliminate their poisons. This remarkable, though quite natural, result is achievable by simply increasing the blood-alkalinity yield of the food supply. The word 'alkalinity' itself is distinctly suggestive of the specific origin of the chemical substances with which the body compounds its so-called bacterio-lysins. All will confess that people need more anti-lysins to offset their health-impairing habits and dietetic sins than they need to conquer their bacterial foes. If under such average conditions the body can produce out of a 69:217 base-acid coefficient enough bacterio-lysins to make the person's blood normally immune to ordinary invasions of bacteria, it may readily be conceived that the body will produce a virtually unlimited supply of bacterio-lysins if that base-acid coefficient be reversed to 217:69—for the activated blood-lysins are base-proteins. For twenty years the writer has accumulated clinical evidence to more than convince him and thousands of 'patients' of the correctness of the foregoing ideas and data.

Endeavors to enrich the blood of fever or infect- ed patients with base-forming or vitamine elements through the time-honored protein-carbohydrate-fat groups of foods always fail lamentably. The same is true of drugs and bacterial vaccines. The saddest kind of evidence is now surging at the naval and army camps. Science and duty call for an end to this and future catastrophes. Medical 'ethics' must not lend comfort to our bacterial nor german foes. Aside from the bacterin contaminations, the regulation medical diet for the well and for the sick is irrational, for it serves to clutter up the alimentary tract with a decom posing food-mass which yields some nutrition, but also a rank supply of infecting or microbe-kulturing compounds.

Fruits and green vegetables are not "luxuries" nor 'roughage' in the dietary of civilized people. Chemical electricity shows that the acid and mineral elements in tissue-cells generate and feed vital and nutritional electricity to the body. These 'nutritive' electro-genetic acids and minerals all come from the elements in food. Our knowledge as to the source and course of the power for offense and defense generated mechanically by electricity is significant as to the source and course of the body's physiological power of offense and defense against its every foe. From all of the above considerations it appears evident that man-power in health is at least as much dependent on fruits and green vegetables as on protein, carbohydrate and fat foods; and it appears evident also that man-power in or against germs and disease is more dependent on and is more developed by the acids and bases of fruits and green vegetables than on or by bacterial vaccines, drugs and 'nourishing' foods. Given their former bill-of-fare at home and now the military bill-of-fare, our 'boys' are kept pretty well saturated with the acid-formed products and by-products of the protein-carbohy- drate-fat diet. The present epidemic of influenza and pneumonia is purely an explosion of those feverish 'nutritive' products. There is no danger of the men not getting enough 'solid food' to eat, but what their blood and tissues need most from the time they join to the time of going over the top is to store up a large reserve of the alkali and base- forming elements of fruits and green vegetables. There is no intention here of depleting the men's menu of the usual articles of food, but the fact that these ordinary articles of diet are positively deficient in blood-invigorating and bacterio-lysin bases must be emphasized loudly. No matter how accurately the caloric value or equivalent of a protein-carbohydrate-diet be adapted to the work-a-day requirements of tissues, that diet cannot promote vigorous health nor offensive strength against bacterial invasion if the base-acid coefficient is not largely in favor of the base side of metabolism. Such an essential military accomplishment cannot be secured except through fresh fruits and green vegetables. It must be granted that genuine and positive immunity to germs and diseases issue from the practical application of the foregoing correlative data. This is no theoretical assumption. This base-vs-acid and base-vs-germ treatment has been tested in hun- dreds of cases of a majority of contagious and infectious fevers. It works marvelously well. When the writer witnessed these results in his first experiments, which happened to be typhoid cases, he forthwith discarded drugs and antitoxins and began to look exclusively to fruits and green vegetables for curative, preventative and immunizing agents. The clinical results kept adding even to his already exuberant enthusiasm. Only one serious difficulty arose. The 'pulps' of fruits proved particularly objectionable in treating acute fevers, because in order to administer to the patient in one hour or in a day the required dosage a prohibitive amount of the pulpy juices would have to be swallowed. This difficulty became heart-breaking in young children and in delirious and comatose patients. But after some years of investigating and experimenting he hit upon a normal adjunct which solved the problem. This adjunct is rigidly ethical. That adjunct has been a bete-noire to medical 'ethics' but a godsend to untold thousands and would be a boon to the army, navy and country in this war and epidemic. If the Council of National Defense deems fit to command him he shall further elucidate his contentions, reveal the nature of the 'adjunct' and demonstrate results anywhere, paying his own expenses and, if desired, pay for the first $1,000.00 worth of the fruits and green vegetables and adjunct required, and he will further agree not to participate directly nor indirectly in the sale or profits of said adjunct.

Respectfully submitted to His Excellency, the President of the United States, by an humble citizen.
Highland Park, Illinois, Sept. 27, 1918.

I received a reply, dated October 9, 1918, signed "D. C. Howard, Colonel, Medical Corps," saying that my letter to the President had been referred to the "Office of The Surgeon General, War Department, Washington," and that "It is suggested that you submit your proposition to the Council of Pharmacy and Chemistry of the American Medical Association, Chicago, Ill., for consideration.'' I carried out the suggestion duly and fully. But, as was to be expected, the reply from the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry of the American Medical Association showed that my proposition did not come within the scope of the workings of that body.

I then addressed the following letter to Dr. D. C. Howard:

"October 22, 1918. Dear Doctor: In accord- ance with your suggestion I submitted the proposition to the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry of the American Medical Association for consideration. Herewith is enclosed copy of the Council's reply. May I remark that your kind letter of the 9th led me to think that my proposition, as referred to your Office by the President, had been misunderstood; and now I am quite sure that it was. The 'adjunct' in question is rigidly ethical, official, and the necessity of proposing it for inclusion in new and nonofficial remedies is precluded. Dear Doctor Howard, may I burden you with a few remarks. My sincerity in this matter is unimpeachable. About the middle of August I filled out and mailed an application for enlistment in the Volunteer Medical Service Corps. A second blank came from Washington, September 2; was filled out and mailed back the same day. Not hearing from it, I addressed a volunteer-letter to the President, and same was referred to your office as you kindly wrote me. I have been for years carrying on my professional business by advertising Autology and selling my 'proprietary remedies,' but this has and had nothing to do with my proposition nor with the 'adjunct.' When I wrote to the President I was willing to give up my whole business and practice, present and future, with never a thought of reaping a cent directly nor indirectly had my petition and proffer been accepted." I received a camouflaged answer from the "Acting Surgeon General." In the meantime many good autologists were addressing letters to the President and to the Council of National Defense at Washington.

I will quote a few.
This is from J. S. Decker, M.D., Ripley, Tennessee, and is addressed to the Honorable Members of the Council of National Defense, Washington:
"Gentlemen:—As a physician, citizen and humanitarian, I earnestly petition your Honorable Council to weigh carefully and conscientiously the application for enlistment in the Volunteer Medical Service Corps of the United States submitted by Dr. Edmond R. Moras, Highland Park, Illinois, author of Autology and its practice; a man of preeminent ability, a thinker and scientist in the realm of medicine, as is well recognized and testified to by thousands of persons in every walk of life, professional and lay, who have been restored to health and are able to maintain health by living autologically. Scores of physicians throughout this broad land are exclusively autologists in their practice. In the present epidemic I have not lost a single case of the many I have treated, and all have been treated autologically. I have not administered anything but the Moras 'adjunct.'

"The wonderful disease preventive value of Autology has been thoroughly and broadly demonstrated, and the marvelous curativeness of the adjunct, especially in acute diseases, can be testified to by hundreds of physicians and their patients who are living examples of its merit.

"To-day, when this epidemic is sweeping the land and devouring its people, especially the men in the camps, where they are dying like flies, and all medical authorities are at a loss to cope with it, not only in a curative sense but preventively, the one man in the whole realm of medicine thoroughly capable of handling the situation, retard its progress and save the lives of thousands, not only in an immediate sense, but future as well, as the result of the knowledge acquired of health and disease, its preventive and curative knowledge, lies inactive, nationally, not of his own volition, but because he has not been called to the service for which he has patriotically volunteered, as a humanitarian, one who would be like a ministering angel to the suffering boys in the camps and their anxious loved ones at home.

"Gentlemen: In view of Dr. Moras' application which has been filed, it must be evident to you that he is not actuated by any base or ulterior motive. He has not only offered his services, but his wealth, all that is best within him, to the service of his country and its people. How can such a man be ignored in such a crisis as we are undergoing? By what process of reasoning can any broad-minded man or body of men, thinking men, deny to the country and its people in such dire need the unselfish devotion of such a man?

"May your Honorable body, in the performance of your patriotic duty, which is essentially the welfare of the country and its people, recognize the vital necessity of immediately calling into service Dr. Edmond R. Moras."

This is from Mr. Nat. Brown, Treasurer and Manager, Brown Bros. & Co., Elkhorn, Wisconsin:
"Honorable Gentlemen:—The writer's attention has been called to a letter dated September 27, 1918, addressed to His Excellency, the President of the United States, by Dr. Edmond R. Moras, of Highland Park, Illinois, in which he unselfishly offers his vast knowledge, experience and personal services to the Government for the purpose of combating the horrible epidemic of Influenza now ravaging our country and destroying the flower of our manhood, an evil far worse than all of the Kaiser's armies and submarines.

"The writer, his family, his friends and many of his acquaintances have been living Autology for years as preached and practiced by Dr. Moras. We all know his teachings to be practically infallible because right among ourselves we have seen and have been parties to diseases and epidemics of the most precarious kind, many of which were pronounced hopeless by eminent physicians, and all of which were swiftly and surely overcome through Dr. Moras' commonsense, natural treatment. His "fresh-fruit-green-vegetable and adjunct" contention is unquestionably the only permanent remedy and his generous offer a Godsend to our stricken masses. "To disregard Dr. Moras' warnings and services would be a national calamity and the guilt would fall on the shoulders of those who are dumb to his pleadings.

"The writer urgently requests in the name of Humanity that Dr. Moras be given an immediate hearing before your Honorable Council so that he can elucidate his contention and have it put into practice without any delay.

"Gentlemen: Remember that every day, every hour of procrastination means hundreds of lives needlessly sacrificed, perhaps the lives of your own boys and those of our boys, several of whom are now in service.

"Gentlemen, this is an appeal to your Honor, Patriotism and Duty from an American citizen."

This one is from a New Yorker, Head quarters, etc., but it would not help the cause and it would harm him to publish his name:
"Dear Doctor:—Please do not think that I have not done anything in regards to your volunteer letter to the President. The truth is I have been busy in carrying an appeal to someone right here who, had he just mentioned the fact to the Council of National Defense it would have meant as much as a command to do it and it would have been done by this time—but it is pitiful to say that someone at Washington is very much averse to it for reasons which I cannot give you by letter. It is pitiful indeed something cannot be done for humanity, and all for the sake of a lot of ------ fools, pardon the expression won't you, but one must give vent to their feelings. . . ."

The following letter is from Allan D. Millard, C.E., Beardstown, Illinois:
"October 13, 1918.
"Council of National Defense,
"Washington, D. C.
"Gentlemen:—In order to show my reasons for commending Dr. Moras to your thoughtful considerations at this time, I will state as briefly as I can my experience with him. After the spending of two years in the Yazoo (Mississippi) Delta on railroad construction, I returned north in 1902. From 1902 till 1910, I was repeatedly stricken by severe chills and fever. In the summer of 1910, after long treatment by the best physicians of Springfield, Illinois, for malaria, I was advised to take a course of mud baths at Mudlavia, Indiana. This I did, returning home in a very weakened condition. I then took a long course of Osteopathic treatment, which, outside of badly irritating my spine, led to no results.

This was followed by a very expensive course of physical culture exercises, which got me nowhere. In the meantime my eyesight had failed amazingly and from my waking until retiring each day, I was sorely troubled by neuritis from left eye, down through my left arm, to the tips of my fingers. To relieve this condition, I recall that I spent $85.00 the last year I wore glasses, with no results at all. Altogether I wore glasses for nearly fifteen years. The last specialist examining my eyes, told me my trouble was from 'hereditary taint,' whatever that is. Considering the fact that my family is one of the oldest and most straight-laced in New England, I felt that piece of information was not worth the $25.00 I paid for it. As I had a large family to support and my means were about gone from inability to work steadily, together with the extraordinary cost of doctoring, I had about concluded to consign myself to a state of invalidism for the rest of my days and let it go at that. In the fall of 1912, after one of my periodic outbreaks of malaria, I ran across a magazine ad of "Autology," written by Dr. Moras. I wrote for descriptive literature and, some time later, paid him $5.00 for his book and $2.00 for two boxes of a preparation he makes, called 'Detoxyl,' to expel toxic poison. After reading the book and following his instructions as to diet therein contained, together with the use of fruit juices and so on, I began to be what I was before I went to Mississippi. Thinking that if I had a personal diagnosis and so on from him, I might get well faster, I wrote him and asked his terms, which were rather less than those of other well-known specialists I had previously consulted. He stated, however, that he did not want my money, but that I should keep hard at my then course of right living and result would follow more rapidly as I grew better. This I found to be true, as well as the rather novel experience of having a doctor turn down a $50.00 fee. As I got better, my eyesight got all right and I quit glasses. At the same time, my wife who had worn glasses for a number of years, by right living abolished hers too. My work consists largely of drafting, which means exacting the utmost from eyes. I have no trouble with them at all. "Now as to Doctor Moras' ability with acute diseases. In the spring of 1915, my three children were accidentally exposed to measles. As soon as we found it out, we immediately put them on a light diet and had them drink a great deal of lemon and orange juice. When, one by one they came down with it, none of them had a temperature of over 100 degrees and we did not have the doctor to any of them. They were all well within a week. The same thing was done later, here in Beardstown, when our little baby was unintentionally exposed to measles. She recovered quickly without doctor's assistance and with no come-backs. Our three youngest children, the youngest of the three being six and one-half years old, have never had a doctor to them since the day they were born and they are all well, except when we depart from Dr. Moras' regime by letting them visit relatives, and live the way they ought not to.

"In closing, will state that I have no quarrel with doctors; as a profession, I have no doubt that they are like the rest of us humans, good, bad and indifferent. I do believe, however, that Dr. Moras, who has had unusual advantages in the way of education and experience (which can be easily demonstrated if the matter is investigated), is the most competent physician I have ever known. He teaches right living; and you know that is rather after the fashion of Ben Franklin's proverb, which runs: 'Nature cures, but the doctor collects the fee.' Other doctors have been down on Doctor Moras, because he advertises his book, Autology; we engineers occasionally write books covering some branch of our profession. We advertise them and if the layman wants to bay a copy, he's welcome. Speaking personally, I was never able to see what there is that is unethical about that. Engineering is applied common sense; the same thing ought to be applied to doctoring; there is no particular mystery about it that I can see."

Thereupon came a letter from Dr. Franklin Martin, Chairman General Medical Board, Council of National Defense, Washington, acknowledging receipt of my "article in connection with Autologic Prevention of Disease," and saying, "we will be glad to look the matter over and recommend it wherever feasible." It is well to invite attention to the fact that Dr. Howard's reply from the Surgeon General's Office ignores the subject of my letter to President Wilson; whereas Dr, Martin's reply specifically recognizes the subject of my letter to the President as "Autologic Prevention of Disease." I then wrote a letter to Dr. Martin, in which I say:

"In view of the letters which your office has received I feel that you truly believe that the following remarks are in no way boastful nor unjustified. What I have done for many years for thousands of persons and patients can be done for the army, navy and country in this influenza and pneumonia crisis. The people can be taught how to abort the epidemic all over the United States within a few days, and every case saved in a few hours; the complication, pneumonia, positively prevented and every case aborted within 24 hours. Practically every life in all our camps could have been and can be saved. Should you feel disposed to accord me a hearing and grant me the opportunity to demonstrate in camp what has long been a demonstrated fact in my professional work, I will be pleased to personally go into dietetic and therapeutic details regarding the specific use of certain fruits and green vegetables and, likewise, regarding the ethical adjunct."

In the face of this, Dr. (Colonel) Franklin Martin's answer this time ignores absolutely the subject at hand and reverts only to my application for membership in the Volunteer Medical Service Corps, stating that "insofar as this office is concerned your name will be sent with the others to the committee in the State of Illinois. Three favorable votes out of the committee are required to elect a doctor to membership."

Needless to say that the "Executive Committee in the State of Illinois" is the American Medical Association. It would seem that the doctors at Wash- ington and Illinois were in red-hot haste to make one another Colonel and Major, but snail-like in their desire to prevent disease and save the lives of thousands of soldiers and people!

To the thinking people, the way my proposition to the President has been handled at Washington is direfully menacing. The American Medical Association is rankly partisan and sectarian, as all people know; but it evidently has gained absolute, autocratic control of the mightiest vital function or power of our government. The American Medical Association having achieved more political power than the people has pawned off on the government its morbific-inoculating delusion. This is remindful of by-gone days when the enforcement of horrible beliefs and practices was delegated to the perpetrators of Inquisitions and Witchcraft.


Before me is a letter, dated "Chicago, October 23, 1918," addressed to the Medical Profession from the Illinois Influenza Commission, consisting of sixteen doctors and not a single layman. It reads: "In order that everything possible may be done to limit the spread of influenza and to prevent dangerous complicating infections, arrangements have been made for the preparation on a large scale of vaccine for preventive purposes. . . . At present two vaccines are being used for the prevention of influenza. In the east, a vaccine made from the influenza baccillus only is used quite generally. It is as yet too early to form any conclusion as to the value of this vaccine. In Minnesota, a mixed vaccine composed of the most important bacteria of the throat and lungs in influenza and its complications (influenza baccilli, streptococci, pneumococci and staphylococci) is in use, and apparently favorable results are reported. This is the vaccine prepared by Dr. E. C. Rosenow of the Mayo Foundation.

The vaccine which is now available for general use has been prepared according to this method. The initial dose is .5 c.c, and contains approximately two and one-half billions bacteria. This is followed in one week by 1 c.c. The third dose is to be given 14 days after the first dose, and is to consist of 1-1/2 c.c. In most instances there is a moderate local reaction. Constitutional symptoms are usually mild, or absent. It is believed that some immunity is developed soon after the first injection. . . . It is felt that if the vaccine is used according to the directions on each vial, no harm can result."

Altogether the well victim is going to have shot into his blood 15,000,000,000 dead bacilli, and "it is felt that no harm can result." If that is true, why not shoot the whole dose of fifteen billions at once instead of over a period of two weeks?

If now we turn the pages of history a few centuries back, we find in Macaulay's Eng., ch. 4, p. 402 and p. 410, the follow- ing account of the "commingling-death" of Charles II. "All the medical men of note in London were summoned. So high did political animosities run, that the presence of some Whig physicians was regarded as an extraordinary circumstance. Several of the prescriptions have been preserved. One of them is signed by fourteen doctors. A loathsome volatile salt, extracted from human skulls, was forced into the patient's mouth. The fourteen doctors contradicted each other and themselves. The majority tortured him during some hours like an Indian at a stake. One physician, however, protested . and assured the queen that his brethren would kill the king among them." And they did.

Charles the Second's Royal Medical Commission forced a loathsome extract from human skulls into his stomach, and the Illinois Medical Influenza Commission is forcing a putrid extract of suppurative bacilli and cocci from human throats and lungs into people's blood. As Elbert Hubbard would say, pinch yourself, for the Medical Profession calls itself progressive (!). Fifteen billions bacilli-carcasses for the phagocytes of one person's blood to devour in two weeks—that's some ration! What a struggle! And what for? To make him supposedly immune to a disease he hasn't got and is not likely to get any more than he was before getting the three "shots" of fifteen billion carcasses. As well dump fifteen billions dead rats into the streets of Chicago for its citizens to devour and make them immune to the rat plague. Can a sane mind see the difference? The simile is exact.

The same letter from the "Illinois In- fluenza Commission" says:
"Both local and general reaction are decidedly less than those following typhoid vaccines." Little wonder, then, that thousands upon thousands of our sturdy men in military camps have succumbed and died like flies from influenza and pneumonia. After each one's blood had devoured the virulent carcasses of billions of typhoid bacilli, how could it devour an ordinary accidental dose of influenza bacilli, pneumococci, etc., without being worsted in the struggle?

If thinking men like Luther Burbank are "wholly satisfied" that my conclusions and analysis of facts on the subject of morbid vaccines are correct, as elucidated in my volunteer-letter to President Wilson, surely the American people as a whole are likewise susceptible to being wholly satisfied if those facts on the subject are brought to their attention. There are over a million autologists dispersed over the country. Each autologist can if he wants to earnestly convert one or more non - autological friend. Not patriotism alone calls, but humanity itself, and your sons and daugh- ters, too. The loathsome vaccine fetish must be downed.

Citizenship in this country is funda- mentally based on the principle that any one citizen is the equal of any other in civic rights. The doctors' duty is trans- lated as loyalty to the American Medical Association. Your duty, as you know it, is translated as loyalty to the American People. Their inoculation theory is as medieval and barbaric as was the practice of the fourteen doctors who forced a loathsome putrid extract from human skulls into King Charles of England, centuries ago. Whereas your autological knowledge and practice are admittedly scientific and in accord with sound sense.

As Ed Howe says:
"Our American doctors are a wonderful lot, until there is serious sickness." First of all when soldiers and people are dying by the thousands, they create a morbid panic by blaring out all over the newspapers this warning: "People help yourselves the best you can; we can't do a thing; the epidemic will get worse and then run its course." People then proceed to close the schools, churches, theatres, etc., and thus aggravate the fact that the desperate situation has become a hopeless calamity. But as the agonizing predicament is intensified so is the doctors' advertising of the "coming curative vaccines." They organize "Influenza Commissions" and "the undertaking is financed by generous public spirited citizens,"—and tens of thousands of people are given the "shots." Meantime, a different sort of pantomime is being rehearsed behind the scenes. Note the dates of the two letters of the "Illinois Influenza Commission" and of the two numbers of "The Journal of the American Medical Association" from which I will now quote. The sixteen doctors of the Commission in a letter addressed "To the Medical Profession," dated Chicago, Oct. 23, 1918, say: "In the East, a vaccine made from the influenza bacillus only is used quite generally. It is as yet too early to form any conclusion as to the value of this vaccine. . . In Minnesota, a mixed vaccine prepared by Dr. E. C. Rosenow is in use, and apparently favorable results are reported." Then in a letter dated only one day later, Oct. 24, the same Commission writes: "After having an inquiry made in Boston and Washington and after an all-day interview with Dr. E. C. Rosenow, it was decided to produce and distribute influenza pneumonia vaccine made after the Rosenow method. At the time of Dr. Rosenow's visit 20,000 persons had been vaccinated with results that seemed to the Commission to warrant pushing the method. . . The vaccine is furnished free, but private physicians are entitled to make a proper charge for administration of the vaccine." Then, so as to have a leg on both sides of the fence, the letter concludes thusly:
"If the history of 1889-93 and that of the epidemic in the East are criteria, this epidemic will require at least a month to subside, influenza will be somewhat prevalent all winter and the death rate from pneumonia will not become normal for several months." There you are! When the months have passed on, our wonderful doctors will all join in the chorus: "Come, folks, help us tap one another on the back for our foresight and efficiency." But what will the tens of thousands dead and mourners think?

The next number of The Journal of the American Medical Association appeared October 26. It is proper to assume that, as the members of the Illinois Influenza Commission are in very close touch with the editorship of The Journal, the Commission knew perfectly well what I am about to quote when they mailed out to the Medical Profession their two letters of October 23 and 24. Nevertheless, here is what appeared editorially in the October 26 number:
"With respect to serums and vaccines in influenza, there are simple facts and considerations that physicians will do well to keep in mind at this time. The main point to keep always in sight is that unfortunately we as yet have no specific serum or other specific means for the cure of influenza, and no specific vaccines for its prevention. Such is the fact, all claims and propagandist statements in the newspapers and elsewhere to the contrary notwithstanding.

"At least two kinds of vaccines are in use in the hope that they may have preventive effects. One consists of killed influenza bacilli, and it is being extensively used in the east. We have as yet no decisive figures as to its effects, but there is an impression that it may have some value. The other vaccine is a mixed vaccine of the more important bacteria in the respiratory tract in influenza, principally pneumococci, streptococci and influenza bacilli. It appears that vaccines of this nature are in extensive use, but we have no evidence that any benefit will be derived from them. How slender the basis for this anti-influenzal vaccination when it is considered that the real nature of influenza is still unknown!"

Can you beat that? And those were the sentiments of the members of the Illinois Influenza Commission when they worked up a committee of public spirited citizens to finance the anti-influenzal vaccination undertaking. It is appropriate to repeat that editorially the American Medical Association, speaking ex cathedra, uttered its dictum that "the main point to keep always in sight is that unfortunately we as yet have no specific serum or other specific means for the cure of influenza and no specific vaccine or vaccines for its prevention." That of course is true, but not alone regarding influenza, for they have no specific vaccine or vaccines for the cure or prevention of anything else. However, it is not true that there is no other known specific means for the cure and prevention of influenza, etc. For I hold the evidence that a copy of my letter to the President was in their hands October 15, and in that letter I show conclusively that my base-vs-acid and base-vs-germ treatment is scientifically and specifically correct and has been overwhelmingly proven effective in my practice as well as in thousands of others', and in which I further propose that I am prepared to demonstrate results in camps or publicly, paying all expenses, supplying everything needed and money besides.

It will bear repeating that the two letters from which I have just quoted are dated "Chicago, October 23 and 24, 1918." And it is well to remark that the sixteen members of the Illinois Influenza Commission are for the most part, if not all, members of the Chicago Medical Society and of the American Medical Association. Therefore, they receive and read, even assuming that some of them do not act as assistant editors, the Journal of the American Medical Association which is published in Chicago. Now, on or before October 19, the October 19 number of the said Journal had already been distributed to its subscribers and had been read by at least the most influential of the Illinois Influenza Commissioners. Nevertheless, in the face of what I am about to quote, these same men obtained money from "a group of generous citizens" and pawned off on the pub- lic the Rosenow vaccine, etc. On page 1317, of the Journal of the American Medical Association, dated October 19, 1918, we read :

"In Massachusetts, Commissioner E. R. Kelly appointed two committees to investigate the value of influenza vaccines as a preventive agent and as a treatment of the disease. The first committee, a special board for scientific investigation, consisting of Dr. M. J. Rosenau, chairman, and Frederick P. Gay and George W. McCoy, was appointed to consider the evidence available on the prophylactic and therapeutic use of vaccines against influenza.

This committee presented the following conclusions:

"1. The evidence at hand offers no trustworthy basis for regarding vaccination against influenza as of value in preventing the spread of the disease, or of reducing its severity.
"2. The evidence at hand convinces the board that the vaccines we have considered have no spe- cific value in the treatment of influenza.

"The second committee, known as the Special Board of Statistical Investigation, consisted of Dr. George C. Whipple, Chairman, William H. Davis and F. C. Crum.

This committee reported:
"The weight of such statistical evidence as we have been able to accumulate indicates that the use of influenza vaccine which we have investigated is without therapeutic benefit. Exceptional cases where apparent benefit has resulted from the use of the vaccine can be matched by other cases where similar recoveries have been made without vaccination." And, absurdity of absurdities, then conies this joker:

"As a result, the following recommendations were made:
"That the state encourage the distribution of influenza vaccine intended for prophylactic use, but in such manner as will secure scientific evidence of the possible value of the agent. The use of such vaccine is to be regarded as experimental.

"That the state shall neither furnish nor endorse any vaccine at present in use for the treatment of influenza."

O-ho! The vaccine is worthless, but go to it doctors on your own hook and contaminate the people's blood with your germ carcasses to your hearts' content, but remember that like Pilate we wash our hands of the results of your experiments! Horrors !

A further concession or admission is made by the editor of The Journal of the American Medical Association which adds corroborative evidence of the correctness of the autologic principles of the cause of disease, influenza included. I quote the following from the November 9 number of The Journal, by the editor:
"We do not understand the true nature of the condition now being called epidemic influenza; there is not sufficient evidence to regard any one of the different forms of bacteria found in the respiratory tract in the cases of the disease as the primary cause, but that all the bacteria, the influenza bacillus, as well as the so-called diplostreptococci and others, may be secondary invaders, transmissible from person to person with almost the same ease as the supposed, but unknown, primary cause!"

But the medically "supposed, but un- known, primary cause," is not autologically supposed nor unknown. It is known and stated in Autology and in this book under "dioxidosis." The fundamental primary cause of influenza, as well as of other epidemic diseases, is a dioxidosis condition of the blood. Given that primary cause, bacilli, bacteria, cocci may operate as a secondary cause, but even then these agents are less often secondary invaders through transmissibility from person to person than they are secondary products of normal "chemical spores" or benign body-bacteria evolving into virulent bacilli and cocci as the result of dioxidosis of the blood or of the secretions. Volatile breath-excretions, no matter how transmissible from person to person, will not act as primary nor even secondary causes of disease in the absence of dioxidosis. And when a person is in a fit condition to become "culture soil" for any "epidemic germ," it is not necessary to suppose that infection takes place through the air from person to person; for the person's own blood and secretions are themselves evolving more epidemic bacilli, etc., than he can possibly acquire from outside.


What is vaccinopathy? Vaccinopathy is a malediction of morbidity against humanity, beginning with a baptism of cowpox and continuing with the infliction of bacterial diseases by vaccinating the well and the sick. It is the prevailing creed and practice of a sect of doctors who call themselves "regulars" but are commonly known as "allopaths." But, as they have repudiated their regular drug-treatments and allopathic creed and have adopted vaccines as their prevent-alls and cure-alls the only relevant, befitting title for them is vaccinopaths. Their 'science' of disease-prevention amounts to this:

We insure you against small-pox, typhoid fever, influenza, etc., by inoculating you with those diseases on the installment plan. How would it work if the Insurance Fraternity would institute the practice of insuring property against fire by setting fire to buildings on the install- ment plan?

Vaccinopathy is a medical delusion more direful to humanity than were the religious and political delusions of centuries gone by.

Mothers! What profiteth your babies to live if their Godmade blood is periodically and perpetually tainted with pus-vaccines? The doctors' immunity-by-vaccines is as destructive of health as the immunity-by-fire would be destructive of property.

Who is your physician? Does he worship at the medical shrine of vaccinopathy?

Is his creed or method of preventing and curing diseases the infliction of vaccinosis? Is your doctor a vaccinopath? Do you be- lieve in vaccinopathy?

Definitions. Vaccinopathy is a medical method of treating health and disease by inducing vaccinosis. A vaccinopath is a doctor who practices and believes in vaccinopathy; one who seeks to prevent and cure diseases by inoculating the healthy and the sick with bacterial poisons called vaccines. Vaccinosis is a blood-poisoning intended to develop in the healthy a modified form of any contagious or infectious disease; it is a bacterial or pus disease empirically 'given' the well as a preventive and the sick as a curative treatment. To vaccinose is to introduce a blood-infection where none exists lest one might develop or be 'caught' or 'carried'; or, to cause a blood-infection where one already exists in the hope that the inoculated poison, virus, vaccine or morbific bacteria may antagonize the body poisons or conquer the live germs.

Health is more priceless even than freedom. There is no despot like sickness. You may make this world "safe for democracy," but this world will not be safe to live in as long as from the cradle to the grave people are made victims of the prevailing loathsome inoculations with vaccines and bacteria. This is the most vitally important subject before the American people to-day, barring not even world peace.

The layman has a better intuitive grasp of truth than the professional. The "learned" have acquired erudition, but have lost intuition. The sense of the Common People is the keystone of Philosophy, the first premise of "First Principles" and of all correct conclusions. When the "laity," speaking collectively, voice an opinion their judgment is always right. Witness: The three Headlights of Civilization, Wilson, Clemenceau and Lloyd George, attending to the Commonpeoples' Business Overthere.

The common people are always right when they voice an opinion. For generations they have endured the vaccinating atrocity in comparative silence, helpless to help themselves against the governmentally enforced will of the medical profession. But they are on the eve of voicing their opinion, for the doctors are giving them nightmares with their Bacteria-or-Siberia for you and your children.

Mother-intuition is unerring. One must be a mother to understand her agonizing anguish at the prospect of having to infect her child's blood with the putrid stuff vaccines are made of!

Vaccinopathy is the last of a trio of world fanaticisms that have created all hells on earth. Humanity has endured the oft-recurring atrocities of religious and political fanaticisms. Every land is soaked to bedrock with the blood of millions upon millions of their victims. And all cemeteries are pretty well glutted with the victims of discarded medical delusions, but this generation is face to face with a medical fanaticism that in destructive power will outmatch the religious and political. The "objective" of vaccinopaths is sufficiently apparent to the student of eugenics to force upon him the conviction that if allowed full sway vaccinopathy will retard and defeat evolution of mankind. There can be no survival of the fittest when the fittest are perpetually made unfit through vaccinosis.

This government is democratic in religious and political * matters, but it is medico-autocratic in health matters. Religious fanatics have had their innings, and the world peace conference bids fair to keep political fanatics under government control.

Thus endeth the two world fanaticisms that have devastated the earth and slaughtered peoples. But in the turmoil a third world fanaticism has acquired ravaging powers.

The United States government does not merely sanction vaccinopathy but it allows doctors to enforce it by military and civic edict. If this generation fails in its duty to crush disease-breeding vaccinopathy then let the coming generation prepare for a worse catadlysm of disease frightfulness than humanity has ever experienced. For it's plain to be seen that the drift of the vaccinopaths is to cow-pox and bacterialize humanity annually, semi-annually and monthly.

I have the highest personal regards for my good friend, Dr. W. A. Evans, who writes up "How To Keep Well" for the Chicago Tribune. Were Dr. Evans not wedded to his medical idols his eminence and attainments would make of him an ardent Autologist. Back of Dr. Evans' renown is the responsibility, authority and wide circulation of the Tribune. How many will heed Dr. Evans' tip is hard to say, but the intent is there just the same that all his readers, as well as others, ought to follow his lead. An "ought to", with the medical profession, pretty soon becomes tantamount to you must.

In a reply to "J. M. C." (Chicago Tribune, Friday, Jan. 17, 1919) Dr. Evans says: "I intend to be vaccinated with Rosenow (vaccine) about every two months this winter." The force of this subtle argument and example in favor of vaccination and self-vaccinosis is incalculable and will inoculate the minds of tens of thousands with the superstitious belief that being vaccinated with "Rosenow" every two months is a pretty sure preventive of influenza and pneumonia. And yet, Dr. Evans knows, as a leading Fellow and Propagandist of the American Medical Association and Member of the "Illinois Influenza Commission" that the following appeared editorially in the Oct. 26 (1918) number of the Journal of the American Medical Association:

"Unfortunately we as yet have no specific vaccines for its prevention (influenza). Such is the fact, all claims and propagandist statements in the newspapers and elsewhere to the contrary notwithstanding. ... It appears that vaccines of this nature (Rosenow) are in extensive use, but we have no evidence that any benefit will be derived from them. How slender the basis for this anti-influenzal vaccination when it is considered that the real nature of influenza is still unknown!"

This is quite as denunciatory of Dr. Evans' prescription of the Rosenow "patent vaccine" as are Dr. Evans' remarks about "patent medicine."

One might well ask, Is it more ethical for Dr. Evans to advertise a patent vaccine than to advertise a patent medicine? Truth alone is ethical—and shall make you free, was said by the most ethical Leader of mankind.

Dr. Evans' intended prescription is meant to promote the deadliest, most infamous kind of vaccine fetishism—on the altar of which medicine has immolated more victims than the Turks have Armenians. Dr. Evans is a member of the "Illinois Influenza Commission,"—a Rosenow propa- gandist organization. Ca. louche—as our boys learned to say in France.

Am I impugning Dr. Evans' motives? Oh, no; he is sincere; that's the trouble! For, a sincere medical delusion is an obsession curable only by a St. Patrick! So, if the people don't smother medicine's latest brat, vaccinopathy, let them prepare for compulsory periodical and perpetual blood infection with scores of disgusting pus and bacterial cultures, as well as smallpox vaccine.

Perhaps the reading of my letter to President Wilson made some active impression on Dr. Franklin Martin, for, in the November (1918) number of the Red Cross Magazine, Dr. Martin tells us that "the healthy soldier is given, first of all, a balanced ration, moderate in meat or eggs or cheese, and generous in vegetables, milk, greens and fruits."

But, it so happens that in the February 15, 1919, number of the Journal of the American Medical Association one reads the following official statements by Dr. C. F. Brown, Major, Dr. F. W. Balfrey, Major, and Dr. Leonard Hart, Captain, Camp Greene, Charlotte, N. C. "Few green vegetables were used in camp; as the histories will show, most of the men did not have fresh vegetables." This refers to an epidemic of typhoid fever at Camp Greene. It is a direct contradiction of Dr. Martin's claim, and it is official. Here is another from Camp Wads worth: "A great many times meals are served consisting of nothing but beans, bread, potatoes and coffee. Maybe once a week or ten days, stewed tomatoes would be served at the noon or evening meal."

Aside from refuting Dr. Martin's state- ment that the soldiers were given "a balanced ration, generous in vegetables, greens and fruits", the facts go to show the correctness of my contention that the actual cause of and blame for the horrible havoc played by the Flu was the 'dioxidosis' diet dished out to the soldiers and adopted by the American people, as well as the world at large, during the war. But I want to use the facts brought out by the Medical Officers, at Camp Greene, also as evidence that even the much vaunted typhoid-vaccine- immunity is a baneful delusion, and that typhoid fever will appear and reappear no matter how often the soldier or person is vaccinated if the diet is acid-forming. The three medical officers, whose names appear above, in their report of the occurrence of an epidemic of typhoid at Camp Greene, say:
"It was found, as shown by the histories, that all had had the regular prophylactic injections within a year at proper intervals, as attested both by the soldiers' statements and by their service records.

The fact that these soldiers had received their preventive inoculations at different times and at different camps, together with the known care with which the Army vaccine is prepared, renders it unlikely that the failure of immunity was due to failure to receive the standard vaccine in standard doses." But, Dr. Evans comes to the vaccinopaths' rescue by telling his readers that "the explanation given was that the infection, instead of being of the mild type prevalent in this country for twenty years, was severe and the dose of poison received by the sick was massive." There you are, the 'immunized' men contracted typhoid therefore the type of infection must have been more severe than in twenty years and the dose of the poison must have been massive. Where is the proof? The only proof is the usual slam of vaccinopaths worded as follows by Dr. Evans (Tribune, March 4, 1919):
"The man who still opposes it (vaccination) is either crazy, a fool or a knave..... The results of an experiment involving 20,000,000 men and lasting four years cannot be set aside because of the howl of some sect who make their living out of human ills." But, now, really, who are the "some sect who make their living out of human ills" if not the vaccinopaths who make their living by making well people ill and sick people iller with cow-pox and vaccines?

"THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE VACCINATION COMMISSION Authorized by Joint Resolution of the General Assembly, of June 14, 1911, Pamphlet Laws, 940."

When it seemed likely that my volunteer letter to President Wilson would fail in its immediate mission, I mailed a copy to two hundred of my friends, requesting their help and influence, among others to Mr. Henry C. Lippincott of Philadelphia, who, thereupon, was good enough to mail me a pamphlet entitled "The Pennsylvania State Vaccination Commission," he being one of the Dissenting Commissioners. Had I been fortunate enough to see a copy of this report, I would have incorporated its findings in my letter to President Wilson. Of the seven Members of this Commission, three dissented from the favorable recommendations of the other four. The following lines are taken from the "Dissenting Report of Henry C. Lippincott, Commissioner":
"Physicians continually assert that they alone are competent to judge of methods of treatment of disease, and that laymen should accept and be bound by the evidence furnished by medical experts and the opinions which they deduce therefrom. If this claim were admitted to be true, the ordinary layman would still be confronted with the problem of determining who of the physicians are experts, since it often has been found, and especially so in the course of the vaccination inquiry, that alleged experts are arrayed on both sides of the proposition, each class apparently of equal experience, attainment and professional standing. It is known, however, that old methods give way to new, and that upon the authority of physicians themselves, the practice of medicine has been almost wholly revolutionized within the last twenty-five years, and that the profession as a whole sanctions its present methods and acclaims them as nearly perfect, with the same assertive confidence which prevailed respecting the now discarded practices of former days. Under these circumstances the writer may be pardoned for suggesting that the problems associated with smallpox and other diseases have been approached from the wrong angle. Smallpox is derivatively a filth disease and the prevention of it would seem to be obviously associated with the removal of its causes. In the opinion of the writer smallpox cannot be eliminated by the introduction of a virus derived or taken from the suppurating sores or vesicles of calves into which the virus of smallpox has been previously introduced. The open road which leads to prevention appears to a layman to be the creation of those conditions which will not engender and encourage the disease itself. February 3, 1913."

The following excerpts are from the "Dissenting Report of John Pitcairn, Com- missioner." (It is appalling to human in- telligence that Mr. Pitcairn's report failed to turn the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania against vaccination.)

"We find in the following Final Report of the British Royal Commission the following admissions:
'It is not open to doubt that there have been cases in which injury and death have resulted from vaccination.' "That the risks of vaccination have not diminished since the Royal Commission made its Report in 1896, is evident from the Reports of the Registrar General for the years 1900 to 1910 inclusive, showing that the death rate of vaccination was actually greater than the death rate from smallpox.

"We find that in England and Wales from 1881 to 1907 inclusive, the Registrar reported 1,108 deaths from vaccination. We wish to emphasize the fact that these 1,108 deaths were all admitted by vaccinists themselves to have been due to vaccination, and that the reports took no account of that greater number of deaths from vaccination which officially were ascribed to other causes.

In regard to this, Professor Alfred Russel Wallace, after the most careful investigation, declared that in England and Wales alone vaccination was the probable cause of 10,000 deaths every year—deaths by five diseases of the most terrible and disgusting character, induced by the vaccine virus."

(Let me remark that vaccinopaths have a stock-in-trade retort for this which acts as a befuddling argument to some minds. It is this rejoiner: Is humanity going to give up electricity and aviating because accidents happen? This sort of vicious argument "takes" on some people as does smallpox virus. But where is the similitude between electricity or aviating and cowpox?) "But, it may be asked, If all this is true, why does vaccination continue? The answer is that it continues because it is enforced by law. Take away legal compulsion, and vaccination would not long survive. In all modern history no other medical operation has ever been legally enforced. But vaccination needed enforcement. Without compulsion it could never have survived, for from the very day of its introduction it has been strenuously opposed both by laymen and by members of the medical profession. Eminent physicians, it is true, have supported it; but other eminent physicians and also renowned bacteriologists and statisticians have condemned it as productive of the gravest injuries.

"What Is Vaccination? Put the question to a number of physicians, and observe the conflicting replies. Not all would agree with Webster's definition that it is inoculation with cowpox, for the modern American school of vaccinators now holds that it is inoculation with smallpox modified by the cow! Vaccination today is not what it was yesterday, and still less what it was in Jenner's day. Indeed, one of the most conspicuous features of the practice has been its constant shiftiness."

(Then, Mr. Pitcairn's Report shows that the doctors' "Immunity Theory is a Pure Hypothesis", and it exposes their habit of "Juggling with Statistics".) "The blood is the life-giving stream on which all the fortunes of the body depend. Maintain its purity and the body will be in health. Defile it and the body will be diseased. This proposition is axiomatic and needs no demonstration. Yet vaccination involves a denial of it. The vaccinator would improve on the blood formed in the laboratory of Nature. He would perfect it by admixture with diseased pus! For the support of a position so contrary to the instincts of reason a large burden of positive proof is imperative. And what proof has been given? Constant shifting of theory and practice; broken down claims of immunity; discredited statistics, and a virus the mystery of which is equalled only by its danger. While the enlightened nations of Europe are turning against vaccination, Dr. Welch (William M.) and his associates are endeavoring to fasten it forever upon the children of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

"The statistical data laid before the Commission and found in the accepted and official history of the subject prove conclusively that while smallpox declined with the abandonment of smallpox in- oculation, the disease afterwards steadily increased in all civilized countries where vaccination was systematically practiced and enforced; and that after seventy years of vaccination there came the great, world-wide smallpox epidemic of 1872, the worst epidemic ever recorded in history, causing a vast destruction of human beings all over the world, not- withstanding the long-continued prevalence of the practice of vaccination.

"That the vaccine virus now used is the actual implantation of human smallpox itself into the population is conclusively shown by the testimony of nearly all the pro-vaccination witnesses that appeared before the Commission. [In answer to a direct question, Dr. Welch answered: "I think vaccinia is true variola" (smallpox.)]

"Dr. Samuel G. Dixon, Health Commissioner of Pennsylvania, in an address before a Commission of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, on March 5, 1907, said 'Japan, the most progressive country on the face of the globe today, has a most stringent, compulsory vaccination law, which calls for the performance of vaccination, first, within the first ten months of life; secondly, at the sixth year; and thirdly, at the tenth year'. Dr. Dixon, in the same address, held forth this stringent vaccination and revaccination law of Japan as indicating the plain path of duty that should be followed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, confident that such astringent compulsory vaccination law would protect a nation or community from smallpox epidemics.

And yet, in less than one year after Dr. Dixon had used Japan as such an effective argument to show how an empire could be saved from smallpox by a compulsory vaccination law, Japan had a most severe epidemic.......Thus we find that Japan is the most thoroughly vaccinated country on earth, and yet we find her afflicted with epidemic after epidemic from 1886 to 1908. During the period of 1886-1908, there occurred in Japan, as officially reported, 288,799 cases of smallpox, with 77,415 deaths, a death rate of over 26 per cent., which rate is far in excess of the death rate for the insanitary and unvaccinated England of over a hundred years ago.

"These official statistics show that smallpox epidemics progressively increased in Japan as the compulsory vaccination law was more and more enforced.......If it were possible for vaccination, under the most modern methods, by its enforcement to protect any nation from smallpox, it should have been Japan, especially as the vaccinations were enforced with thorough-going government insistence; and yet, as the vaccinations and revaccinations went on, the epidemics increased in frequency and virulency."

(Mr. Pitcairn, then, gives the official figures and dates to show that "not only did vaccination fail to prevent the disease, but probably actually intensified it"; and, also draws attention to the "coincidental increase in Japan of other diseases, as vaccination was enforced", specifically mentioning diphtheria, scarlet fever and tuberculosis.)

"There is absolutely no explanation possible for the disastrous results of smallpox in Japan except the plain and obvious one that vaccination does not protect from smallpox, even when administered under the most improved scientific regulations.

"It is shown from the experience of England, India, Germany, and other countries, that vaccination has not been efficacious in the prevention of smallpox; that where smallpox has decreased it has been due to improved sanitation; and that, in England, as a consequence of the Report made by a British Royal Commission sitting for seven years, compulsory vaccination has been practically abandoned.

"The dangers, injuries and deaths following and caused by vaccination that have hitherto been spoken of in this Report, are only those officially reported or proven, but the countless numbers of persons who are diseased by vaccination, whose cases do not get into official reports, are still more impressive. The infliction of such known and positive diseases as vaccine virus has been shown to produce, together with the unknown dangers admittedly connected with vaccination, take away every justification for any compulsory law for forcing it upon anyone, under any circumstances. Instead of compulsion for its enforcement, the conditions suggest its positive prohibition by the Legislature."

But, medical fanaticism won and the doctors go merrily on enforcing smallpox vaccination, in Pennsylvania as elsewhere in this enlightened country! What are the mothers' feelings about vaccination? The untrammeled opinion and intuitive feelings of mothers are tersely expressed in a letter which I have just received:
"Copy of your 'Volunteer-Letter to President Wilson' has been received. I hope you will succeed in getting your wholesome ideas substituted for the vile methods now in operation. I hate vaccination and bacteria inoculations. The oldest two of our three children are in school having entered upon certificates of "evidence of vaccination". It was useless to protest here, for the Medical Authorities are absolute, so I followed the suggestion of our good Dr. —:------. (I wonder whether you knew him. He was a friend and admirer of your friend, Elbert Hubbard.) Dr.---------was an ardent anti-vaccinist, and confirmed my innate hatred of the vile practice by scientific proof. If once I get the third child into school without an open rupture I shall not care. Too many have tried to oppose the existing condition and failed. I vowed (quietly) I'd rather see my children dead than have them vaccinated."

Vaccinopaths would call this mother a criminal woman because she has the innate horror of all mothers of having the God-given, pure blood of her children denied with the loathsome pus of smallpox and other bacterial pus-cultures! Fie on vaccinopaths! Shame on us who cringe and hesitate to call a halt!


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