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The Seven Sacred RUNES

It's a Mystery

This is one of the primary differeces Druid Runes have from Viking or Nordic Runes. As far as I know (which isn't too far) no other group uses this method. Now, it may be seen/heard/read somewhere in the future because I've published it in my web pages.

If you're still with me, here's your personal reward. So far I've told you only about the RUNES themselves. This is where and how they become very personal and completely yours. After selecting 26 RUNES stones, there will be 6 remaining. I know, it doesn't add up does it? Where does the 7th come from? It's magic! ... of a sort.

The six remaining RUNES are yours. Do not show them to any one and do not put them in the bag with the other RUNES. Only those RUNES grounded to the cloth will be used for readings and divination. These six RUNES are yours. They become your talisman and your teachers. They may be used in ceremony, for dreams, in healing, and in magic. They may become your guide to other planes and realities. They may be buried separately in the Earth, or they may be kept together in a special place known only to you. Whether you choose to continue to carry them or not, they are part of you and you are part of them. For this reason, I do not often make more than 26 RUNES for other people. I never make more than 26 RUNES for someone I do not know.

In certain ceremonies and when doing work with my cauldron I will put the 6 personal runes into the cauldron, or use them to scribe a candle with. These are tools. When used properly, they can instill their energy or vibration onto another object, such as a candle, water, or a piece of paper used for writing...the list is endless.

Actually, I only have physical possession of one of these stones, the other five have been buried. After spending time with these stones, you will know them. It is then possible to return them to the earth for safe keeping. When the time and place is right, you will know. When in doubt ... do nothing.

I learned these six special Rune Stones by wearing them and studying them individualy for 13 consecutive lunar months. Yes, 6 years. Because these are personal and private, there is no deadline or schedule. Some people may prefer to wear one each lunar cycle, rotating them often. I do not prefer or recommend this because the seasonal influence are often extremely sublte. If you don't take care to wear the same RUNE stone for the entire cycle, you cannot possibly know it completely. They change, just like the seasons. It is less obvious when I'm always changing stones.

I will periodically update this page with new exercises. Here is the first basic exercise or lesson with the six personal Rune Stones.

Note: this exercise is based on stones containing more than one symbol and symbols on top, bottom and side(s). A single symbol on a stone does not work for this exercise.

Place the six RUNE Stones in a line across the center of the ground. The first time you do this the order does not matter. This exercise will help you to determine their order. After doing this exercise once, place them in order from beginning dark half to ending light half.

If any stone has symbols on both sides, be sure to look at the uderside of the stone to know what symbols are there. It may be easier in the beginning, to write these symbols on a separate piece of paper and put that above the ground for easy reference.

Now, find three stones that contain all of the Rune symbols. These are the light half. The remaining three stones, which may or may not contain all rune symbols, are the dark half. If you do not have three stones that contain all symbols you may do one of two things:

  1. Add a fourth stone, which will complete the Rune symbols. Do this only if this fourth stone does, in fact, contain all of the missing Rune symbols. Make sure you remember which Rune stone this is and the symbols that it contains to complete the full set.
  2. Note which symbols are not present. Write them down.

If you are going to do this exercise, please try not to read the rest of this until you have made one of the two choices above. It matters in how you proceed from this point. Knowing the process may somehow effect your decision. Try to be willing to let the RUNES lead you.

If you found three stones with all symbols, or you chose option 1 (selecting a fourth Rune stone), follow the Option 1 Guidelines. If you elected to go without all the sybmols, follow Option 2 Guidelines. If you are undecided, STOP here.

Please read only your part at first. Feel free to come back look at the "other" option when you've completed your exercise. It does effect how you look at things. The Illustration "Foundation of Stones" and comments immediately folllowing applies to both options and can be found in between option one and option two guidelines. Look for the shamrocks ...

Option 1 Guidelines

Blank Side View Side View UPRIGHT  Side View REVERSED

Illustration: Foundation of Stones

Option 2 Guidelines

Don't feel like you've got something missing! You don't. As I said in option 1, I couldn't put all six of my personal stones together for one complete set of symbols. This is quite normal. The cycle of life is one of change and growth. When it is complete, it is Death. You have a cycle of energy that is always changing. You are many things and have many talents. Your challenge is to use them in a wise and timely manner. You allow for what you don't know and are willing to accept guidance and/or help, while taking the initiative and responsibility for your actions.
  • You may have had to learn this, but by this time in your life you are usually comfortable with the dark or unknown aspects of life. You are able to use your intuitive skills as well as your logical ones. We all generally have a preference to one side or the other, yet you have been able to develop both, albeit not equally well. (We're all human, eh?)
  • Without actually seeing your stones, I am unable to tell you more, although there is a great deal more. The rest of this exercise will help you in determining some of it.
  • Select three stones that contain the least number of symbols. These stones comprise the dark half.
  • From the three dark stones, select the largest (either in size or number of symbols). This is your primary stone.
  • The second stone is the one that least resembles the first. It has the fewest number of similar symbols or a radically different foundation. (see illustration above on foundations)
  • The remaining stone is your third dark stone.
  • Set them in a line on the TOP of your ground in order from left to right


    To achieve balance, you will always use the dark stones in the dark half and the light stones in the light half. The RUNE symbols drawn on the top half of the ground will take on the influence of the two stones nearest those symbols (i.e., stone 3 to the left and stone 1 to the right). This will definately be true for any reading you do for yourself. It is always an undercurrent for others who throw the stones on the ground for your to read.
  • The remaining three stones are your light stones.
  • It may not be easy or obvious, so take your time and study the remaining three stones. Place them on the bottom of the ground opposite the rune on top that is most alike that stone.
  • Once these stones are matched, to your satisfaction, they are identified from left to right

    Your circle is read clockwise

  • Stones three and six represent your hidden talents and secrets.
  • Stones two and five represent your true strengths ... your balance.
  • Stones one and four represent your polar issues. These may be considered strengths and/or weaknesses in every-day jargon. These are the areas where you are extreme in your emotion or belief, or possibly actions. This is not wrong, or bad. It simply is.
  • Your task for the next 13 lunar months is to observe your polarity. Understand that everything has two sides. Try to at least see the other side of things. Make no attempt to actually change how you are or what you do, merely observe and acknowledge the opposite form. If you so choose, you may begin to make any desired changes at the end of this cycle.

    When you do use the 26 RUNES for any reason