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Family Crest



For generations, certain members of my family quietly maintained their historic connection with Mother Earth through the Druid practices. A Druid priestess must be born of a Druid family and apprenticed for many years. Little is written for our words hold the power of the elements when used with knowledge, intention and integrity.

Taught since age 7, I have been practicing these traditions for 36 years. (Yup! I'm 43.) Knowing things does not necessarily mean I use them. I am human like everyone else. I lived and worked in the corporate world, like most others. In 1995, I had a great job and no 'life'! So, I left my profession as a 'computer nerd' and have made every attempt to simplify my life... to use what I know. Now I have a great life and no 'job'. I am much happier now than I have ever been.

I am psychic, as is everyone else. We all share this gift. The trick is learning (or unlearning) to use it. My special gift is that I am a true empath as well. This is a rare and difficult power for anyone. It is my belief, and therefore my mission in life, to help others to bring their own psychic abilities to the surface. I teach workshops with the intention of teaching you how to do it yourself.

Pet Peeves

I believe that all talents are gifts. As such, it is my duty and honor to share what I have and know as a gift. It concerns me that certain traditional "ceremony" are being sold to the public. Ceremony is not for sale! All ceremony, that I allow outside attendance to, is by donation only. If you receive nothing, please leave nothing. What is given should be a personal and private matter between you and your Creator. It is intended to be a gift, in return for the gifts received. It makes me angry when I see and hear about ceremony where there is a set admission price or cost.

Hobbies & Interests

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