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Workshops & Psychic Readings

Okay ... so I've been away and this has not be updated FOREVER!
Sorry ... it's coming soon. Promise


I have finally returned from a very successful, albeit long road trip. I am planning on travelling in 1998 to several different locations. Dates and Locations will be published here as they are confirmed.

All workshops are based on the following three principles:


We all carry the knowledge and ability to become more. Finding a path to that knowledge and ability is the incredible adventure and mystery of life.

Begin your journey by acknowledging yourself, your abilities and your potential. All sessions acknowledge you as the teacher as well as the student, for we are all both.


We all need help in beginning our journey. Throughout life, we struggle to remember what we already know.

The challenge is to be Present ... Now!
The gift is to be Present ... Now!
The purpose is to experience all aspects of life Now!


In life, there are no mistakes, only lessons.
In spirit we are all related.
In truth, there is nothing more to learn.

Knowledge is timeless.
Wisdom is the timely use of knowledge.

Vision Masks
An Opportunity to See Yourself from Within

A private, two-hour session is just the beginning of this journey. Awen will instruct and assist you in the process of creating a plaster mold of your own face. Each person will have their own unique experience during this process. Few are able to complete the process required for a Warrior Mask or a Moonlodge Mask. Everyone is able to experience a true Vision Mask. What happens? That depends greatly on you and your ability to hold a single intention. Everything, both within you and around you will determine how the mask will be completed. This process is the journey you will travel for the next few months ...possibly years.

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.
Begin Within.

By Appointment Only - $125.00

PHYSICS OF THE SOUL Where there is life, there is energy. This workshop is designed to teach you to connect to and use the energy of life. The most brilliant minds of our time do not yet understand how electricity works, yet we all use it every day. So, too, we can use other energies, once we know they exist and how to harness or direct them. It really is that simple.
Knowing how to identify, balance and use the energy within you is the first step in a journey that will change your life.

By Appointment Only Space is limited, - $95.00

TOUCHING THE SHAMA (N) WITHIN YOU Do you know why sunrise and sunset are the most powerful times of the day? Do you know how and why your body’s natural cycle is effected by the seasons and the phase of the moon? The questions above are just the beginning. This session emphasizes exercises and techniques to strengthen and develope the use of energy within you. It is strongly recommended that you not direct this energy at other beings (human, plant or animal) until you have mastered your own being. Remember who you really are.

By Appointment Only Space is limited, - $85.00

MECHANICS OF BEING PSYCHIC Now the real work begins. Vibrational changes in the body are the key ingredient to both shamanic and psychic work. The first two sessions are designed to introduce you to and help development of your connection to energy both externally and internally. Next, begin to direct and create energy through vibration, dreaming, and shielding. The use of all energy is optional. How we use it defines the difference between enlightenment and darkness.

Prerequisite: Physics of the Soul & Touching the Shama Within
By Appointment Only Space is limited, - $75.00


I am available for psychic and/or RUNE readings via telephone for $90/reading. Person-to-person readings my be scheduled if you are visiting in Sedona, or during my travels to a city near you for $85/reading. RUNE readings are general more than an hour and are charged at one price for the entire reading, regardless of the length. Palmistry, tarot, and psychic readings are available for $50/half hour and are charged in 30 minute increments at $50/30 minutes, $90/60 minutes, $110/90 minutes. All readings are taped. Phone reading tapes will be mailed within 48 hours of reading.

REMEMBER: the future is not cast in stone (those would be RUNES).
Knowing what may happen, what influences are currently working in your life, will help you to make more informed decisions and take appropriate actions.



Full Moon - December 13, 1997 at 4:37 PM Arizona Time

Winter Solstice - December 21, 1997 at 11:07 AM Arizona Time

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