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The First 13 RUNES

There are a total of 33 RUNES, in the Druid traditions. The RUNES used as oracles are always to be used in two sets of 13, for a total of 26. The remaining 6 RUNES are kept separate and should NOT be shown to or handled by anyone other than the keeper of the RUNES. What happened to the 33rd RUNE? Read on.

This is very different from what I have read in other methods, most commonly referred to as the Nordic or Viking RUNES. You will begin to see and understand the basic difference as you continue through this dialogue. To start with, here's my short reference to the standard Nordic RUNES. (For those of you who are not familiar with them)

  1. F Fehu (feoh) Material Wealth Prosperity -- Green
  2. R Uruz (ur) Strength, For personal Strength & Courage -- Green or Brown
  3. E Thurisaz (thorn, thurs) Protection from Evil -- Black
  4. Y Loki (Ansuz, Asa) Odin. Ancestor. To Gain Ancient Wisdom -- Indigo or Purple
  5. A Raidho (Radio, rit) Travel Quest To find that which you seek -- Blue or Violet
  6. ' Kano (Kenaz,Kaon) Transforming Fire As an offering or for skill -- white or gold
  7. S Gebo (Gifu) Union.Partnerships or sex. Magic -- pink, red or purple
  8. 8 Wunjo (Wunna) Joy For happiness or harmony -- pink or yellow
  9. H Hagalaz (Hagal) The Unexpected Not really one to be used --
  10. A Nied (naut) Constraint. For self-control or Protection -- white or blue
  11. H Isa (Is) immobility. for rest or to top slander -- white or silver
  12. A Jera Year or Harvest for Justice or Agriculture White or Green
  13. L Eihwaz A Channel For communication with other realms Indigo or Purple
  14. ' Perdhro (Perth) Karma, Hidden Forces For unexpected luck/opportunity -- blue or green
  15. S Eolh (Algiz) Protection. as in Going Unnoticed -- white
  16. 8 Sigel (Sowelu) Sun Wheel. For healing or vital energy -- orange, red or gold
  17. T Tir Victory For Victory or Success White or Gold
  18. I Beorc (Berkana) The Goddess. New Beginnings -- Green or White
  19. U Ehwaz Horse & Rider. For safe Journey, perfect for besom -- blue
  20. ' Mannaz perfected man. self-improvement, meditation -- indigo or violet
  21. S Lagaz fluidity to gain intuition -- blue or violet
  22. Inguz A God of Fertility. Completion, to invoke the gods -- indigo
  23. 8 Daeg (Dagaz) Daybreak for working where two worlds meet -- pale violet
  24. Othel Nobility to know one's place in the established order White or gold
  25. Wyrd (Odin)


I have had several questions regarding why this was on my page if Druid Runes are different. The above is for those who are completely unfamiliar with RUNES. I guarantee you that this list is incomplete and quite possibly inaccurate. I did my best to give a point of reference. If you're experince is with Nordic or Germanic RUNES, then please be tolerant of any mistakes above.

Some, not all, of the symbols that I use are the same. However, I have never seen a single symbol used for divination or readings of any kind until Ralph Bloom's book became so popular. I recommend his book for beginners. It's a great place to start.

Which RUNES are defined as the first 13? Well, it's not that simple. It depends greatly upon the time of your birth, and the cycle in which the initiation is begun.

The year is divided into two parts; the dark half and the light half. Each of the 13 RUNES designated for the dark half of the year would be the first 13, if you are beginning the initiation of these RUNES during the dark half of the year. Likewise, the first 13 would be of the light cycle when starting during the light half of the year. See "Initiating the RUNES" for more detailed information.

Once the first 13 RUNES are identified, they have more influence on any reading or divination than the other RUNES. For example, if I began the initiation of a set a RUNES in March, that would be in the dark half of the annual cycle. The first 13 RUNES would be from the dark cycle.

When one of these RUNE stones is in the first circle of the ground (self/center) then it indicates this person is private about that particular aspect. They keep it dark or difficult to see from others. If this same RUNE is in the second circle of the ground, then information is not available to them ... someone is keeping a secret - or - they are not seeing what is in front of them. Being in the third (elemental) circle, would indicate a great strength or weakness, depending upon the position of the RUNE itself. If in the dark half of the circle, it is over developed and very strong. When in the light half of the circle, it is underdeveloped and will need much work.

The influence of the dark would be read every bit as much as the RUNE symbols.

Conversely, if this same RUNE is turned down or inverted, or even covered by another RUNE, then the dark influence is doubled. This may be translated as intuitive ability, the need to trust your instincts over physical evidence ... in other words, a double negative is a positive.

Sacred Trees

Festival Tree New Moon Full Moon Animal
Samhaine Oak Nov 3 - raven
New Year Oak Nov 4 - -
- Birch Dec 3 Dec 21 sow or badger
Solstice Yule Log - Dec 21 -
Unhewn Dolman none - - -
- Rowan Dec 29 Jan 12 unicorn or bear
- Alder Jan 27 Feb 11 red fox or ram
Imbolc Ash Jan 30 - ewe or sheep
- Willow Feb 26 Mar 20 hare or cat
Vernal Equinox - - - - Misc.
- Hawthorn Mar 27 Apr 26 goat or dragon
Beltain Yew - - -
- Holly May 25 June 9 horse
Summer Solstice - June 21 - - Misc.
- Hazel June 23 Jul 9 salmon
- Bramble Jul 23 Aug 7 lizard
Lughnased - Aug 7 - -
- Ivy Aug 19 Sep 6 red boar
- Reed Sep 20 Oct 5 dog or stag
Autum Equinox - Sept 22 - -
Michlemas - Sept 25 - -
- Yew Oct 20 Nov 3 owl
- - - - -
- - - - - -
- - - - -

Please note: the RUNE symbols denoted above are not strictly aligned with the associated dates and events. Rather they are, in my opinion. clostest in energy and meaning to these dates and events.

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