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Moon Cycles & Associated Tress and Animals
Nov 29Dec 13Birchwhite cow
SolsticeDec 21 Yule Log
Unhewn DolmanDec 22 nonenone
Dec 29Jan 12Rowanunicorn / bear
Jan 27Feb 11Alderred fox / ram
Imbolc *Jan 30
Imbolc ~Feb 2
Feb 26Mar 20Willowhare / cat
EquinoxMar 24
Mar 27April 11Hawthorngoat / dragon
Apr 26May 11Oaksalamander
Beltain *May 11
Beltain ~May 1
May 25Jun 9 Hollyhorse
SolsticeJune 21
June 23Jul 9Hazelsalmon
Jul23Aug 7Bramblelizard
Lamas *Aug 7
Lamas ~Aug 1
Aug 19Sep 6Ivyred boar
Sep 20Oct 5Reeddog / stag
EquinoxSep 22
Michaelmas*Sep 25
Oct 20Nov 3Yewowl
Haloween ~Oct 31
Samhain *Nov 3
New YearNov 4
Nov 20Dec 3Eldersow / badger
Dec 14

~ according to Gregorian/Christian calendar and doctrine
* according to the cycles of the Earth and Moon

Note: All times stated as Arizona Time. Note: AZ does not change time for DST.
Source: The Old Farmer's Almanac.

This page is a work in progress.
I appreciate your patience, interest and comments.

Updated: May 5, 2001

New Moon Cycles & Associated Trees


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