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The word RUNE means "Tree". Trees are to Druids, what the crucifix is to Christians (no offense ... really that's true!). It's the symbol of where they come from (above/branches) who we are (physical/trunk) and where we are going (below/roots)

The original RUNES were either river stones or wood chips ... any material that naturally contained the symbol(s) through the 'course of it's life'. A Druid would spend most of his/her life collecting RUNES, because they were born of the Earth Mother, never made or carved by hand. RUNE symbols were often painted and incorporated into buildings and ceremonial circles for the purpose of calling the energy or protection of that particular tree. The teachings of the RUNES and their true power was born of the Earth Mother and came through the tree of life.

Today, I would consider only those RUNES made of natural materials to be of any real use for divination. Stones, fired clay, semi-precious gems are perfectly suited to this use.

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Please do not use wood for making RUNES! Do not kill a tree to represent a tree.

Still, the best RUNES are those made naturally, rocks and stones that already have the symbols within them, for their connection to the Earth is vital.

Each RUNE is associated with a tree. The properties of the trees are:

Sacred Trees

Festival Tree New Moon Full Moon Animal Misc.
- Birch Dec 3 Dec 21 sow or badger Misc.
Solstice Yule Log - Dec 21 - Misc.
Unhewn Dolman none - - - Misc.
- Rowan Dec 29 Jan 12 unicorn or bear Misc.
- Alder Jan 27 Feb 11 red fox or ram Misc.
Imbolc Ash Jan 30 - ewe or sheep Misc.
- Willow Feb 26 Mar 20 hare or cat Misc.
Vernal Equinox - - - - Misc.
- Hawthorn Mar 27 Apr 26 goat or dragon Misc.
Beltain Yew - - - Misc.
- Holly May 25 June 9 horse Misc.
Summer Solstice - June 21 - - Misc.
- Hazel June 23 Jul 9 salmon Misc.
- Bramble Jul 23 Aug 7 lizard Misc.
Lughnased - Aug 7 - - Misc.
- Ivy Aug 19 Sep 6 red boar Misc.
- Reed Sep 20 Oct 5 dog or stag Misc.
Autum Equinox - Sept 22 - - Misc.
Michlemas - Sept 25 - - Misc.
- Yew Oct 20 Nov 3 owl Misc.
Samhaine Oak Nov 3 - raven Misc.
New Year Oak Nov 4 - - Misc.

** The thirteen trees defined for magical and ceremonial use are associated with the circle of the first 13 RUNES.

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