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Here are the Tutorials made at The Tilly Garden. These tutorials are copyrighted. Under no circumstances should these tutorials be taken, changed or altered without our permission. Duplication or placement of our tutorials on Cds is strictly prohibited. No profit may be made from our work. We are a Registered Company and we do this for others to enjoy.

Floral Scalloped Masked Frame

Saint Patty's Day Vector Pup

Quilted Country Sisters Cloth Picture

How to Make a Rainbow!

Make a Leopard or Panther!

Make a Pretty Butterfly!

Make a Pretty face!

Make a Vector Cartoon, Goosy Gander Gloria!

Simple Draw Main Pattern and Flowers!

Simple Draw Gems!


New Vintage Collection

The following tutorial is a Start of my new Collection, Vintage Tutorials which are all designs of the 60's or earlier. Hope you enjoy these!

Merry Go Round, a cute horse and little boy, 50's style, selection tutorial

All materials and graphics are watermarked and copyrighted.
Copyrighted 2001 by The Tilly Garden, All rights reserved.