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Reading References
and Downloads Page


Here you will find a list of reading materials, with brief descriptions, that we have found both inspirational and enlightening.
We have also included some beautiful audio/visual presentations that you may wish to download and enjoy. We highly recommend them.
In addition, you will find a current copy of our newsletter that you can also download and read.



"The Bible"
by various authors, inspired by God

No explaination needed. Without it, none of this would be possible. Just read it!

"The Way of a Pilgrim"
by an unknown nineteenth-century Russian peasant

With a joyfull message, this spiritual classic speaks to every Christian who seeks constant communion with God.

"Maturing the Spirit"
by Dominic Hoffman, O.P.

A continuation of spiritual growth for men and women

"Sacred Reading"
by Michael Casey

This work offers a contemplative approach to sacred writings, notably the Bible and the spiritual classics.

"The Sanctifier"
by Luis M. Martinez

A fabulous work on devotion to the Holy Spirit, His Gifts, His fruits, and the beatitudes.

"Prayer of the Heart"
by Jean Lafrance

This book gives you a method to strengthen your prayer life towards a deeper union with God.

Do you have questions regarding any of these books, or need more information in order to help you find one? Please feel free to contact us here at RHoP.



Try these Inspirational Downloads....

movie.gif film.gif movie.gif

Our Current Newsletter

Get the latest copy of our newsletter, called "The Flame"
We try to create and mail out new issues every other month.
For information on past copies, or to find out how to get on our mailing list,
please contact us here at RHoP and ask us for further newsletter information.

God's Promise

A beautiful and inspirational download. With it's glorious images, poinient words, and georgeous music, this one is a keeper! (approx. 900k)

For God So Loved The World....

This distant shadow image of Christ's crucifixion, with its scenic background, haunting words, and silence (only broken by the driving in of the nails), is a beautiful reminder of the wonderful sacrifice that Jesus made for our salvation.
(approx. 340k)


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