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Resurrection House of Prayer
Welcome to our Web Site!
Our community and this Web Site are dedicated to the glory of God.
We take prayer requests, received here daily, and put them before the Lord.

A Brand New Look... Finally!!
We have never faultered in our diligent answering of received prayer requests, but our site updates have been less than what we had hoped for and have been unavoidably delayed, as most of you know.
But that will change very soon, as is evident by this New Home Page. Please continue to bear with us, as these updates will take place one page at a time, as soon as we can get to them! Thank you for your patience, and please keep us in your prayers during this "rebuilding" period.

Within the pages of this Web site you will find....

    NEW for June 2006!
  • Now you can navigate our Web Site by using the quick links you'll find on the left side of each page (soon to be on every page, once they've all been updated!)
  • Use the Prayer Requests link (now conviniently located on the left side of the page in the quick links menu) for any prayer requsets you may have,... for friends, family, loved ones, anyone (including yourself!) who needs prayers, especially for all our troops abroad who are so unselfishly defending our freedoms here in the US.
  • Find out about WHERE we live on our Resurrection House Page. Plus see Pictures of all the work we're doing here! (new pictures coming as soon as possible!)
  • And see our rebuilt Chapel... as it was (again, soon to be updated with new pictures) Click Here
  • Read inspirational stories of wonders and see awe-inspiring images that will spiritually uplift you
  • Read scriptural quotations with accompanying commentaries
  • Laugh on our christian humor page (Smile, rejoice, come on... everybody needs to laugh!!)
  • Get religious reading references and inspirational downloads
  • Check out our always growing Links page
  • And so much more....
    See all these Page Links and more, now easily accessible in the site navagation area on the left of this page!

We are the only "webmasters" of this site, and being that we are completely self-taught in web site construction and maintenence, we are not nearly as computer-savey and thus, not near as "fancy" of a web site as some others. So please bear with us... we're doing the best we can!
We'er attempting to stay as current as possible by re-designing the layout and navigation of the site, and will be offering new and updated content soon as well, and as often as possible therafter. So please visit us often to see our new pages and updates

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Thank You for visiting our Web Site.
Please come back and visit soon!
God Bless You All


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Awarded to RHoP on Oct. 18, 2000 for our faithfulness to Christian Doctrine

Resurrection House of Prayer uses 100% Pure California Olive Oil
in all the lamps throughout our chapel(and house), exclusively from
Nick Sciabica & Sons, of Modesto, CA

The BEST 'Oil of the Olive'

International Crusade
for Holy Relics

Resurrection House of Prayer

3551 CR 219 Berryville, AR 72616

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