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Statement of Purpose


Resurrection House of Prayer
3551 CR 219
Berryville, Arkansas 72616


The first and primary reason for our joining together as the Sons and Daughters of the Resurrection is the honor and glory of God, the acquisition of the Holy Spirit, and our growth in personal holiness. The means to attain this is a constant conversion of our lives into a deeper surrender to the supreme lordship of Jesus Christ. This growth is nourished by personal prayer, the seeking of God's will, frequent use of the sacraments, fidelity to daily duty, and our unconditional love for one another. In all this we are in communion with the authority set down by Christ in the Church.
Our life of unceasing prayer and conversion is our gift to the Church. This prayer, united to the prayer of Jesus, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, brings about the conversion and transformation of the People of God. We accept and share the mission of the Church by "desiring to shed on all men that radiance of the Holy Spirit which brightens the countenance of the Church. This we will do by proclaiming the Gospel to every creature." (Lumen Gentium; Mk.16:15).
We have been called by Vatican II and strengthened by grace to "go forth as powerful heralds of a faith in things to be hoped for and steadfastly join to our profession of faith a life springing from faith". (Lumen Gentium #35).
We consecrate ourselves for the salvation of the world where people are isolated from each other and from God by ignorance, hatred and sin. The Church has called us to give witness by our lives of prayer and resurrection joy to the sovereignty of God. Each Son and Daughter of the Resurrection should be recognized by their burning desire for God, thirst for souls, simplicity, joy, and poverty of heart; children who are "filled with the Spirit, singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs; making melody to the Lord in our hearts". (cf.Eph.5:18-19).
Though prayer is our primary ministry and activity, each Sons and Daughter may, with God's guidance and an understanding of their own gifts, involve themselves in various forms of apostolic activity to build up the Body of Christ.
In conclusion, we exist to be of service to God and His people; to prepare all mankind and ourselves for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. With the Holy Spirit as our structure in support of one another, and with a constant desire to give Him our hearts, may His will be accomplished in and through us.


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