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From Beginning to Today


The History of RHoP


The Sons and Daughters of the Resurrection, based at Resurrection House of Prayer Village Community in Northwest Arkansas, is a Roman Catholic Community under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Little Rock. We have freely chosen to live a life of prayer and intercession for the good of all the People of God. We began our formation as a Community in 1991. At that time we were rather loosely organized though we knew that we were called to live as a village community within the Catholic Church. When we spoke of this to our Bishop, Andrew J. McDonald, he suggested that we put something in writing and send it to him. We did this and he was very pleased.
This is our Statement of Purpose.

After Bishop McDonald approved of our Statement of Purpose we petitioned him for permission to reserve the Most Blessed Sacrament in our chapel. After consultation with the local Pastor, Father Robert T. Dienert, permission was granted. However, we were given a directive by the Bishop to always pray for him, the Diocese and the Church Universal. I believe that we have been faithful to this charge.

In 1991 we approached the Abbot of the nearby Abbey of Our Lady of the Assumption in Ava, Missouri to ask that a member of the Cistercian Community be assigned as a Spiritual Director for us. The priest-monk chosen for this task was Father Richard Fox, O.C.S.O. He has been our guide, confidant and friend these past eight years. About four times each year we journey to the Abbey for spiritual refreshment and guidance, as well as to enjoy the Cistercian camaraderie.

Our chapel is a beautiful blend of both Roman and Byzantine style. Our statue of Our Lady of Fatima, blessed for us by His Eminence John Cardinal O'Conner of New York, has a place of honor near holy icons of the Most Holy Trinity and various Saints, both East and West.

RHoP Chapel

Some years ago we made the acquaintance of His Eminence Judson Michael Procyk, Byzantine Catholic Archbishop of Pittsburgh. His Eminence consecrated our Alter Table for use in our Chapel of the Resurrection. He remains our close friend and continues to give us his prayers and his counsel. He has since agreed, and is most pleased, to be listed as our "Episcopal Advisor".

Following the monastic tradition of the Church we celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours throughout the day in our chapel. As part of our apostolate of intercession we daily remember in prayer those who have asked for our prayers. All of these petitions are placed before the Altar and are lifted before the Throne of Grace. Each Community member is asked to remember those intentions in their private prayers as well as during the celebration of the Hours.

Some of the members of our Community live at the main house in Berryville and others live in their private homes. Each family provides for their own income but we all share the same vision and have covenanted to unconditional love.

Please feel free to contact us by Email, snail mail or telephone if you have any prayer or information requests. We exist to be of service to the People of God.

May He bless us all.


The members of Resurrection House of Prayer are the sole source of income for upkeep and maintenence of our chapel and community. We have established ourselves with the U.S. Government as a non-profit religious organization. Although we do not actively solicit contributions, we ARE able to receive tax free charitable donations. If you are interested in making a charitable donation and would like references or additional information, please feel free to contact us here at RHoP.
A receipt can be sent, if requested, for documentation of your charitable contribution.
Our prayer life and community is dedicated to the glory of God and all those in need of prayer and spiritual uplift. Your prayer requests are always welcome here and any contributions are a blessing to our continued service to our fellow man and to God.
You can reach us by mail at:


Resurrection House of Prayer
3551 CR 219
Berryville, Arkansas



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