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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Simeon, Sunny, Barney, Pixie, Herb and Ida

Simmy's Pedigree B-G Dog ID = 41103
Sunny's Pedigree B-G Dog ID = 18965
Barney's Pedigree B-G Dog ID = 18967
Pixie's Pedigree B-G Dog ID = 28119
Herb's Pedigree B-G Dog ID = 72591
Ida's Pedigree B-G Dog ID = 79378

I started this website in 1999 shortly after losing my Bernese Mountain Dog, Samson, to T Cell Lymphosarcoma.

<Sam's story here> B-G Dog ID = 18963

Sunny then was pining, she had never been an only dog but we were so fortunate in being able to bring home a new Bernese Puppy, Simeon, to fill the empty space in our hearts.

So many good times, and then a new addition to our Gang with our Rescue Berner, Barney.

With great sadness, we were to lose Simmy in October 2004 to Malignant Histiocytosis shortly after his 5th birthday.
<RIP Simmy>

October 2005 and we brought home a new Longlease Berner pup a few weeks ago, wee Pixie Pup and Sunny's Great/Great Niece, life goes on here at Longlease
<Collecting wee Pixie Pup>

January 3rd 2006 and more heartache when we lost Grande Dame, Sunny, aged 11 yrs after a very brave fight
<RIP Sunny>

July 8th 2007 and we lost our Rescue Boy, Barney, aged 9 yrs after such a very brave fight with cancer, bronchial sarcinoma
<Barney's story here>

In May 2010 we had a wonderful new addition to our Gang with our new Berner Boy, Herb, with many thanks to June Miles for entrusting Herb to our care.

August 2011 and we have a new puppy, Ida, just 5 mths old, Herb's granddaughter.

Miss Pixie is now 6 yrs old, Herb is now 4 yrs old.

January 18th 2012 -With sadness we were to lose our gentle giant, Herb, to histiocytic disease
<Herb's story here>

The last thirteen years have been a time of such great happiness and so much fun though at times such very great sadness too. The pages below are a record of these years, enjoy and share.

Click on the links below for the individual pages and enlarged pics.

You can also follow on by clicking next page at the bottom of each page.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies - Guess which one is Simmy? Simmy with Rosie Proud Mum! Simmy
Collecting Wee Simeon.

Tired Simmy

Simeon, Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy with Sister Sunny.
Pip goes for a ride.

I'm dizzy!
Bernese Mountain Dogs in the Snow

Simmy's first snow.
Mt two Bernese Mountain Dogs go for a walk!

Come on, Jean
Wee Simeon is here! Pip goes for a ride! Sunny and Simmy in the snow. Walkies!

Hello ponies.

Hello goats!
Bernese Mountain Dog puppy meets the sheep.

Hello Socks!
Raw Bones!

Where's the dog food?

Hey Jean!
Goats and ponies! BMD puppy meets the Sheep! Raw Bones! Where's the dog food?

Back Seat Bernese.

back seat Berners!
The Greenhouse Effect! Bernese Art Work

Bluebell meadow!
Champion Berners!
Back Seat Berners. Hot Dogs in the Greenhouse! Springtime! My Bernese Mountain Dogs
are Champions!

How time has flown, my beautiful little Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Simeon, is now a year old! He is enormous! For the latest extended pre-birthday and birthday celebrations, click on the links below for the full pages and more pics.!

Simmy at the fete. Fete2 Fete3 Happy Birthday Simmy!
Simmy's pre-birthday trip to the Fete!
<Click here for more>
Happy Birthday Simmy!
<Click here for more>

Floods! Simmy stuck in the cat flap?
Merry Christmas
Where's the Ark, Jean? Will he, won't he Happy Christmas Everybody!

Happy Berner.

Another Happy Berner
Lots of spuds!

Giant marrow!
Berners love Birthdays

Happy Birthday Us All!
Spoilt Berners.

Harvest Home. Happy Birthday Us All!

Leo Fire Dance

Leo Fire Dance.
Berners love hats?

Party Time and Hats!
Bernese Mountain Dogs love the Wee Ones!

Orange Mound?
James Breakdance

More James BreakDance

Bonfire Night Party, Nov. '01

Happy New Year! Happy Birthday!

Happy 2002!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Simmy has a great heart!

Berner Galore Barney joins the gang.
Simmy's Great Heart Bernese Galore Barney comes home.

Barney at home. Barney, BMD Puppy Berners love gooseberries
Barney at home. Barney the BMD puppy. Berners love Gooseberries

Carting? Sit, Wait, OK? James and the dogs!
Berner Carting? Sit, Wait, OK? James in Charge!

Sim and Sam Happy Birthday Sunny. Gathering Winter Fuel!
Birthday Surprise! Happy Birthday Sunny! Gathering Winter Fuel!

Happy New Year 2003 Bedtime BMD's and Snowdrops Daffodils
Happy 2003! Berner Bedtime Snowdrop Bernese Daffodil Bernese

Happy Birthday Barney

Sunny is OK"

Bank Holiday
{short description of image}
Birthday Berners
Barney is five!
Sunny is OK! Bank Holiday
Cassie Visits
Barney Boy!

Sim and Barney

Simbo is 4 Princess Sunny
"What Heatwave?
We are Cool Bernese!"
Simbo is Four
Next Morning
Princess Sunny
is 9 yrs!

{short description of image} Snow Wood Barney Birthday Simmy and the Lamb
Snow Dogs 2004! Snow Wood 2004 Bernese Birthday Simmy and the Lamb

In Loving Memory

29th August '99
to 7th October '04
{short description of image}James visit Barney's birthday Sunny's party
RIP Simmy Life Goes on at Longlease Happy 7th Birthday,
Sunny's Party

Who's Moving Bo Visits Lots of visitors
Who's Moving? Visit from Bo Lots of Visitors

{short description of image} Sunny is 11 yrs {short description of image} New Babe
A New Berner Babe
for Longlease
Happy Birthday
Sunny is 11 yrs old!
Sunny and I
Collect our new Babe

Pixie is Home!

{short description of image} Growing Fast! Rainy Day Jack Frost comes calling
Socialising Pixie Sunny and Pixie Rainy Day at Longlease Jack Frost
comes calling

{short description of image}
Xmas Time!! xmastrio Boxing Day
Happy Snow Dogs Xmas Trio 2OO5 Boxing Day

{short description of image}

In Loving Memory
2nd October 1994

to 3rd January 2OO6

Visit from Bo
Spike comes to stay Jane and Hannah visit
Sunny's Story Visit from Bo Spike comes to stay Jane&Hannah visit

Snow Bone Pixie and the Lamb Snow Dogs Happy Birthday
Snow Bone! Pixie & the Lamb Walk on the White Side Happy B-Day, Jean?

Barney is Eight! Barney's b-day bone In the Meadow Lesser Spotted Orchids
Happy Birthday....
Barney is 8 yrs. old!
Barney's B-Day Bone Romp in the meadow June 2006 &
the Orchids are out!

Pixie and the blackcurrants Visit from the Greens I am ONE! Sunny loves blackberries
Pixie and her
Purple Tongue!
Visit from
The Greens!
First Birthday!
Pixie Picks

Bolan's Visit Snowed In! Barney is 9
Bo's Last Visit Barney not well! Snowed In Barney is 9yrs old!

Barney and the Flap Took and Pixie

David and Pixie
July 4th In Loving Memory of
13th April 1998 to
July 8th 2007

Barney and the Flap! Took and David Visit July 4th and
Independent Berners!
Barney's Story

Pixie is Two!

Pretty Pixie
Happy Birthday, Pixie!
Two years old today
August 15th 2007
Pixie has Visitors! Pixie at the Pub! Grooming Pixie!

Walkies Pixie in the Snow Christmas 2007 Pixie is Broody
Off for a walk! Pixie in the Snow Christmas '07 Pixie is Broody!

Pixie is 3yrs old!
Pixie demolishes bones! Pixie and the Den! Almost 3 yrs old! Happy 3rd Birthday
Miss Pixie

Pixie picks blackberries!

Pixie is Four!

Pixie and the Damsons!

Family Visit!

Pixie and Sooty Cat!
Truman Collar and Leash
Pixie's New Truman
Collar and Leash!
Bernese Puppies?
Pixie's New Litter?

Pixie and Herb

Pixie and herb
Cassie and Jo visit Bone Day! Walk in the Woods! Herb & the Blackberries!

Pixie is 5 yrs old! Damson Days! Herb is 4 yrs old! Well done Herb!

Zeus visits Ida
Kelvin and Zeus
come to visit
Introducing Ida!
Our new Berner Pup
Ida finds some
Very special Toys
Herb is Home!

Puppy Ida is
5 mths old today!
Lots of Visitors!
Coral, David & Friends
Happy Birthday, Pixie!
6 yrs old today
Puppy's Progress
Ida's a Good Girl!?

More Visitors!
Kelvin, Royce & Mum
Paul and Titus
come to see us!
Brian and Cassie
Come to see us!
Jane and Hannah
Come to see us!

In Loving Memory of
18th December 2006 to
January 18th 2012
Herb's story The Girls and
Their Bones
Visitors for
the Girls!
Happy Birthday!
Ida is 1 yr old today

Springtime Visitors Happy Birthday!
Pixie is 7 yrs old
Happy Birthday!
Ida is 2 yrs old
Winston Neff Award 2013
A Very Happy Day!

Pixie is 8 yrs old
Blackberry Walk!
Where are the Girls? Happy Birthday!
Ida is 3 yrs old
Another New Friend
for Ida!

Good job!
Well done, girls!

on the balcony!

Happy Birthday!
Pixie is 9 yrs old

Birthday Walk &
Birthday Bones

In Loving Memory of
August 15th 2005

to February 10th 2015

Pixie's Tribute

Happy Birthday!
Ida is 4 yrs old

Merry, muddy Christmas!

Happy Birthday!
Ida is 5 yrs old

Longlease Gang of Three Sweet Sunny Girl Miss Pixie

These beautiful Raku plaques of my Bernese Mountain Dogs by Nancy Giusti
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