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The Longlease Bernese Mountain Dog

Gallery of Friends Page 1

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Happy Bernese Mountain Dog

Click on the Links below to meet my special friends & see their pages!

Simeon and Sam

Sim, Sunny & Sam
Welsh Sheepdog, Jazz

Jazz and Mar
Angel, the Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy.

Angel or not?
Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Harvey.

Harvey and Duck.
GSD Sam comes to visit. Welsh Sheepdog Jazz Karen's BMD Angel Michaela's BMD Harvey

Hi, I'm Rupert, Berner Pup!

Bernese Bear and Harvo
Sheepdog, Gypsy

Sheepdog, Rocky.
Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Everest

John and Everest.


Geese and ducks
Rupert the BMD Bear Gypsy and Rocky John and Everest Leo's friends.

The Quellen Bernese.
Balloon BMD Kosak, Berner Puppy!

Raven and Berner Pups

Berner Pups are asleep!

New Berner Pups!
Cinderella the Cat

Jack the Stevie Wonder cat
Sockie the cat.

Bammie the cat
The Quellen Bernese. Quellen Bernese
The New Generation.
Cindi and Jack Sockie and Bammie

Mika, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Babe and Angel, the Bernes Mountain Dogs.

Babe enjoys a good roll
Angel in the Snow!

Karen & Lacey
Bernese Mountain Dog, Amika. Bobby Blue

Mika Babe Karen, Angel, Amika & Laceyl Bobby Blue.

Syoma, Siberian Tabby Cat. henri the cat
truffle the cat
Jasmine, Welsh Sheep Dog Heidi
The Siberian Tabby Cat
Henri and Truffle Welsh Sheep Dog, Jasmine. Bernese Mountain Dog

Yogi, BMD Puppy Welcome, Ripley Handsome Berner Lady
Welcome Yogi.
BMD Puppy
Welcome Ripley,
Handsome Berner
Welcome, Lady.
Gorgeous Pup.

Daisy gets a cuddle

Robin & Toky Jo Perry comes to stay Labradors join the BMD Gang!
Lots of BMD's. Robin and TokyJo Morticia. John, Monty and Milly

Neala, BMD

Bunny, Tibby and the Gang.


{short description of image}Springer Spaniel Pooh
Welcome Neala, BMD. Bunny, Tibby and the Gang. Puppyfix! Freckles and Pooh.

Kimberlite Bernese Coliburn Bernese Baker's Bernese Blessings Ebony advice
Kimberlite Bernese Coliburn Bernese Baker's Bernese Blessings More
Baker's Blessings

Spike and Shane. Suzy Cat.
Richard, William and Barney.
Remy Martin Golden Retrievers
Spike and Shane Richard's Tribe.
Suzy, William & Barney
Remy Martin
Golden Retrievers

Spike the Terrier BMD Star Pebbles {short description of image}
Spike comes to visit. Bernese Mountain Dog,
Bernese Mountain Dog,
Talli, Sassy & Cleo

Berner, Dingo Scotties, Katie and Riley Pups galore Pups go home
Dingo, BMD Scottish Terriers,
Katie and Riley
BMD Pups Break Out! Pups go home!

Happy Birthday, Star Bakkabeyond Bernese Golden Retriever Watson
Happy Birthday!
Bakkabeyond Bernese Watson

Little Mack More Pups Fun pics Bernie Dharma
Little Mack! Lexie and Luther's BMD Pups Berner Fun Pics Bernese Mountain Dog,

English Springer Spaniel Rescue, ESRA Hot Spot Rups! Bernie Dingo looking cool
English Springer Rescue America
Hot Spot Rups! Just been spayed,
Dingo relaxes.

Snowden's ecollar Hannah and Tucker {short description of image}
BMD Snowden
& his ecollar!
Hannah and Tucker,
Berner Pup
Kyle and Roscoe,
Berner Pup

Birthday Berner Rupert Veterans Mikki and Heidi Jack Russell puppy, Bella
Happy Birthday
Rupert the Bear!
Veteran Bernese,
Mikki and Heidi
Jack Russell Pup,

Nandi and Shay Muddy Mack Pups Home update! Babe Update
Nandi and Shay Muddy Mack Bakers' Pups Home
Babe Update

Berners in Costume?
Happy Howloween! Snowden Snow Witch

Misha Witch
{short description of image}
Happy Howloween! Bernese Witches? Caddie and Divot

Eagle Cap Ranch New Arrival Casey and Hunter
Eagle Cap Ranch Daniela's New BMD pup
Casey and Hunter

Mora's puppies Molly Kobe
Mora's BMD Puppies Bernese Puppy, Molly Kobe and Tamre

BiggieBoots More Bakers'Blessings Asher and Noah
Biggie and Boots More Bakers Bernese Blessings Asher and Noah

{short description of image}
{short description of image}
Stevie Luna's 2nd Snow Ginger
Abby, Ravel and Lloyd Bernese Mountain Dog,
Berner Puppy,
Luna's 2nd Snow
Bernese Pup,
Happy Birthday Ravel} Micheala, Harvey and Rupert Berner Puppy Nick Neff Pebbles in the snow
Happy Birthday, Ravel Snow Dogs & Snow Lady Berner Pup,
Nick Neff
Bernese Pebbles,
In the Snow

DaisyBuddy Abe the Golden Retriever and Opie the Cat

Herb and the Bakers Blessings
Bernese Mountain Dogs
Cindy and Clover
Bernese Mountain Dogs
Daisy and Buddy
Baker's Blessings
More Fun Pics!
Vilma and Rescue Charm Wee  Puppy, Prince Valiant Expectant Mum, Sweetie Chloe "Snowface" Griffin
Vilma and Rescue BMD
Wee Berner Puppy
Prince Valiant
Expectant Berner Mum,
Berner Pup
Chloe Griffin

Ravel v/ Lloyd Cara and Rocky Griffin
Bernese Mountain Dog, Ravel
Lloyd the Cat
and her new friend,
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bogen driving Berner-Garde, Winston Neff Award Sisco Jones BARC Boy Bear
Bernese Mountain Dogs
Winston Neff Award
Bernese Mountain Dog
Sisco Jones
BARC Berner Boy

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