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The Longlease Gang through the Years

The story of my Bernese Mountain Dogs and all our 4 Foots

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Jean and the early Gang Collecting Sunny
We arrive at Longlease. Sunny joins the Gang

Elli the GoatAbbi the Goat

Welsh Mountain Ponies

Arthur Andy

Pipsqueak the cat.

feeding time

New born lambs.

{in the meadow}
Abbi and Elli,
my goats.
Arthur and Andy,
Welsh Mountain

Rescue Ponies.
Sooty & Flake.
My ewes,
Hoppy & Poppy.

Ponies got their hay!

Tidy garden!

Sunny nose down.

BMD's, Perry, goats and ponies.

The sheeps are fed!

Lush garden.

Simmy nose down

Abbi and Ellie.
Blimey, goats on the loose!

Bernese Mountain Dogs are such posers!

Perry nose down! Arthur and Andy!
Winter Wonderland! Springtime 2001! Nose Down! Springtime 2002!

Arthur and Andy, Welsh Mountain Ponies

La Ne;; meets the Gang New kid on the block!

Me and five Bernese
Easter 2002 La Nell and the Gang Hello Barney! Barney and Gang

Carole, Tony and the Gang Santa early pic Coral and David visit
Carole and Tony
and the Gang
Santa comes early! Coral and David visit.

Spring 2003 Summer Day! Camping Lots of snow
The Gang
Springtime 2003
Summer Day!
Heatwave 2003!
The Longlease Gang
Go Camping!
February 2004
Lots of Snow!

Posie the Lamb Easter 2005
Our Newborn Lamb
Easter 2005

Sadly we were to lose Simmy in October 2004 to Malignant Histiocytosis
* Simmy's Story here*

And in the New Year 2006 we lost Sweet Sunny Girl aged 11yrs
* Sunny's Story here*

But we have a new member of the Gang, Sunny's Great/Great Niece, Pixie.

Ponies in the snow Rambo the Lamb Puppy and ponies Abbi and Elli Goats
March 2006
The Snow Gang
1st Spring Lamb
My Dogs and Welsh
Mountain Ponies
Abbi and Elli
June 2006

In July 2007 Barney died after a long fight with cancer, bronchial sarcinoma,
just the one Berner, Pixie, right now but the rest of the Gang are still doing well.

Life goes on at Longlease!

Pixie, the Ponies and the Snow Gang
November 2007

With sadness, March 27th 2008


RIP Abbi

{short description of image}

Good Morning, Elli!


Snow Gang, February 2009

With much sadness!!

{short description of image}

RIP Elli

June 2nd 2009

RIP Snowflake

December 31st 2009

Pixie and her Pals

The Big Freeze January 2010

Introducing Herb!
May 2010
Introducing Ida
July 2011

RIP Ella, Bella, and Rosie

Sadly, we were then to lose Herb too very soon to Malignant Histiocytosis
Herb's Story here

Pip is not doing too well right now but Pixie is doing her best!
Pip's fight here

All well, visit with the Greens

Jean without the Gang
at the BMDCA Specialty 2012

The Gang while Jean was away,
well cared for by Cassie, Joey and Brian

Home again and
Anne and Bruce Visit Longlease!

In Loving Memory of

March 1995 to
December 30th 20012

Muddy Christmas 2013

In Loving Memory of
August 1995 to June 26th 2014
dx-ed hyperthyroidism April 2012

August 16th 2014
to the Longlease Gang

Purdy's Big Adventure!  
September 22nd 2014

We are Family!

Herb's Grandson
Herb's Son

Ollie, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Ollie Dog Zeta the BMD Zeta's BMD Pups.
Simmy's Sire.
Ollie and Peggy Zeta,
Simmy's Gt. Niece.

Zeta's Pups!
Simmy's Gt.GT.

Nephews and Nieces!

Teasel says "Hello"
Sunny's Gt. Niece,

& Pixie's Mum
brunig, BMD

Simmy's Brother.

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