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Jim's Feline Friends!

I'm thrilled you would be willing to add my scruffy vagabonds to your webpage. My wife and I are soft touches...none of our critters are fancy breeds; most are hard-luck cases. I am sending a couple of jpegs of my feline family, under protest from my wife and our dogs. I tried to explain to them that you only have so much space and can't feature everybody! We recently lost our "Mr. Kite", a black and white mongrel pup we found on the railroad tracks nearly twenty years ago. Obviously, he lived a long life and acquired more friends than we did! We have two other dogs: "Boots", a small black mutt who we invited in after his master became to old and ill to care for him, and "Big Dog", a Great Dane/Boxer mix who we rescued from roaming the streets. We found him with a huge ugly infected gash all the way around his neck and multiple body scars from what looked like cigarette burns. He's a monster but sweet as can be and is terrified of our old matriarch cat. So, for I.D. purposes, I am sending you a picture of "Gray Kitty" a.k.a "Cinderella". She was part of a litter blessed to us by a neighborhood cat to whom I gave some shelter to protect her from some mean neighborhood kids. The kittens weren't supposed to stay, hence the tentative title "Gray Kitty". However, 13 years later, Ms. Gray rules the entire household and my wife finally christened her "Cinderella", but it's hard for me to stop from calling her "Gray Kitty".


Also included here is "One-Eyed Jack". We found him as a kitten missing one eye, with a dislocated jaw and some severely burned paw-pads. Don't know what kind of hell this little guy went through in his young life but when we saw him, we melted, and two years later he has taken over Boot's dog-bed and is the class clown around our house. A lot of people find his bad eye hard to look at, so he's doing his Stevie Wonder/Ray Charles thing here.

Jack, the Stevie Wonder cat!

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