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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

More Bakers Blessings
With many thanks to Chris and Herb for these gorgeous pics!

Mikki Bernese Mountain Dog

11 yr old Berner Mikki, the Red Sox Fan

Sweetie BMD

Bernese Sweetie" who is thinking "Only 4 days till my litter, oh boy, oh boy"

STOP PRESS! June 08th '02

Herb with new born Berner pup

Herb with new born Berner Pup

Lots of Bernese Mountain Dog  Puppies

Sweetie & her babies at 1 day old, Mandi & hers at 8 days old.
(Guess Chris & Herb are very busy!!!)

Corgi Becki

Corgi "Becki" who besides herding the puppies, enjoys a nice snooze now and then.


Eagle, Rescue Berner, at 7 months.

Ebony gives some advice

Ebony, rescue Saint, gives some advice.


Ebony cosy resting

Saint Kvetch and Opie

Saint Kvetch with best pal Opie


Oscar, 1 of our 5 Cats, on his favorite spot,
one of the beams in our Log Home!

Fox and Opie

Fox & Opie", cuddling in the nice warm laundry! What a tough life.

Geriatric Gerri

"Geriatric Gerri", one of our three rescue Bassets.

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