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This is the place where I thank all the people who made this possible. Unless your name is listed, it'll probably be very boring. So you're welcome to visit other parts of the site, and sign the guestbook. Please sign the guestbook!

First of all, thanks to Kevin for teaching me some HTML.

Thanks to Asia for coming up with the title "Horizon" for my short comic.

Thanks to Andrea Harmati for the Escaflowne Picket Sign, but also for being a wonderful person and a fantastic friend.

Thanks to Darien for your help with "The Final Warrior" and for countless other things.

Thanks to the Enrichment department for the free credit for "Final Warrior!" Ha ha! I would have done the work even WITHOUT a prize! *^.^*

Thanks to Mom and Dad, of course, for everything. Including the artistic genes. I couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks to Folken (what, you thought I would leave him out?) for being the main inspiration behind the fan arts.

Thanks to the Single Rose crew: Storyline by Angela Jordan, Yvonne Etue, Erica Lundberg, Dustin Easton, Jessica Snell, Lucas Fazakas Dehoog. All Drawings and Inkings by Angela Jordan. Editor, Dustin Easton. Special thanks to Miss DePace.

Thanks to my Armoured Prophet fans: Andrea, Jeff, Darien, Kristi, Dave, and Cairine.

Thanks to Uncle Mike (talented photographer and computer guy) for scanning "Final Warrior" when I didn't have a scanner of my own.

Thanks to Dan and Lina Paton for selling my art in the form of note cards. And thanks also for selling "The Final Warrior" in your gallery, "Beyond the Fridge Door." I appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement and the many opportunities you have given me.

Thanks to Laura-chan, or "Odango-atama" as we lovingly call her. Genki! Genki! Genki!

Thanks to all the website owners I sent my fan art to! It's been fun earning a name for myself, even if it's on such a small scale.

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Note: No part of this site may be copied without my permission. All artwork on this site is copyright Angela Jordan unless otherwise noted.