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Previous Comic Books

This is the space devoted to my comic books that I've finished.

A Single Rose 1997-98

I've been creating comic books since grade seven, when I came up with a story that I couldn't show to the world any other way. This grew into a vampire thriller created in 1997-98 called "A Single Rose." I sold 20 copies at my school (Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts) during the annual Choral Collage and Art Show. It's the story of a newly-made vampire named Amy who discovers that the vampire who made her is also her soulmate. The quality of art is embarrassing to me now, but I suppose it was pretty good for 12 years old. Take a look at these:

The Final Warrior 1999-2000

I created this as part of the Enrichment Program at my high school. It's a cute shoujo manga (Japanese-style girl's comic) about a young girl named Karina Meadows who finds out that she is one of four warriors who are destined to fight the Dark Evil that approaches the distant planet Ganae every 500 years. She has to master her power, green healing fire, in order to defeat the enemy. But Karina is distracted by her confused feelings for her guardian, Teon, so she must first learn how to love before saving planet Ganae. Here are some pictures.

Here is some information about the main characters. Lily has yellow sorrow fire that means years of unbearable sadness. Celeste has blue fire that can either strengthen or weaken a warrior's power. Karina has green healing fire, and Alina has red fire that either blinds a warrior or allows them to see emotions with clarity.

This is some promotional material I made after the completion of the comic book.

Horizon: Where the Air meets the Sea 2000

I always wanted to write a comic like this. It's short, tragic, and mystical. I loved mermaids as a little girl and the idea of one falling in love with an angel is intriguing. Because the story is only 8 pages long I have decided to include it in its entirety. It is featured at the back of my new manga, Armoured Prophet. Thanks to my friend Asia for coming up with the lovely title.

For information on my newest manga and what's next, go see the sections devoted to Armoured Prophet!

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