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Armoured Prophet Information

Here is everything you need to know to understand Armoured Prophet!

This is an anatomical diagram of a parasite, an alien species which moves in swarms throughout the galaxy, devouring everything in its path.


Name: Serle Casson

Age: 17

Blood Type: A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Purple

Favourite Colour: Blue

Our female hero. She is a quiet, smart young woman from the distant planet Palaeo who wants to do the right thing, even when it means personal sacrifice.

Name: Andrew Shaw

Age: 17

Blood Type: B

Hair Colour: Brownish-Blonde

Eye Colour: Green

Favourite Colour: Red

One of the teenagers who befriend Serle, and Dawn's boyfriend. He is deeply devoted to Dawn, and always keeps his promises.

Name: Melissa Shaw

Age: 14

Blood Type: O

Hair Colour: Brownish-Blonde

Eye Colour: Green

Favourite Colour: Orange

One of the teenagers who befriend Serle, and Andrew's little sister. She is loud and impulsive, but a formidable leader.

Name: Dawn Golding

Age: 17

Blood Type: AB

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Favourite Colour: Mauve

Andrew's girlfriend. She tries to be kind to everyone, but she hides a terrible secret from everyone (including herself).

Name: Brian Sharpe

Age: 23

Blood Type: B

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Amber

Favourite Colour: Green

A representative from the United Nations with the responsibility of forming strategies to defeat the parasites. Serle helps him to save Earth.

The Gallery

This is where my promotional art for Armoured Prophet goes. Enjoy!

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What's the significance behind the name "Armoured Prophet?

A. Well, when I was researching names for the characters, I decided on "Serle Casson." Serle is a name that means "armoured" and Casson is derived from the name "Cassandra," who was the princess and prophetess of Troy. So the title is the meaning of Serle's name. Other interesting name facts: Andrew means "manly" and Melissa is the name of a nymph but also means "bee." And since Melissa has such a stinging personality I thought it fit her nicely.^_^

Q. How long does it take to draw each page?

A. I hate this question. I honestly have no idea how long each page takes. You see, I work on a lot of pages at once. So I might start a page and finish it two weeks later. But in that time I may have started and finished half a dozen other pages. I've never tallied the hours it takes to do one page. Sorry.

Q. Who is the Armoured Prophet character you relate to the most? Which one are you most like? Which is the most fun to draw?

A. The character I relate to the most is Serle. When I created her, I didn't intend to model her after myself. but over time, her personality shone through as my own (I actually used this concept for an enormous graphite drawing of myself with Serle reflected in the water. I'll scan in a picture of it eventually). I suppose I resemble her visually, too, because we both have bangs and long hair. But I have blonde hair (Serle's is black), hazel eyes (Serle's are purple) and glasses. The character that's the most fun to draw is definitely Melissa. She's the loud one in the group, and her emotions are always visible on her face. She's never contemplative and passive, so she's a lot of fun. Andrew's also fun to draw when he's sulking, and Serle when she's terrified.

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