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Armoured Prophet III: At Last, Redemption

This is the final battle. Earth's last stand against the parasite invasion. It will all come down to Serle, and her ability to help the planet she has sworn to protect. But will she ever reach Palaeo? And will she ever reach Andrew?

Synopsis of Issue III: At Last, Redemption

The parasite pre-emptive attack that landed on Earth was completely destroyed, however the remaining parasite mass orbiting Earth is still a cause for worry. Serle and Brian have been invited to a strategy meeting with the United Nations. Serle nervously reads her speech.

As she loses unconsciousness, Serle wonders if she has died. "No," a familiar voice says. It's her mother! She reveals that Serle's mind has somehow left her body and channelled her dreams, through a wormhole. This leads Serle to the startling conclusion that she landed on Earth in the first place through a wormhole in space.

Just then, the psychic wormhole that has allowed them to meet begins to disappear. As Serle and her mother are sucked away from each other, her mother shouts that Serle has the eyes of a woman in love. "IN LOVE?" asks Serle, but it is too late. She drifts back into her sleeping body. As she awakens, Brian is standing over her, shouting "ARE YOU OKAY???"

Serle arrives home and is greeted by Melissa. She tells her that Andrew has been holing himself up in his room again.

Andrew turns around, shocked. Melissa is surprised as well by her boldness. Andrew, now weeping, says that he doesn't know what to think anymore.

One month later, the parasite mass breaks apart and the battle begins. Serle has a vision of the parasites coming and doubles over in pain.

The tanks fire...but the parasite immediately clamps its mouth shut. The shots don't even dent it. Then, the parasite spews acid all over the tanks, destroying them and everyone inside them. Brian orders a rescue team to be sent out there, and suddenly the parasites' wings split apart into sections and they land on the ground, having converted their wings to legs.

Serle prays as the sounds of battle are heard. Suddenly, the audio connection to the tanks is also cut. They receive a transmission from the UN stating that the mission had failed and nuclear bombs are being used in cities all over the world. Brian considers doing the same until Serle convinces him to let her have a chance at using her Palaean marks. They proceed to the surface, only to discover that the city is....

Worn out, Serle confesses that she has failed Andrew, saying that she just wants to die. Andrew is shocked, and reaches to comfort her. She accepts his kindness willingly and thankfully as images of Dawn flash through Andrew's mind. He tells her that he understands now that she was never trying to hurt him. Serle's wishes for a safe planet simply collided with Andrew's unconditional love for his girlfriend. "I'm sorry," he whispers. Suddenly, Serle's mother appears and with a flash of light shining from Serle's marks, she utilizes her hidden power...

Serle, now confident in her new power, thanks Andrew for releasing her from grief. She kisses his nose briefly, then flies off to try to save the earth.

Well, that concludes my Armoured Prophet series. Thank you to everyone who helped me out along the way!! I'll probably take a break before I start another long-running series, doing fan art, small original pieces and short stories. When I eventually start my next work, I'll start a new webpage and notify all you guys here. Thanks!!!

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