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Armoured Prophet II: A Battle of Emotions

The second issue of Armoured Prophet opens with Serle staring at the sky after a fall rain. How did she get to Earth? Where is she going? There are no easy answers as the mounting threat of annihilation from a parasite pre-emptive attack places everything in chaos. Serle bears the incredible responsibility of having enough answers to save Earth, but at the same time has a more personal responsibility: to be gentle with Andrew's healing heart.

Synopsis of Issue II: A Battle of Emotions

Serle wanders the streets, wondering where Andrew is. After he left, she was haunted for every minute by her own guilt. It turns out that Andrew stuck up for her during the police investigation, blaming Dawn's cause of death on gang activity. Why did he do that? Serle also wonders why there was no trace of parasite DNA found in Dawn during the autopsy.

Andrew's feelings towards Serle aren't the same. He's furious at her! Serle decides to lay low for a while and not reciprocate his anger, because she knows that Andrew could turn her over to the police any time he wants. If that happened, her secret of being from Palaeo (and killing Dawn) would destroy her. However, at that moment she is overcome with a terrible vision of destruction.

Despite Serle's obvious distress, Andrew is unwilling to help her. "I've had enough of your visions" he says. "I haven't forgotten what happened the last time I listened to you. I refuse to make the same mistakes." Serle calls for Melissa, who immediately takes charge of the situation. The girls plan to go to City Hall to warn the mayor of the prophecised attack. Andrew comes with them to make sure they stay out of trouble.

Inside City Hall is a very cold, unamused receptionist. Serle admits shyly that she is terrible at asking strangers for help, so Melissa is again forced to take charge of the situation. Unfortuately, Melissa is the brash type who acts before she thinks.

Suddenly, three tough security guards come out of nowhere and surround them! After a moment's arguing, Serle intervenes and tries to explain how important it is that they speak to the authorities. A mysterious man behind a wall has been watching the whole thing, and when he learns that parasites are involved, he jumps into action.

Serle explains the parasites' methods and the conversation gets turned to the topic of Dawn. Brian knew about her secret identity as a parasite, and he tells Serle that she did the right thing in shooting her. Naturally, Andrew is none too pleased.

Serle explains her origins on planet Palaeo and her encounter with parasites on her first space mission as an astronaut. Brian convinces her to help the people of Earth to prepare for the upcoming attack.

Time passes: the parasite attack is tomorrow. Serle watches a TV monitor inside the control room. Brian approaches her and tells her that he's managed to get her ID so that she will be recognized as a normal person. He also tells her that he's received permission to wipe Dawn's murder off her new criminal record. Andrew has been listening, and is horrified that Serle could forget his pain so easily. But Serle tells Brian not to change her record for Andrew's sake. A single tear runs down Andrew's cheek as he silently weeps.

"It's here" says Serle, staring at the monitors. The parasite flies through the air. Brian tells the soldiers to hold fire.

The parasite crashes into the building, completely destroying it. Then, it swoops around and starts flying at the city again. It then opens its mouth, enabling Brian to get a direct shot in its mouth. The parasite yells grrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The parasite explodes from within, spraying the city with blood. It is utterly defeated. "Whew!" says Brian. "Thank goodness!"

Serle tentatively asks Melissa where Andrew is. It turns out that he is shutting himself up from the world. Suddenly, astonishing news appears on the TV: babies on Earth are being born with Palaean marks on their backs!

Well, that's the end of Armoured Prophet 2! Now, I'll begin work on the final issue. What will become of Serle's prophetic gift? What of Andrew's resentment towards everyone? What is the meaning of the Palaean marks? Can Earth be saved?? Find out in the next issue!

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