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Armoured Prophet I: Leaving Myself Behind

Angela Jordan presents her new manga: Armoured Prophet. It's the story of a young woman who mysteriously wakes up on a new planet but cannot escape her old enemies. But in the midst of battle will she have enough strength to save her own conscience?

Synopsis of Issue I: Leaving Myself Behind

Serle Casson is a 17-year old astronaut of planet Palaeo on her first mission. A shower of rocks hit her space station and she has been sent out to fill the holes. The commander on duty, Max, informs her of a strange series of shadows on the radar. Could it be the parasites, the enemies who tore apart Serle's world twenty years ago?

The parasite releases a cloud of acid, which desintegrates the cord connecting Serle to the ship. Miraculously, she is flung into space with little damage to her suit. As she drifts away, Max turns on the thrusters to rescue Serle. The parasite releases acid onto the ship and it goes up in flames. Serle hallucinates as her oxygen runs out.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Andrew and Melissa Shaw bicker over whose turn it is to do the laundry. Melissa decides to neglect her duties in favour of swimming. Suddenly, a shriek can be heard. There's a body in the pool! The teens revive the unconscious Serle. She wakes up with Andrew and Melissa standing over her.

Serle is obviously very sad and confused, so Andrew promises her that she can stay with them until she finds her way home. Melissa reluctantly shares her clothes, so Serle changes out of her space suit. But when she turns around, Andrew and Melissa are shocked by the appearance of a strange purple mark on her back. "It's my Palaean mark," she explains. Melissa then drags Serle out of the house to go shopping for the things she will need...leaving a fuming Andrew to explain the mess to their parents. That night, Serle wonders about her appearance on this planet.

The next day, Andrew's girlfriend Dawn comes over. But when she is introduced to Serle, she has a horrifying vision of Dawn's true identity! After much consideration, Serle tells Andrew about her vision.

Serle has a bad feeling about the fact that Dawn and Melissa went out earlier. Andrew doesn't believe Serle but goes with her anyway to look for them. Along the way, Serle breaks into a store and steals a gun. Andrew is getting scared now. He grabs her wrist and demands that she stop running. Serle explains that Dawn may be in serious trouble. Only she can help her. Andrew agrees. But when they find the girls, Dawn turns into her true form!

Melissa is hit by Parasite-Dawn and goes unconscious. Serle prepares to shoot Dawn when Andrew jumps in front. "NO! STOP!" he shouts. "DON'T KILL DAWN!"

Andrew sees Dawn lying in a pool of blood and rushes to her side. His tears fall on her face and she opens her eyes. "Don't cry...I love you......" She says. But it's too late. A second later she's gone.

On a morning several days later, Serle packs her bags, expecting to be kicked out because she killed Dawn. Andrew comes in and explains that he is the one who's leaving.

Serle understands that Andrew loved Dawn more than anything. However, he is bound to his promise that Serle can stay with him until she finds her way home. And he can't stand to live with her, because of what she did. So his only option is to leave.

And that's the story of Issue 1! Just remember that this is not the whole comic. The real comic has 33 pages plus cover, introduction page, and of course the "Horizon" short comic you can find at the Previous Comic Books page of this site. I have just used enough of the actual art to give you a feel for the style and character designs. You have to buy the actual comic to see all 33 pages.

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