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Lost Soul: A Shrine to Jowy Atreides-Blight

This is my rather humble shrine to the character Jowy Atreides/Blight from the game Genso Suikoden II. The story and background of Jowy resonated within my soul so strongly that I felt the need to put up this page. Sometimes one can relate to, or empathize with a character in a story so strongly that it will stick with them for a very long time, sometimes forever. No, I am not obsessed, more like enchanted. The characters, plot and story of Suikoden II touched me so strongly that I had to catalog the tale of one character in particular, in this case, Jowy. I hope you enjoy whats in these pages, I am trying to make it as comprehensive as possible. Comments appreciated!

SPECIAL NOTE: Media such as MP3s and the opening intro to Suikogaiden will be posted shortly. Plus, Suikoden II fanfiction will be posted shortly in the Fanfiction Section. Stay tuned for updates!

The Boy

The Warrior

The Traitor

The King

Tragic Innocence


Physical Stats

Battle Stats

Genso Suikoden and Suikoden II are (C) Konami. This page is for fun only, so don't sue my ass :-P.

I picked up these images from various places and pages. Seeing as I cannot remember how I acquired each one, I ask that if you see anything thats yours and you want credit or want it remoned E-Mail me!

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