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The Boy

As a boy, Jowy was raised by a very rich family in Kyaro, which included a younger brother. His father was Marcel Atreides, a wealthy aristocrat and staunch Highland patriot. Due to the fact that Jowy was raised in such a wealthy aristocratic family, he must have had little contact with other children. But that was soon to change.

Jowy was a very curious child. One day he happened to be peeking through the iron gates of the Genkaku residence, watching two young children, Hero and Nanami, practice their martial arts with their adoptive father, Genkaku. Genkaku's "family" wasn't wealthy or worldly like Jowy's, but they where rich in other things, such as personal freedom, and strong loving ties. They where not connected by buisness duties, estate or wealthy inheritance. They where connected in heart. Jowy watched the family with the boyish awe befitting one of his background. It was then that the Genkaku children finally took notice of him.

The three grew to be great friends. Jowy protected and defended Hero from the tart rebuffs of the other children in Kyaro that where better off than him, and where not orphaned as he was. Jowy would return to his father's estate bearing bruises and bloody noses, and probably recieved much scolding from his father, who wanted him not to associate with Genkaku and his adopted children, who wheren't rich and worldly as they where.

A great friendship bloomed from this chance meeting, that would affect many people, many souls and many countries.

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