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The Warrior

At age seventeen, Jowy had seen more carnage and death than some have seen in a lifetime. So strong was his friendship with Hero, that they marched off to war together.

The two boys trained for many long months in the Highland Army. They where a part of the Highland Youth Brigade under Commander Rowd. Their training was hard and strict, and yet they persisted, and soon marched off to fields of battle where they spent a small portion of their lives in an Army Garrison.

One fateful day the Garrison was attacked when Rowd had sold his young troups to be slaughtered by Prince Luca Blight in an attempt to frame the Jowston City-State and break the peace agreement. Jowy had heard the screams of their fellow comrades as they lay dying, and he and his friend Hero where the only survivors. In a desperate attempt to escape the pity-less forces of Luca Blight and the corrupt Rowd, they lept from a cliffside into the churning waterfall below.

Jowy had marked a spot on a rock near the cliff, and made Hero promise that if they where ever separated they would return to that spot. Little did they know that the place that was marked would live in infamy.

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