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The King

When Jowy joined the ranks of Highland, he showed to be a great warrior and schemer. He was both precise and cunning, and because of the Black Sword Rune on his right hand, he held power over other warriors.

There where many who swore allegiance to him, such as Culgan and Seed, commanders and assassins within the Highland ranks. As his influence grew, Jowy became a commander himself, after gaining the confidence of the corrupt and maniacal Luca Blight.

Soon, when the time grew ripe, Jowy asked for the hand of Jillia in marriage as a reward for his duties on the battlefield. After having been threatened with death by Luca, Jowy exceeded the expectations of the maniacal prince and wed the lovely Jillia. But before he took her hand, there was one of two major obstacles to overcome to reach his goal. And he would go to great lengths to reach that goal. King Agares Blight.

In the nights previous to the ceremonial bloodtoast between the King of Highland and Jowy, Jowy pumped his system full of poison and, before the deremony was about to begin, put enough antitoxins into his system to keep him barely alive, but would cause the frail old king almost instant death. King Agares fell down dying upon drinking the mixture of red wine and Jowy's blood. The king died with the hateful words of his son Luca ringing in his ears. With a scream Jillia ran to her dead father amidst the sickening laughs of her brother. Jowy lie unconscious on the courtroom floor, almost having been poisoned to death.

The last obstacle had yet to be eradicated. Jowy had the Highland strategist send a letter to Hero's castle speaking of a surprise attack by Luca Blight. The surprise attack was thwarted and Luca was slaughtered by the Jowston Army. With Luca, heir to the Highland throne dead, Jowy Atreides married Jillia Blight, ascended the throne and became Jowy Blight, King of Highland.

The boy, once a helpless pawn in a meaningless power struggle, managed to take the reigns of war and power by eradicating an incompitent king and a maniacal prince who cared nothing of the people he ruled, but only the carnage and genocide of war.

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