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Jowy left his kingly robe draped over the now abandoned Highland throne. He went off, to help defeat the power of the Beast Rune that the Blight family had fostered and been enslaved tofor so amny decades.

Now weakened to the point of death from the battle, he quietly sits at the marked spot where the pact had been made. He was ready to battle to the death like the prophecy had foretold.

There he is forced to battle his childhood friend. The battle is long, hard and heartbreaking. Eventually Jowy collapses from exhaustion, battered both in body and in mind, and is left at the mercy of his adversary. Lifting up his right hand, he begs Hero to take the Black Sword Rune and make them one. Hero refuses and, using the healing power of the Bright Shield Rune, heals his friend. The past is left in the dust, and together the three destined friends travel onward, forgetting the strife of the past. Jowy, along the way, seeks to shed his old self and to live with his sins, and the trauma of war.

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