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Tragic Innocence

After that fateful night, when Jowy and Hero lept into the churning rapids, Jowy was found lying on the riverside my a family living in Toto Village. Jowy had been injured during the fall and having been swept downriver. He was taken in and nursed back to health. During that time, Jowy had gotten a taste of what a true family was about. He became like a son to the family. The little girl that was the couple's daughter thought the world of Jowy, and called him "Uncle Jowy".Jowy, in turn, grew to love the little girl with all his might, as well as her loving parents who took him in.

Later he returned to the family, bringing Hero and Nanami with him. Just as they had done before, the family took them in with loving, open arms, and Pilika was quick to run to him, arms open, awaiting the big brotherly love that Jowy always gave her.

One day Pilika asked a favor of Jowy, to get a special wooden amulet in Muse so she could give it to her father for his birthday. The Three set out on a quest to get the amulet, but upon returning they found Toto burnt to the ground, its citizens slaughtered in another one of Highland's conquests. Pilika was too young, too innocent to know about war and its horrors. She did not even know what the "sticky red stuff" was that covered the lifeless bodies of her parents, and the only loving family Jowy ever experienced. The joyful smile that had once graced Pilika's face was gone. And another scar was inflicted upon Jowy's soul. When they where sitting in the Muse prisons after they had been arrested tor breaking into the city gates (they had been shut-off due to the war) Jowy stared forelornly out at the full moon. He told Hero that he swore that he would protect the innocent victims of war like Pilika. Turning to her lovingly, he covered her with a blanket and set her to bed.

Later, after Jowy became king, Shu had been forced to use Pilika to break through the stone cold person that was once Jowy. Pilika was used as a pawn of war, much like Jowy was. Jowy took her in and made her a princess, dressing her in beautiful clothes and giving her wonderful toys. An innocent, Pilika could not understand, and cried often when she could not decipher Jowy's actions and attitudes. Jillia became like a surrogate mother to her, for she too was remorseful of the damage that was caused by her brother and father. Despite the fact that Jowy had killed all of her immediate family, she loved him for his dreams, his destiny.

Later, when the tides of war turned against Highland favor, Jowy had Jillia, with Pilika, flee to a place he had set up for them in Harmonia where they can safely and peacefully live out their lives. Then, Jowy shed his kingly garments and fled the castle, to fulfill his destiny and face imminent death.

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