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The Superhighway Feature Pages
Here you will find the Superhighway Feature Pages.  These aren't just more listings of fanfics, you know.
The Feature Pages are dedicated or given to authors for their style, quality, and/or amazing premises that greatly impress me.
Each Feature Page is given for specific reasons, which are listed below.

AnimeAddiction : Some of the best fusion and divergence ideas I've come across.
Dreiser : An author who writes some of *the* best prose in fanficdom. (no longer maintained)
Jack Staik & Lady Tesser : The Master and Mistress of "Off-The-Wall Premises" and rich plots (maintained, future updates uncertain)
Dave Harper : The creator of the classics "Ranma Nibunnoichi" and "An Akane to Forget" (maintained, no futher updates)
The Bet : The most famous (or infamous) series of altaverse and divergence fics and ficlettes. (no longer maintained)

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