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June 4, 2002: This page is no longer being maintained.
A Fusion is the result of combining two universes into one. It's quite different from a crossover fic.

Some examples:
Crossover: Ranma and Akane go camping with Tenchi Masaki. (Tenchi Muyo crossover)
Fusion: Agents Ranma and Akane of the JIB fight alien criminals loose in Japan. (MIB Fusion)

Crossover: Akane meets Belldandy while shopping, and gets a wish. (AMG/OMG crossover)
Fusion: Ranma, God of Whatever, is directed by the Goddess Relief Office (under protest) to grant Akane Tendou a wish. (AMG/OMG Fusion)

And thats all there is to it. : )

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