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June 4, 2002: This page is no longer being maintained. 
When it comes to the Ranma girls, everyone has their favorites. Some like that cute chef, others prefer the sultry Amazon maiden.

There are even die-hard devotees of the demented (yet delicious) gymnast.

With those preferences firmly in mind, it's only natural that some fans would want to see their favorite Ranma girl come out on top in the Ranma-race..
No lemony pun intended. Really!

Anyway. Sometimes it's tough to find fanfics where your fave Ranma girl is the one with the edge on the others, so I thought I'd try and make a list of some sort.
Yet another project for yours truly.

Below, you'll find a listing of fanfics (Title and Author only) organized by matchup.

NOTE: There is no section for Akane.
This is because (A) she is more or less the standard default girl and (B) this page is intended for alternate matchups.

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