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Dave Harper

A while ago, I noticed that a few of my favorite stories had vanished from the 'Net.  This bummed me out.
So I emailed the author.  In the ensuing conversations, I asked if he would mind if I were to host them on my site.
With a firm "I don't mind at all" from him, I set about launching the newest Feature Page.

Dave Harper is the author of some very good fanfics.  I'd first read Ranma Ichibunnoni a few years ago, and quite liked it.
This led me to his other works, which were just as pleasing to read.  I haven't seen anything new from Mr. Harper in quite some time,
but I thought it would have been a terrible shame were his existing works to vanish completely.  That being said, enjoy the Fanfics of Dave Harper.

An Akane to Forget
Even the most observant people can forget something.  And Ranma would forget his head if Akane didn't mallet it on a daily basis..
Ranma Ichibunnoni
Is three really company, or is it a crowd?
Mother's Day
Where there's a Mom, there's a way.

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