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June 4 2002: This page is no longer being maintained.
Epic: 1. Heroic, majestic; 2. A narrative poem relating heroic events.
That's the dictionary definition of 'Epic.' These days it's rarely used with that meaning.
Phrases like 'of epic proportions,' which denotes colossal size or magnitude, or 'an epic tale,' also referring to the size, and sometimes the quality of a literary work, are the more common usages. They can and often do apply to Anime fanfiction.
That kind of fanfiction is among my absolute favorite, and I know of many other readers who feel the same. There's nothing quite like a nice long, engrossing fanfic, is there? Being such a fan, and wanting to make you a fan too, I decided to highlight them in my own usual way. : )

Now, bear in mind that one reader's 'quality' is another reader's 'toilet paper,' so I'm going to concentrate on the size aspect.
But how long is a fanfic before it's considered an 'Epic'?

I asked a lot of people, and I got a lot of answers. From the reasonable to the ridiculous, they covered nearly every possible size of fanfic there is. I'd have to determine it on my own.

I decided to go with an average size of 500k. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less.
Now, before you decide to cyber-lynch me because your favorite fanfic might not qualify, just listen to the criteria I decided to use

1. An average size of 500k, with the file(s) in .txt format. .Doc doesn't count, as they are larger by nature.
2. This average includes multiple-file stories. If said fanfic is stored on the author's website in more than one file (one chapter per file is a common method), if the total size of the files is near the minimum, then they'd qualify.
3. This average includes sequels and sidestories. If a 'fic and its sequel add up to near the minimum, then they would both appear here.

Alright, I'll admit to something here. Even having read as many Ranma fanfics as I have, I'm positive that I don't know nearly as many epic-sized 'fics as there are. So I need your help.  If you know of a story that would meet the above qualifications, email me the title, author, and URL (if you know it). I'd like to get as many as I can onto this page.

Enough babbling, on to the Epics.


Black Rose, Blue Thunder -- Dreiser
Can It Get Any Worse / The World at War -- Jonathan "Dark Phoenix" Ford
Ranma Ichibunnoni -- Dave Harper
Switching Heirs -- Dreiser


Cat Fist Fury -- AnimeAddiction
Fighting Blind -- AnimeAddiction
Fist of the Pikachu -- AnimeAddiction
The Great Crossover Crisis -- AnimeAddiction


Dual Destinies -- AnimeAddiction
Nabiki - New Horizons -- G.L. Sandborn
Ranma: The Tenth Hakkeshu -- RedPriest17
Tales of Ranma & Ranko -- Jack Staik & Lady Tesser
The Warrior That Returned -- Rippen Drakuzz


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