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Real name: Sou Kishuku
Seishi name: Tamahome
Seishi Sign: Kanji (ogre)
Location: middle of his forehead
Constellation: Cancer
Birthday: June 28
Age: 17
Hair Color: Midnight blue sometimes it can be seen as midnight black
Eye Color: Gray/Violet (it varies)
Height: 5' 8'' (180 cm)
Bloodtype: O
Ability: skilled in all kinds of martial arts
Family: father, 2 younger sisters(Gyokuran and Yuiren) and 2 younger brothers(Shunkei and Chuei), mother died when he was 12
Birthplace: Hakukou village in Jusou-ken, Konan Country
First Episode Appearance: episode 1
Seiyuu: Midorikawa Hikaru
Interests, Hobbies and Likes: making money and fighting with Tasuki
Background: Tamahome's mother died when he was 12 and his father got really sick, so the job of looking after the family fell on Tamahome's shoulders when he was still young. He was the one who took care of Yuiren since she was just three at that time. I think Tamahome has done a really good job in taking care of his family. He will make a good father for the children that he and Miaka will have someday :)
Personality: At first Tamahome seems to be way too obsessed with money, that habit never really went away, but the only reason for him being so at first, was to support his family (he's so dedicated to his family!). Tamahome is very powerful, he could send his chi as shooting balls, and he's great at all kinds of martial arts. His love for Miaka often make him raise his power even more. Also, he's so dedicated to Miaka he'll give up his life for her, even though at first, he doesn't realizes it. When Miaka first declared her love for him, he rejected her (pretty harsh in my opinion). Anyway, that's sort of understandable, since he never had a girl tell him that she likes him.
Lovelife: Tamahome's lovelife is centerd on Miaka, though in the earlier episodes, Yui had also declared her love to him. He felt confused, because he never had two girls fighting for him. In the end, he politely told Yui that his love for Miaka will never change.
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