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Real name: Kou Shun'u Kou (meaning): light Shun'u (meaning): heaven of genius
Seishi name: Tasuki
Seishi sign: Yoku (wings)
Location: right forearm
Constellation: Crater
Birthday: April 18
Age: 17
Hair color: orange-red
Eye color: hazel
Height: 178 cm
Bloodtype: B
Ability: Fire. Tasuki's tessen is a powerful weapon, when he says "Lekka Shien" a large burst of flame comes shooting out and generally fries his opponent. His tessen comes pretty handy all the time, especially when dealing with unexpected enemies and frequent fights with Tamahome!
Family: Parents and 5 older sisters: Aidou, Mai, Li'An, Jiang, Pa'Liu
Birthplace: Kou-shuu, Taito-shi, at the base of Mt. Leikaku
First Episode Appearance: episode 14
Seiyuu: Hayashi Nobutoshi
Interests, Hobbies and Likes: Brawling, drinking, and toasting Tamahome
Background: Tasuki was a bandit in Mt. Leikaku before he joined Miaka and the other seishi. His name was Genrou and he had a best friend named Kouji (more of a drinking partner, Kouji became the leader of the bandit gang when Tasuki left to join Miaka and the others). Genrou means "phantasm wolf" and he got this nickname because he used to fight using illusionary wolves. A Taoist gave him these enchanted cards and with a spell "Genjitsu Shinzaro," he could transform the cards into very realistic illusions of whatever he writes on the paper, wolves for example, which were all just simple illusions except that they could bite for real!
Personality: Tasuki has a tendency to be hot-headed especially when fighting an opponent. But he can be very silly at times, when he is with Nuriko and ESPECIALLY with Tamahome. He loves to tease Tamahome about stuff which he knew will piss Tamahome off. As a result, they always fight, which is one of the funniest scenes in the series. He can also be insensitive (in the episode where he realizes that there was a love triangle between Miaka, Tamahome and Hotohori. He didn't know that he will be adding himself in the love triangle later on! He-he-he!). Tasuki also has a very strong will. He doesn't give up easily (in the episode where Tamahome becomes evil, Tasuki never gave up though Tamahome was beating him.
Lovelife: Tasuki had declared to everyone that he hates woman (living with 5 older sisters, I don't blame him!). But sometimes, what you say will not always be true in the future! In OAV 2, episode 4, Tasuki falls always....Miaka!
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