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Real Name: Ri Houjin
Seishi name: Chichiri
Seishi sign: Sho (Well)
Location: left knee
Constellation: Gemini
Birthday: May 21
Age: 24
Hair color: blue, but is described as "color of the wind"
Eye color: most probably red
Height: 175 cm
Abilities: Magic, by aid of a kasa (straw hat), kesa (his cool cloak), staff, and prayer beads. He can do such things like teleportation, transformation, spell binding, and chi blasts
Family: Houjin's family and his fiancee were killed during a large flood
First Episode Appearance: Episode 9
Seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu
Interests, Hobbies and Likes: Fishing (though he never seems to catch anything!), ending all sentences with a cute "No Da!" and using "Da" as an expression. Wonder what "No Da means?
Background: Chichiri has a painful past associated with his scar.This is briefly stated in the TV series, where Miaka asks him why does he always wear a mask. Houjin was engaged to his fiancee Kouran when he was 18, and his best friend Hikou, unknowingly to him, was also in love with her. When Houjin caught Kouran and Hikou kissing, he became extremely angered (who wouldn't?). This is one of the few times we ever hear of him becoming angry. He then confronted Hikou and they fought beside a river. Hikou fell into the river when the bank gave way and Houjin grabbed his had trying to save him, but a passing tree branch struck him in the eye, and he released his hold on Hikou's hand. Hikou drowned, and Houjin's family and fiancee were killed during a flood at the same time. He blamed himself heavily for Hikou's death, and somewhat for his family's and Kouran's deaths as well, so he then left and became a monk, and discovered his Seishi talent. He trained with Taisukun for three years to hone his skills in magic, and his proffession is that of a Zen Buddhist monk.
Personality: Chichiri is the eldest of the Suzaku seishi. He is usually a happy character, always wearing a smile on his face. The reason for this is because he wears a magic mask spelled for expression to hide a painful scar on his left eye which he refused to let it heal. The Shichiseishi often come to him for advice and support, and he is the quiet "leader" of the group.
Lovelife: Chichiri remained faithful to his fiancee and love, Kouran.
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