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Seishuku meaning: Sei (star) Shuku (lodging)
Emperor name: Saihitei meaning: Sai (brilliance or splendor), hi (sincerity or truth, one track mindedness), tei (emperor)
Seishi name: Hotohori (denoted as the prince swordsman)
Seishi Symbol: sei (star)
Location: Left side of neck
Constellation: Hydra
Birthday: April 2
Age: 18
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gold
Height: 182 cm
Blood Type: A
Abilities: Fencing (swordsman), also able to create barriers ("kekkai") and use telekinesis by drawing on his "chi"
Family: 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother, 2 younger sisters(all half-siblings, having different mothers)
Birthplace: Eiyo, capital of Konan
First Episode Appearance: Episode 2
Seiyuu: Koyasu Takehito
Interests, Hobbies and Likes: his looks, reading,dressing up, swords and teasing his ministers
Titles: As the emperor, Hotohori is sometimes addressed by his ministers as Kotei Heika which is translated as Your/His Majesty, The Emperor. This is often shortened to just Heika or Heika-sama, to show respect.
Royal Background: Hotohori ascended the throne at the age of fourteen ( wow, he's so young!) to take his place as the fourth emperor of Konan, Emperor Saihitei. However, the life of an emperor was a difficult and lonely one for Hotohori. He had ascended the throne at his mother's insistence but after her death, Hotohori's rank and position isolated him from others and trapped him within the burdens of imperial decorum. Trained as he was from a young age, Hotohori was already a remarkable swordsman, but his skill was further enhanced by his seishi abilities.
Background: As a child, Hotohori had learned of the Legend of Suzaku, which foretold the coming of Suzaku no Miko from another world when the symbol of Suzaku appeared on the neck of the crown prince. When he realized his own destiny as Suzaku Seishi, Hotohori had hoped that Suzaku no Miko would see beyond his rank and love him for he was, relieving him of his loneliness. When Suzaku no Miko, Yuuki Miaka, finally arrived, it didn't take long before Hotohori fell in love with her. He was awed by Suzaku no Miko, Miaka's cheerfulness and easy-going nature also appealed to Hotohori, fulfilling his wish for a girl who would see him as more than an emperor.
Personality: Hotohori is often mistaken to be female as well but he takes it light-heartedly as with the praises about his looks. Despite an almost childish naivety, Hotohori has a sense of humor and he often teases those around him, such as his ministers. Despite his youth, Hotohori had been trained from a young age to become emperor and his compassion and kindness made him a just and well-loved ruler of Konan.
Lovelife: Hotohori had no eyes for anyone but Miaka and his heart was set on making her his empress. Being the understanding and compassionate man that he is, he respected Tamahome and Miaka's love, and continued to love her. In the later series, Hotohori found an empress who would take his beloved Miaka's place, a woman named Houki (who resembled Nuriko very much). Through her, Hotohori had a son named Boushin (who I bet will grow up to be as kind, compassionate and good-looking as his father!)
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