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Real name: Ou Doukun
Seishi name: Chiriko
Seishi sign: cho (streached net)
Location: left foot
Constellation: Chiriko is named after the star Nu Hya, or Chirikoboshi, which is located in the constalation Hydra
Birthdate: March 19
Age: 13
Hair color: brown
Eye color: green
Height: 4'10" (148 cm)
Bloodtype: A
Abilities:: Intelligence and playing the leaf flute
Family: Aged Mother and older brother
Birthplace: Jouzen-shi, Western Konan
First Episode Appearance: episode 23
Seiyuu: Tomoko Kawakami
Interests, Hobbies and Likes: scrolls, Educational and Government books
Background: Chiriko only posesses his vast intelect when his character is present. When the character vanishes, he becomes a rather stupid and crybaby child. He depended on his sharp mind to get him through things and isn't used to having to think things out at a slower rate. Chiriko only appears later in episode 23 because as he confessed to the other Suzaku seishi, he was busy studying for the government exam. Also, in the manga, Chiriko confides to Tasuki that he didn't join the seishi earlier because he was ashamed that he could not fully control his power. Tasuki told him he wasn't at fault and the two seemed to form a friendship from then on. . Chiriko isn't shown much in the series, as he is a non-combatent character, but his importance is as great as the other seishis.
Personality: Chiriko is the youngest of the seishi of Suzaku. He is the shortest of them and (to me that is) is so kawaii, especially when his eyes are closed (gomen, I really don't know the term for that!). He is persevering to go after his dream to become a goverment official, and, at thirteen, is the youngest man to ever pass the first of the series of exams one must take to obtain this position. Chiriko is also courageous and selfless, killing himself so that Miboshi will not succeed in killing the other Suzaku seishi. Chiriko has great respect for "strong men". He becomes very close to Mitsukake, Chichiri, and Tasuki, because he sees them representing the kind of man he would like to become when he is older. Chiriko looks to Mitsukake and Chichiri as father figures, and Tasuki as an older brother. He is also considered to be one of the strongest seishi due to the strength of his will. Though Chiriko is young and his powers aren't fully developed, he understands his strengths and weaknesses and is equal to any seishis' in determination and strength of heart. He loved the seishi as a family and was willing to ultimitly sacrifice himself for them, not in indirect death, being slayed by an enemy, but being forced to take his own life to save the lives of his friends, which proves him to be a really courageous boy even if he's still young
Lovelife: So far, Chiriko doesn't have a lovelife...yet. Maybe someday, when he's older
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