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Real name: Myou Juan
Seishi Name: Mitsukake
Seishi sign: Shi'n -pain (or sump on an anciet cart)
Location: left palm
Constellation: Corvus
Age: 22
Hair color: black
Eye color: black
Height: 199cm
Bloodtype: O
Ability: healing
Family: his family was killed in a flood when he was 16 (poor guy)
Birthplace: Northern Konan
First Episode Appearance: episode 15 (as an old man)
Seiyuu: Ishii Kouji
Interests, Hobbies, Likes: animals, healing people
Background: Mitsukake's ability is the power to heal, so he decided to make good use of his power by becoming a doctor. He has the power to heal anything with his hand. However, this takes a lot of energy from him, and he can only do it once a day. Mitsukake also has a kawaii cat named Tama-chan or Tama-neko (not sure which, anyway, I like Tama-chan better). Tama-chan is white with brown patches on its tail and a bit pudgy. Tama-chan usually rides on Mitsukake's shoulders and is nowhere near as shy as Mitsukake, and he does imitations, especially of Miaka.
Personality: Mitsukake is calm, quiet, shy, and kind and selfless. Seems older than his age, Mitsukake is a well known doctor. In the later episodes, a war between Konan and Kutou left many people wounded and Mitsukake helped by healing them. There's this baby whose name is Shouka and was very near death. Mitsukake wanted to help baby Shouka but he doesn't have any power left. So, he gave his life force to baby Shouka and the baby was saved! Unfortunantely, by doing this, Mitsukake died.
Lovelife: When Mitsukake was 16, his family was killed in a flood leaving him an orphan. He was taken in by Shouka's family (apparently, Shouka came from some well-to-do and nice people). As the years passed, Mitsukake and Shouka fell in love and promised to marry each other. When Mitsukake left his village to take care of some people in a nearby village, however, Shouka fell ill. She waited and waited for Mitsukake to come and see her for the last time, but finally, she died without seeing her beloved Mitsukake. Unknown to her, Mitsukake arrived, but it was too late. Since Shouka's spirit was not in peace because she hadn't seen her love, a monster possessed her and began attacking the whole village. Miaka, Hotohori, Nuriko and Tasuki met this monster and fortunantely, Mitsukake arrived and killed the monster, using his power. But he failed to save his beloved. But since Shouka got to see Mitsukake one last time, her spirit has finally rested in peace. (they make such a good-looking couple!).
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