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07/24/03: Hai, the Yugioh section's been updated. ^_^
Surprised, aren't you?

07/06/03: The Yugioh section's been updated again...
Numerous times actually. It's kinda independent from this site.
Go check it out.

The Yugioh section is finally open! Rejoice!
I've fixed a link in the Gundam section, thanks to Philip.

/02/03: Wa! I hope you guys don't hate me, but I've
added a new Yugioh! fic. As for my old fics... **sweatdrop**
Guest section has one new pic in it.
Maybe I'll actually have those Yugioh pics 
up too, eventually

Pokemon: UT section updated. 
Incidentally I also have new Yugioh and Beyblade
pics up but it's not enough to start up their own section.
Plus I'm not liking the misc. section layout right now. 
But if you're interested they're both posted somehwere
on my MediaMiner account.

It's back to school already. >_<
But hey, looky, I updated fairly quickly this time!
Ranma section back up and (hopefully) running well.

Pokemon Section has been revamped (finally) 
and a fair amount of pics have been added. Unless, of course,
you've seen my MediaMiner account, in which case 
there's only one new pic.
**Cough** It also seems as if I didn't update the 2nd
HP mirror the last time around, so as soon as I can
dig up my password, I'll get to that. Meanwhile,
use the mirror 1 and the MediaMiner.

ARG. Ok... I've got mirrors up for the HP section. 
That way, at least one of them will work... hopefully.
HP: colour and HP: B&W sections updated.
I have some pokemon updates I'll put up soon...
**walks off mumbling**

Harry Potter section is now on a separate host! And it's redesigned! (I have too many designs floating around the place...) I'm hoping to move everything to freewebz eventually. You guys have to tell me if it's not stable, k?

Whoo... two updates in a row. :)
Guest section finally updated and remodeled. I should've done this months ago. **Begcrawl** Sorry it took so long Vale! You artwork's up! Everybody go see Vale's artwork.

OI! Sorry I took so long, but LOOK, I have a new section up! Rurouni Kenshin section up and running as of today. :)

01/19/02: Updated the Gundam: Heero section again. 
Guest fanart will be updated as soon as I remodel that page. :) Sorry for the wait.

01/04/02: I'm back at school! THIS BITES! Ack.
Anyway, remodeled the Gundam section and added a new pic to the Gundam: Heero section. Thanks to those who voted at the HP: progress page. Keep it coming for a few more days, I think....

12/31/01: AAAHHH!!! Almost 2002! Happy new year ppl. Zelda section remodeled and a new pic added to the 
Zelda: fic based section.

12/23/01: Harry Potter: progress section updated. Please vote there, ppl. I need advice.

12/09/01: Math is evil. Someone save me. Ranma: Other section updated yet again.

12/07/01: Okay, Guest section updated with a pic I should've put up a loooonnnggg time ago. **mucho sweatdropping** Gundam and maybe Ranma pics coming soon. It's exam time and I'm trying to weasel out of studying by drawing.... heheheh..heh... **cough**

12/01/01: ARG! Why haven't I been updating?

1. One word: VIRUS. **twitch** Deleted absolutely everything on my laptop.
2. University = no scanner.
3. First year university = chaos.
4. Hotmail went on an e-mail deleting binge.

**grumblegrumblegrumble** Can't wait 'til Christmas break. Only Ranma:Other section updated for now guys. I've got tons of stuff unscanned sitting under my bed... ^_^;;

09/13/01: My condolences to anyone who had family or friends in NY or Washington. I wish I had a better way with words. That seems so insufficient.
Waking up in a room I'd only been living in for little more than a week, walking to the cafeteria and waiting in line was an annoyance. The only up side of course, being the TV  on the wall.... maybe TV deprivation would've been better.
I watched live as the buildings collapsed, one after another, and I stayed to watch for another three hours until classes started.
Not quite the memorable first year university experience I'd hoped for.
I don't quite know what to say without sounding corny or cliché. Walking around campus there are anti-war messages scribbled in chalk in the sidewalks. I just hope that when we get through this, we've all changed for the better.

08/19/01: HP animagus section updated. I've got quite a few 

of those planned if my scanner co-operates.

08/10/01: HP colour section updated. I'm on a roll.

08/04/01: HP Draco Sinister section updated.
**bounces around** I actually finished a pic!

07/28/01: I'm redesignin'! YAY!
I forgot to mention that the HP: progress section has been updated.


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