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Brown Eyed Girl

Tux, page 3

Well, I'm all grown up now and thought I would share some big girl pictures with you. This first one was taken when I was 4 years old. Mimi says it is my naked baby picture. It is very unusual to see me without my collar on. I'm so used to it that when bath time is over I will bring my collar to Mimi and look at her with that "please dress me" look on my face.

Here's another age 4 photo. Mimi thinks I have the face of an angel. Who does she think she's fooling?

Being a Boston Terrier, and having a birthday so close to Memorial Day, calls for a showing of me as a...Boston Patriot.

Here's a story Mimi wrote about ME...

A Day in the Life of Miss Tuxie Girl

It’s a gorgeous Sunday morning in the South, when all of a sudden Tux realizes that the clock didn’t alarm. No problem, she’ll be sure I wake up at 5 a.m. even if it’s not a work day. Lots of sloppy kisses right in the mouth, nose and ears does the trick. Oh, well, so much for sleeping in.

First order of the day is a potty break and yard patrol. Tux has to investigate the entire yard to be sure there are no unwelcome guests invading her territory. Cats, rabbits and squirrels beware! Then it’s time to be the fearless huntress. Miss Tux knows all the best places to spot lizards. When they run away from her and are out of reach it’s time to call in the reinforcements. Woof! Woof! (that means Mimi come quick…this is an emergency…I bit the tail off and that lizard still got away)

All of that hunting makes a girl hungry, so time to come back inside for breakfast. After eating Tuxie Girl will find a chew toy or a stuffed toy to play with. She likes to lay on the incredible shrinking rug. The rug used to be 6 inches longer, but as a young pup, Tux decided that the fringe was just a little much, so she removed it. Then she continued to work on it until the size suited her taste. (thanks a lot, sweetie…I’m just glad it wasn’t a very expensive oriental rug)

The phone rings, I answer. Much to Tux’s dismay, she is no longer the one who is being talked to. She quickly grabs a tennis ball, and with ball in mouth, tries to bark. That silly, muffled roo roo sound puts a big grin on my face every time. It must work, at least in her mind, because very soon she is once again the center of attention. Perfect! This would be a good time for a game of chase. Inevitably she will try to hide under the bed. I’m always amazed at how this big girl (40 pounds) can even fit under there, but she does.

Then, there’s trouble on the horizon. As I take the big, bad vacuum monster out of the closet, Miss Tux goes into attack mode. She readily retreats into her crate for safety from the mean monster. After that is over with it’s time to play again. Of all the many, many toys we have (some of them a little on the pricey side) what does she choose? A plastic diet coke bottle.

A while later in the day Tux sees me pick up the camera. She immediately goes to “her” chair (you know, that piece of furniture that I used to call my recliner), expecting to be dressed in her harness and taken to the park for a picture taking session. Could there be any other reason to pick up the camera? I have to admit, she is my favorite subject to photograph. Don’t want to disappoint my girl, so off to the park we go.

Tux loves to go to the park. So many sights, scents and snacks to check out. People, ducks, goose poop. A dog’s paradise. Tux never meets a stranger, she treats every one as if they are her newest, best friend. It’s hot and humid here, so our trip to the park is cut short. But the best is yet to come. A nice, cool, refreshing treat is certainly in order.

We drive to Dairy Queen. Tux absolutely loves drive-thru windows. The line is long, but she patiently waits for her ice cream treat. Finally! But, what’s this? We asked for ice cream in a cup, but what we got was an ice cream cone. Oh, well. This will have to do. We got a lot of laughs from people watching Tuxie Girl lick the ice cream from the cone. She licked and licked as far down into the cone as her tongue would go. I encouraged her to take a bite of the cone and after a brief hesitation she did. The look on my girl’s face was priceless! She was astonished. The ice cream bowl was edible. What a great idea. Tux thanked me with lots of cold kisses.

Once we got back home I had some things to do, and Tux needed a nap. As usual, when she’s sleepy, she finds her blankie, suckles it, and drifts off to dreamland. As evening comes I decided to call Steak-Out for dinner. I don’t know how she always knows when food is on the way, but at this point Tux chooses to lay at the front door and wait for the delivery guy.

After dinner (and yes, I did share my steak with her) I go online and Tux plays with a toy at my feet. Oops! She got a little carried away and bit off a piece of the toy. Like any good girl would do, she puts the piece in my hand and waits to be praised for giving it up. Later on Tuxie Girl tries to get my attention. If I don’t stop reading or whatever I’m doing, she starts sneezing. Hilarious, and it works. Who could ignore a sneezing pet? That girl is just too much. And what day would be complete without the boston crazies? Running as fast as she can, ears back, butt down, what a funny sight. It’s even better when Oreo and Smudge (the kitty sisters) join in.

All too soon the day is done. I ask Tux if she’s ready to go to bed, and I don’t have to ask twice. She jumps up onto the bed and we settle down for the night. She assumes her usual position, right by my side as close as she can get. She faces my feet, so I hope that she won’t be having one of those gassy nights.

It was a good day. Nothing particularly special or extraordinary, just a fun and relaxing day doing things together. Miss Tuxie Girl is a real joy and a blessing, and I’m thankful for every day that I have with my Boston Terrier. She has a way of making every day a special day.

lovingly written by Mimi, April 2002

And now, a fashion show! Featuring yours truly as Montgomery, Alabama's best dressed girl. Mimi's dear friend, Mary Lea, makes beautiful beadwork collars and stuff. Here is a picture of my first fancy collar. It was my birthday present when I turned 4 years old.

We got so many compliments on my beautiful, sparkling collar that we asked Mary Lea to make a harness and leash to match the collar. Doesn't she do wonderful work?

Who can really enjoy the Christmas season without having that very special holiday attire? Certainly not me! This is a festive collar adorned with Christmas trees.

Ahhh! Spring has sprung and the tulips are blooming. Here is a picture of my tulips collar that Mary Lea designed. Truly a work of art.

Ok, ok...enough of my face. This is what the back of my head looks like. I got this gorgeous purple collar from Mary Lea for my 5th birthday. It has a new pattern that I just love.

You can visit Beadwork by Mary Lea and see a lot more of her work.
Then order something for the special pet in your life.
You can pick the colors and designs that best suit you.

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