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Smudge is much smaller than Oreo, weighing less than 7 pounds. She has short black hair, although you can see from her baby picture that her coloring has changed. As a kitten she had a gray body, black legs, tail and face, and had a silver collar.

If there is any trouble to be found, Smudge will be there. She is the instigator and has earned the nickname Bad Cat. She has no fear, feels no guilt, and is not afraid to take chances. Smudge definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer. Although she is quite bold and mischievous, she is a very sweet and loving cat. She is especially fond of giving little love nibbles when you least expect it. Smudge is the most curious cat. How many countless times has she heard Mimi say, "Careful, Smudge, curiosity killed the cat"

Smudge will use a scratching post if it is right in front of her face when the urge strikes. She is a jumper and a climber. There is nothing in the house she can't and doesn't get on top of. Smudge likes to hang right in the middle of the storm doors. If Mimi needs to go outside or come inside Smudge just rides on the swinging door. To a passer-by she looks like a cat just hanging in mid-air. Very funny looking.

Smudge will see to it that no rug remains in its flat position. She will scoot under rugs and play until they are all bunched up. The highlight of her day is for Mimi to leave so she can rearrange the rug at the front door so that when Mimi returns it is hard to get the door open.

When Mimi brought home a kitty tunnel for the the kitty girls, Smudge became very possessive of it and would not allow Oreo to get in it or even come near it. So Mimi bought another tunnel for Oreo, but Smudge claimed that one too. Poor Oreo, no kitty tunnel for her - at least not as long as Smudge has anything to say about it.

Some kitty philosophies that Smudge demonstrates routinely are: don't be afraid to try new things; recognize the "toy" in everything; be dependent without losing your independence; the faster you run the more likely you are to forget why.

Smudge simply cannot resist my cute little corkscrew tail. She absolutely must paw at it every time she has a chance. Sometimes she even has the nerve to bite it. Of course, I find this to be very irritating but have learned to be tolerant of the pawing. The biting, on the other hand, is just asking for a chase to begin.

While Oreo tries to avoid playing chase with me, Smudge is quick to initiate the game. Smudge and I get started playing chase and we look like a blur because we are running so fast. Each time we pass by Mimi we have changed positions -- Smudge chasing me, then me chasing Smudge. A favorite pass time around here.

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