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Here's the section where we get down and dirty with the stars.. the most recent interviews are at the top of the page. To read, simply click on band logo or date.. enjoy!

NEW! May 02 NEW!

Hundred Reasons meet Roofdog on their tourbus..

Hundred Reasons singer Colin Doran and guitarist
Paul Townsend getting conversational..

Jun 01

Sparklehorse chat with Roofdog..

Get your indie-rock socks on and come run with me...
Sparklehorse frontman Mark Linkous chats with Roofy

Mar 01

Phoenix interview..

They're punky, funky and not very chunky...
Singer Thomas Marrs and guitarist Christian Mazzalai chat with Roofdog...

Feb 01


Placing his hands everywhere, telling people they're old...
Reef axeman Kenwyn House chats with Roofdog

Dec 00

Toploader and Roofdog - features exclusive live photos!

Dancing in the moonlight and nursing that Achilles Heel.
Toploader discuss life, love and everything with Roofdog...

Nov 00

Llama Farmers and Roofdog - features exclusive live photos!

Stubble-raddled Slacker rock? Yes please.
All four Llama Farmers talk Thundercats vs. He-Man with Roofdog...

14 Oct 00

Terrorvision chat with Roofdog... - features exclusive live photos!

Bradford's finest and one of Britain's best loved bands, Terrorvision are back
on the scene for more gigs and drinking! Read the interview here...

15 Sep 2000


American geek-rock pioneers 12RODS let Roofdog into a few secrets regarding favourite gigs,
growing up together and exactly what they think of the UK...

May 2000

Simon Pegg Interview, May 2000

Stand up comic and star of cool TV comedies as numerous as I'm Alan Partridge, Big Train, Spaced, 
Hippies and many more, Simon Pegg chats to Roofdog about his loves, hates, and Bart Simpson...

03 May 2000

Fungus Interview, May 2000

Fungus guitarist Pelle Helin chats about moshing, rock n' roll and 
some juicy rumours about recent tour mates, 'riot grrrrl' group L7...

27 Mar 2000

Idlewild Interview, Newcastle, March 2000

Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones chats about music, parties, jumpers
 and who is exactly the coolest cartoon character...

23 Mar 2000

Broadcast Interview, Newcastle, March 2000

Broadcast singer Trish Keenan and bassist James Cargill chat about
 noises, experimenattion and that Austin Powers appearance...

Summer 1999

Ben Folds Five Interview, Sheffield 1999

Ben Folds Five bassist Robert Sledge conversed with Roofdog 
 last summer on Star Wars, drinks and fan mail...

28 Feb 2000

Coldplay Interview

Coldplay drummer Will Champion talks to Roofdog about the new LP,
 forthcoming tour and delicious orange juice.. 

24 Feb 2000

Bellatrix Interview...

Bellatrix singer and indie superstar Eliza Herrsgottir tells Roofdog 
 stories of potatoes, Star Wars and buckets full of pee... 

12 Jan 2000
interview with Gary Prosser

Mr.Baker and ex Ballroom frontman Gary Prosser converses on 
 music, bread and skintight space suits...

22 Oct 1999
Satellites Interview..

Satellites frontman and ex-Glitterbox member Jonny Green
 chats about music, floorless houses and beef sandwiches...

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